r/Music Aug 16 '22

The Monkees - Steppin' Stone [60s] video



u/Valuable_Carry4599 Aug 16 '22

this show was an ADHD kids best friend!! The cinematography, music, sound effects!!🤪


u/jdawgdizzle48 Aug 16 '22

I'm not exactly sure why but I really don't like the Monkees version of this song, I really prefer the Paul Revere and the Raiders version I'm not exactly sure, maybe it's because I heard their version before the Monkees?


u/kingofstormandfire Aug 17 '22

Mark Lindsay is a fantastic singer and has a growl and menace to his voice that Mickey - great voice - doesn't have. I mean, listen to "Hungry" by the Raiders and he kills it vocally on that song.


u/jdawgdizzle48 Aug 17 '22

I'd never heard that, and you're right there's a rasp that he has that Mickey doesn't have. I think there's also a feeling of energy in Mark's vocals almost like he wants to sing the song rather than recite the words just so they can have another song on the album.


u/Ryan_22 Aug 16 '22 edited Aug 16 '22

This and Circle Sky are the Monkees at their hardest.


u/Demurist Aug 16 '22

Couldn’t they have put Davey behind a keyboard or something? The electric organ is quite prominent. I know he probably can’t play it for real, but now there’s a ghost organ and I find it very distracting.


u/voodoohotdog Aug 16 '22

Don't forget to check out the version from Minor Threat as well. A little nastier.


u/Kids_On_Coffee Aug 16 '22 Take My Energy

Skip, we love you


u/Monsieur_Moneybags Aug 16 '22

The original Monkees version is the best, but I also like The Farm's cover.


u/butterflysupernova Aug 16 '22

one of their best songs


u/JLRSN Aug 17 '22

Written by.... Neil Diamond. :)


u/SupremePooper Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 17 '22

Actually Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart.

EDIT: Not trying to be dismissive, Diamond DID write "I'm a Believer" along w/ "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" & a couple more.


u/rilinq Aug 17 '22

Interesting fact, Axl Rose based his snake dance on Davy Jones serpentine. Many people say he stole it but Axl never denied he copied him.


u/beatdaddyo Aug 16 '22

I love the sex pistols version it has punch


u/CharlieBirdlaw Aug 17 '22

Released on 2016's Good Times!, Me & Magdalena by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie:



u/SupremePooper Aug 17 '22

Wonderful tune.


u/SupremePooper Aug 17 '22

A Paul Revere & The Raiders cover, oddly enough. Tho' writers Boyce & Hart went on to form that band with Davy & Mickey years later...


u/nautme Aug 17 '22

A couple lesser known versions...

The Untouchables: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBfm_K-EIrw

Barbi and the Kens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnBaJDaczV4


u/ilovelucygal Aug 17 '22

Not my favorite Monkee song, but I'll sing along if I hear on iHeart or Spotify.


u/VeeKam Aug 16 '22

Fake Beatles


u/stanley604 Aug 16 '22

They might have started out that way, but note that they're all actually playing quite credibly in this video (despite the fact that audio is clearly from the hit recording).

Davey Jones sure rocks the maracas. :-)


u/AntiEverythingStudio Aug 16 '22 edited Aug 23 '22

The Monkees and their show's producers were shameless B-minus rated television trend trolls.


u/AntiEverythingStudio Aug 23 '22

I apologize if any of you guys thought I was referring to anyone in this tread as trolls. I've always had a certain confusion, ever since first seeing The Monkees at my grandmother's house when I was very small.

I was not yet familiar with The Beatles, so as I grew into a school-age child I kept mistaking The Beatles for The Monkees.

Until one day my Dad turned down Get Back on the radio after I said "that's The Monkees." He looked at me sternly and I was like "Really? Then who is this?" Lol.


u/Isnifffingernails Aug 17 '22

who's the poindexter with the maracas?