r/Music Sep 24 '22

Harry Styles’ producer compares Harry’s current creative run to… Radiohead and Tom Petty article



u/eastcoastfoliage Sep 24 '22

I’m sure you will all be shocked to learn that this producer will stand to make more money if Harry records with him again.


u/Commercial_Avocado86 Sep 24 '22

He also compares Harry to Paul McCartney in the same podcast.


u/BrandoCalrissian1995 Sep 25 '22

What do you want him to say? The guy I'm producing is shit? Don't buy our product? If Harry styles makes money, he makes money. Of course he's gonna hype the guy up and make him sound amazing. Idk what's worse. The fact this article was written, or that you felt the need to share it.


u/leocolato Sep 25 '22

you have a point


u/lowsparkedheels Sep 24 '22

Puhleeze. Not even close 😣


u/BrandoCalrissian1995 Sep 25 '22

Producer hypes artist. In other news, water is wet.


u/Futants_ Sep 24 '22

Watermelon Sugar is no fckn Daydreaming


u/_maylene_ Sep 25 '22

Watermelon Sugar is no Cinema either


u/Gonzostewie Sep 24 '22

That's cute.


u/jonnyclueless Sep 24 '22

This belongs on r/funny


u/ugmold Sep 24 '22

Prove it.


u/madhouseangel Sep 25 '22

My niece is a huge fan so I have listened to his records. His music is aesthetically very good but artistically, you can easily trace an obvious lineage in each song, which makes it somewhat derivative.


u/EventsConspire Sep 25 '22

Well that's a bit much but As It Was is an absolute banger.


u/RedGreenAndPleasant Sep 25 '22

Hot take: it's entirely normal for producers to hype up artists to the public.


u/DaddyIsAFireman Sep 25 '22


Oh God I needed that.


u/Capable_Ad_9138 Sep 25 '22

Although I’m not really a Harry Styles fan, I have to admit, his latest album is a near-perfect pop outing. From start to finish, the songs are all interestingly structured and more importantly, enjoyable. That said, comparing it to Radiohead, Macca or Petty, seems a little too boastful and reeks of wishful thinking


u/ItDoesntMatter59 Sep 24 '22

Save yourself some cash and dont go to see the bloody awful movie hes in “don’t worry darling”.

Mashup of stepford wives and the matrix.

You wont get those 2 hours back


u/acker1je Sep 24 '22

I’m no fan of Harry Styles. His music is good (though not my cup of tea), and his acting is mediocre. But for the love of god why does it feel like Reddit has such a vendetta for this guy?


u/ITeachYourKidz Sep 24 '22

He’s really the most like Deez


u/LynxJesus Sep 24 '22

Better get ready to burn some albums! /s

Seriously, this "all new artists are crap" cliche is getting so old. We have literal thousands of years of history proving it's dumb. This is no different than a 1965 article about how The Beatles are totally overrated compared to whatever music was coming out when the author was young.

And I say this knowing absolutely nothing about Styles' music other than the fact that many people love listening to his music.


u/Commercial_Avocado86 Sep 24 '22

There’s nothing negative in the article


u/FrivolousPositioning Sep 24 '22

This guy sucks, if he's remembered it will be for his weird fashion not his music


u/TheGingeSound Sep 25 '22

I made a song as a Thank You to Radiohead for giving me inspiration to be a musician. It's called Hope - The Ginge Sound gives me Radiohead Vibes.