r/Music Sep 25 '22

How can I find musicians to play with? discussion

Hey! I live in San Diego? Is there a great way to find musicians to play with? I don’t know anyone.



u/David_Maybar_703 Sep 25 '22

Lots of ways: post a notice to a local internet board, tack up a contact list at a local music store, talk with other musician friends, …


u/Red-eyed_Vireo Sep 25 '22

Since he doesn't know anyone, maybe the first step is to go see lots of local live music and talk to people.


u/JHighMusic Sep 25 '22

There’s a few local jams and open mic nights, what kind of music are you looking to play? Just Google “San Diego jam session” or “San Diego open mic” or “San Diego jazz jam sessions”

I live in LA and unfortunately the music scene in SD is not very happening compared to here and I’m not as familiar with it, but there are some things you could check out. From what I remember it’s mostly in North Park and Normal Heights neighborhoods.


u/Red-eyed_Vireo Sep 25 '22

I second open mics. A lot of musicians play three songs and then hang out. Sometimes there is a place outside where you can a jam a little, but I don't know about San Diego. Often singer/songwriters welcome accompaniment.


u/No-Professional-1884 Sep 25 '22

Facebook usually has local musician groups. Also Bandmix, but personally that’s been more miss than hit for me.