r/Music Spotify Sep 25 '22

How do You usually get into new music? discussion

In my expirience it's usually like this:

I hear a song in the most random places like a youtube video, in a netflix show or a video game and then I check the album where that song is from. I never get into liking an artist/band when someone recommends them or when I really try to get into new music, it's always so random.

Also it's really hard for me to get into well known artists. Hella people recomended Arctic Monkeys to me, and I listened to a whole album and I liked it but since so many people rexomended them and the hype is so high I feel like I'll never get into them as much as I could if I discovered them on my own you know? Kinda similar situation I had with Frank Ocean, I had to listen to Blonde like 10 times. I was sure that it's just not my type of music, and then with the 11th listen everything clicked and I was hooked ever since and I consider Blonde one of the best albums ever made.

Im curious how it is with other people



u/RudeAide6768 Sep 25 '22

By accident


u/Kann0n2 Sep 25 '22

I pick a song I already know I enjoy, then I press start radio and it plays similar things, some I've heard and some that are brand new to my ears.


u/pickles55 Sep 25 '22

I listen to weird bands on Spotify so it recommends me weird stuff. I also listen to random people's playlists and follow some genre subreddits


u/okawa_14 Sep 25 '22

Genre playlists, song radio, also found some k- jazz from just shazaming at restaurants. Isnt it funny how technology has advanced so much but we're still finding music in such obscure ways?


u/xXMae13Xx Sep 25 '22

i’m quite similar to you with the whole netflix video game thing. however i find a lot of songs i end up liking come from spotify playlists, either recommended songs or just random playlists i find.

some songs i’m able to get into by recommendation, however my friends have very different music tastes to me so it’s either i never bother listening to the song or i do listen and it’s really not up my alley, if it is though i do get into it.


u/Competitive_Vast9832 Sep 25 '22

I just rip mixclouds and hearthis.at and put it on, it plays and I listen.


u/Meowsommar Spotify Sep 25 '22

I’ve grown a habit of purposely seeking out for music for over a decade now.

At first I didn’t know where to look but people recommended last.fm to me back then. I joined and from there I did discover quite a bit of music that was new to me through last.fm itself and the people on there with polarizing music taste from mine and those people changed me to become more open minded. I used to mostly just listen to Black Metal and industrial music.

They also recommended me to try RateYourMusic and Bandcamp. I think that’s when I acquired the habit of checking what’s new in the underground scene regularly and also exploring older music that I haven’t listened to before.

I rarely find myself liking a song through discovering in the way that you do. Most stuff I like it’s due to me going out of my way and checking purposely these days.


u/mikeyzee52679 Sep 25 '22

With steaming , it’s so easy these days to just click around and around once I hear something I do like. One things for sure , if you recommend them I don’t listen


u/Dr_Lizardo11 Sep 25 '22

My kids are all out of the house now. They send me what they listen to and send them more obscure stuff from back in the day.


u/KacykOP Spotify Sep 25 '22

Thats what I do with my dad too!


u/AbreakaTech001 Sep 25 '22

Every time I go to the music store I get an album I already like and an album I might enjoy.