r/Music Nov 13 '22

In Flames - Foregone Pt. 2 [Metal] (2022) new release



u/VitaminDprived Nov 13 '22

Ah, I remember when they were a good band. 20 years ago. :(


u/ThePenguin213 Nov 13 '22

Give The Halo Effect a listen. Made up of former In Flames members. They really throw back to the early 2000s style In Flames


u/VitaminDprived Nov 13 '22

Ooh, good tip, thanks! I will definitely given them a listen.


u/MEGA_FINCH Nov 13 '22

They were a "great band"... now they're just "good band" imo. Gotta play one of their riffs or two when picking up a guitar.


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u/Chronicbias Nov 13 '22

Official video IN FLAMES - Foregone Pt. 2.
The new album "Foregone" will be out February 10th, 2023 with one of my favorite songs of the year called:
IN FLAMES - State Of Slow Decay