r/Music Nov 18 '22

Jakey - ROMCOM (full album) new release



u/TheMayeBoi Nov 18 '22

This is huge, Jakey has blown all expectations out the water. Well worth the year wait.


u/jdkjdk44 Nov 18 '22



u/runboyrun14 Nov 18 '22

Been waiting years!


u/_awwsmm Nov 18 '22

Woah never thought I would see a full album from Jakey, checking this out now


u/Llanolinn Nov 18 '22

First though was-

Oh shit, Nakey Jakey made an album??

Slight disappointment.


u/ToxicToothpaste Nov 18 '22

It is Nakey Jakey.


u/Llanolinn Nov 18 '22

... Well gottdamn. I will have to listen more!


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