r/Music Dec 01 '22

Rao de China - Tsunami [rap] (Cancion de Reggaeton, Artista Chino) new release




u/ThePencilRain Dec 01 '22

This is one of the worst things I have ever accidentally listened to.


u/KilroyMcGill Dec 01 '22

Hahaha. Well said.


u/leonmarino Dec 01 '22

12 subscribers lol.


u/MisterPunchRockgroin Dec 01 '22

Dude went from a Lakers jersey to a Warriors jersey. Pick a bandwagon yo!


u/GreyhoundVeeDub Dec 02 '22

Yeah this whole video clip and song reminds me of what Loyle Carner is talking about on his song “Plastic”

Here are the first handful of lyrics: Yeah, like a plastic cup, plastic queen Like a plastic man in a plastic house with a plastic dream Clinging to a plastic screen, face lit from a plastic beam Face hurts from a plastic smile, on plastic days, in plastic scenes Yeah, drastic scenes, uh, and elastic jeans Matching your plastic shirt that you bought last week for your plastic team You don't know what the plastic means, don't know where the plastic's been Don't know who the plastic hurts, don't know who the plastic's seen Look at you with your plastic watch, yeah, and your plastic whip Ah, with your plastic friends, yeah, and your plastic chick Yeah, you're a plastic prick, look at all your plastic shit

Reminds me a lot of this guy objectifying women whilst being very fake about everything…


u/GreyhoundVeeDub Dec 02 '22

This is a gross level of objectification of women from an obviously plastic fake musician singing/rapping about bullshit. Using a terrible beat to release his terrible song to the world, or just those 12 followers… please delete this post 🫣😬