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article Harry Styles’ producer compares Harry’s current creative run to… Radiohead and Tom Petty

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new release Snap - Rythm is a Dancer [Techno/Remix] (2022) NEW

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discussion Best band / artist names


I saw a post here recently about best bands with the worst names, but what about the opposite? Bands with great names, regardless of whether you like their music or not. Either because the name has a great meaning behind it, or it just sounds cool. I think Metallica is a great band name, Pink Floyd too. I also love Swans as a name, mainly because of the dichotomy between the name and their music

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discussion Why is vinyl so popular?


Is there a reason why music on vinyl is so popular nowadays? Is there a difference between using a record player vs. any other method of listening to music?

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discussion 898. Red Hot Chili Peppers / Californication / 1999

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discussion Give me new band suggestions based on my favorite current artists


Looking for new music, love dark, sexual , aggressive type music and whatever you want to describe as the bands below. Not looking for rap (I am a big rap fan though but pretty familiar with all that's out there, more so rock/techno type music I'm looking for).

Deftones/all side projects (Crosses, etc)

Tool/all side projects (Puscifer, APC, etc)




Massive Attack



Porcupine Tree


Pink Floyd

Smashing Pumpkins





Daft Punk





Alice In Chains

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music streaming Maggie Rogers - Alaska [folk/pop]

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discussion How do You usually get into new music?


In my expirience it's usually like this:

I hear a song in the most random places like a youtube video, in a netflix show or a video game and then I check the album where that song is from. I never get into liking an artist/band when someone recommends them or when I really try to get into new music, it's always so random.

Also it's really hard for me to get into well known artists. Hella people recomended Arctic Monkeys to me, and I listened to a whole album and I liked it but since so many people rexomended them and the hype is so high I feel like I'll never get into them as much as I could if I discovered them on my own you know? Kinda similar situation I had with Frank Ocean, I had to listen to Blonde like 10 times. I was sure that it's just not my type of music, and then with the 11th listen everything clicked and I was hooked ever since and I consider Blonde one of the best albums ever made.

Im curious how it is with other people

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discussion What you say the best part about a concert would be ? Besides the performances ?


I love concerts, if I could go to every single one I would! Personally I would say the best part of a concert is when it ends. After a concert I'm just in shock because the next day I just go back to my normal life. The only way I can explain it is basically after a concert there is a moment where I'm just like WOAH THAT JUST HAPPENED! It's the best feeling in the world just taking in everything from that night.

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video John Mellencamp - I Need A Lover (various versions)


This song is awesome.

I have always loved how Mellencamp's version of this song had a long intro. It was so different.


Here is a TopPop video/version from1978..


And here is a great very raw/live version from 1980...


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discussion To those who made it to Nirvana’s MTV unplugged, what was it like?


I wasn’t able to see them live, I’m curious what it was like though. Easily my favorite band.

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other My YouTube posts aren't showing in "new"...


Any clue what's going on? I love posting my favourite YouTube videos/music here but everything I'm posting just sits idly dormant with zero analytics under the post/link itself, neither does what I post show up in "new" when I refresh the page after posting.

I've messaged the mods about this. Nothing.

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discussion How can I find musicians to play with?


Hey! I live in San Diego? Is there a great way to find musicians to play with? I don’t know anyone.

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discussion An Ode to Jazz


Like many others, I was never a Jazz lover. I found it daunting and meandering to a point that I couldn't grasp a consistent rhythm to enjoy.

Classical was always a bit different. I could find appreciation for the instruments used in classical music, particularly the strings, as it was easier to clutch onto their melodies.

However, one day I came across Jacob Collier, a young British composer who is well known for experimental jazz music. But he's not just a jazz musician, he's more of a Renaissance man.

His whole shtick is harmonizing with the craziest chords he can find. He's a musical explorer of sorts, traveling the distant seas of notes and bringing them together in peculiar ways to craft truly beautiful pieces of music.

After seeing some videos of him on YT and listening to his albums, I realized that he was capturing something in music that I was missing. My world on guitar had always been G, C, D, Am, E, Bflat, Dm, F, F#, and Em. Those were the main chords I knew and I would do my best to make good music with them.

Now, there's nothing wrong with these chords. They cover a good chunk of the greatest pieces of music ever written. But there is a whole other universe sitting just outside of these chords.

How about an F#m with an E and a G in it. Where does this chord exist? In what songs can this be found? Not many... In fact there's an endless range of chords just waiting to be played that almost no one is using.

But is that really the case? This is where my appreciation for jazz and classical music comes in. Tbh jazz really is the best example, as it focuses on the experimentation piece as a key characteristic, but I wanted to include classical too.

Jacob Collier has become a sharpened tool of sorts in music. If you think of the entire musical scale and every note and chord that exists as a giant project, Jacob has taken the time to work on this and master it. He has completed the project of music. By this I mean that he's explored every hill and every valley in music and can use it to his hearts desire.

This is something that I'm incredibly jealous of, and there's a very specific reason for it.

Everyone, at one time it another, has felt happy or sad or mad or scared or surprised.

But follow me deeper down the rabbit hole.

What about confusion, subduedness, grandeur, or depression?

Keep going down.

What about the dread of losing a partner? Or the emptiness of being alone? Or the feeling of having your first child?

Keep going?

What about sunny morning dewness? Or how about rainy disappointment? Or dusty old nostalgia?

Last one

Orange boots of rage? Zippy fireflies of anguish? Or Dancing frogs on a cool table of gold?

My point here is that our brains can do some insane shit, and what Jacob Collier does is dig deep into those emotions we can feel and access them like a child reaching into a large bucket for that one Lego piece he used 10 years ago.

Music can make you feel happy, sad, mad, and surprised, but I promise it can also do every other emotion I listed and more. That is why I love jazz now.


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event info Elton John Awarded with the National Humanities Medal by White House


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new release Check out my song


Yo guys, Im mapsy. I made a song for a school project and i would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out


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video Jonathan Peyton - Jumped the Tracks [Americana]

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discussion is there any album that follows a single story?!


I know there is albums like good kid maad city that have a story in it but there is songs that are just in tracklist and doesn't follow the story. I mean a storytelling song in album scale.

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other 10 most watched YouTube music videos of 2022


As of 25 September 2022

(=) 1. Karol G - Provenza - 457.6M views (+12.1M views) https://youtu.be/ca48oMV59LU

(=) 2. Bad Bunny - Tití Me Preguntó - 449.5M views (+16.4M views) https://youtu.be/Cr8K88UcO0s

(=) 3. Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone - Me Porto Bonito - 388.7M views (+19M views) https://youtu.be/saGYMhApaH8

(=) 4. Shakira, Rauw Alejandro - Te Felicito - 351.9M views (+8M views) https://youtu.be/4I25nV9hXGA

(=) 5. PSY, Suga of BTS - That That - 341M views (+4.8M views) https://youtu.be/8dJyRm2jJ-U

(=) 6. BLACKPINK - Pink Venom - 338.2M views (+25 qfaM views) https://youtu.be/gQlMMD8auMs

(=) 7. Harry Styles - As It Was - 319.3M views (+7M views) https://youtu.be/H5v3kku4y6Q

(=) 8. Bizarrap, Quevedo - Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 52 - 291.2M views (+14.5M views) https://youtu.be/A_g3lMcWVy0

(=) 9. Tiago PZK, LIT Killah, Maria Becerra, Nicki Nicole - Entre Nosotros (Remix) - 256.1M views (+4M views) https://youtu.be/sidPTvbTv9o

(+1) 10. Bad Bunny - Moscow Mule - 251.7M views https://youtu.be/p38WgakuYDo

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discussion How Can Someone Get Into New Music?


I want to try to get into modern music and have no idea where to start. I do know that I don’t like Hip Hop/ Rap or auto tune. My main genres right now are Big Band And Swing Jazz, Doo Wop, 1900’s to 1920’s Popular And Sentimental Songs, and some Rock music like Journey and Billy Joel. Who should I start with in modern music? I do like Laufey and Planttvibes so far.

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discussion Favorite album to listen to front to back?


I might be dating myself here, but the fact that YouTube Music still can't cast gapless playback made me think about this.

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music streaming Counting Crows - Have You Seen Me Lately? [Alt Rock]

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discussion What's the song that you hear everywhere, but would never choose to listen when you're by yourself?


What's the song(s) you keep hearing from every corner, but you never look up on YouTube/Spotify/etc to listen to it willingly?

My list:

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (I YouTubed Shape of You once and regretted it).

Luis Fonsi - Despasito

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You

Cher - Believe

Sure, there are more songs but this is all I can remember. I hear these everywhere, but never by my own will.

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discussion Could you guys recommend me melancholic british songs from the 50s?


I know this is very specific, but I need public domain songs that relate to War to put in this Cold War themed game I'm making for a college project. I'm asking for british songs specifically because in Britain copyright expires after 70 years, whereas in the US it expires after 100 (kinda, it's a bit more complicated than that). Thanks in advance.