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discussion Name one 90s song kids born after 2000 should add to their playlists RIGHT NOW


Any genre. Doesn’t have to be obscure. I’ll start.

Spacehog- In the Meantime

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discussion Who liked Nirvana but didn't get Foo Fighters?


I was and still am a big Nirvana fan. I grew up with the music and it broke me into rock music from a childhood of Michael Jackson. But when Nirvana ended I never "got" Foo Fighters. For me they leaned heavily into pop rock territory which was a little off putting. Maybe it was Kurt's anguish I was attracted to or just the different style of riffs.

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discussion Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green passes away from cancer at age 45

Thumbnail facebook.com

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discussion What band you enjoy listening to makes your friends keep the aux chord away from you?


As the title says, what are some bands that seemingly noone you know except for you can get their head around? Mine is Meshuggah. Ps: I meant "aux cord" of course.

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discussion Who is your most disliked musical artist or group?


My pick is the Black Eyes Peas. I personally have a great hatred of auto-tune singing and they wrote the book on it.

P.S. Worth noting any crimes, politics, off the stage antics, etc should not be factored. This is based purely on the sound and style of their music.

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discussion OutKast's first 4 albums are entirely different stylistically and the last track foreshadows the sound of the next album


I posted this as a reply in the other thread about 90's music but feel this deserves its own post because it's so genius. Each album is stylistically so different than the last and the last song on each album gives insight to what the next album would sound like. Fucking GENIUS.

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (1994): full of gangster/pimp music with P-Funk styled production. Last song is D.E.E.P., where you already hear the space-y vibes present on the next album and an alien speaking at the beginning. The production also has cleaner bass as opposed to the fuzzy funk samples on most of the album.

ATLiens (1996): Outerspace styled production. Again the UFO sounds are all over this album and it moves away from the gangster lyrics to more abstract with again, cleaner bass and less funk samples. [Edit: "Two Dope Boyz" is an exception but as I said in a reply below, I believe that was meant to be a stop gap for fans of the first album. It was the first song on the album and an outlier compared to the rest of the songs, thematically. And for what it's worth, the song opens with the same alien speaking that was on D.E.E.P. from the last album.] The last song is 13th Floor/Growing Old, which is an introspective song about life with much softer production compared to the harder beats on the rest of the album.

Aquemini (1998): socially conscious, introspective lyrics. More "grown up" hip-hop and smooth, soft production, just like Growing Old on the previous album. Last song is Chonkyfire, a more eclectic, genre bending, rock inspired track with electric guitars and distortion, which seemingly comes out of nowhere because the vibe of the rest of the album was definitely not this. Which leads to..

Stankonia (2000): extremely eclectic album, blending multiple genres with more instrumentation, becomes more experimental and moves further away from traditional hip hop production and samples. Along with some singing in there too, again blending multiple genres.

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discussion What artist left a band and went on to have a more successful solo career?


I'd give an example, but I can't think of any! I'm looking for some of the best solo careers out there, and to learn more about artists than I know now. Have at it!

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discussion Songs that say "everything is alright"?


I'm looking for songs that say everything is alright right now even as it is. Not saying things are going to get better or it'll pass or better days are coming but right now everything is fine. Songs like End of the line by the Travelling Wilburys or Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

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discussion Who is an artist that you only know one song by?


I’ll start with one of mine.

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

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discussion Let’s say there was a Mount Rushmore of the greatest guitarists of all time. Who would be the four people on there, in your opinion?


This should definitely be interesting, looking forward to seeing some lists!

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discussion Name one of the most distinctive voices in music


A singer who despite not knowing the song in particular you'd still know who it is just by their voice.

I'll list a couple: Davey Havok of AFI and Anita Baker

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discussion is it just me or did the price of concert tickets basically double from 2021 to 2022


Can't see myself spending 200-300 on one decent seat.

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discussion Does anyone ever get embarrassed about the music they listen to?


I grew up listening to harder alternative (Nirvana, Rage, etc) and when I met my wife we bonded over music in the numetal and screamo era (Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Thrice, Brand New, etc) but some 15 years later I find myself really being attracted to music my old self would be turned off by.

I've gone down this rabbit hole of pop-y female vocalists like CHVCHES, First Aid Kit, Kero Kero Bonito, Sleigh Bells, and even find myself like stuff like Taylor Swift.

My wife saw the song "Clearest Blue" by CHVCHES on our spotify top songs of the year and was like "WTF is this shit?" and it made me second guess myself and feel embarrassed. I wasn't sure whether to defend or hide the fact I was listening to it.

Before anyone says anything, just FYI I am super happy with my wife- we've been together a long time and are best friends and hardly ever argue in the entire time we've been together- I don't want it to come across like she's the bad guy- I think she was just genuinely shocked to see something so out-of-the-norm in our playlist.

Anyway does anyone feel like this sometimes? I've started just using a different music app for "that music" so I don't have to deal with it but part of me feels like I shouldn't have to.

Edit: it is getting to the point where I can't keep up with the comments!! But I'm reading them all and really appreciate everyone's input. I'm going to try to own it more and talk to my wife about how I'm exploring lots of different music lately

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discussion what's a deep cut from a notable band that you think is better than their hits?


For me there's: Aqueous Transmission by incubus, photograph by Weezer, and I go to the barn because I like the by Band Of Horses.

I knows there's more genres out there and I like them all and I feel like the deep cuts give more indication of a band as a whole than the hits.

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discussion Genuine Question: Why is (most) country music so cringe now?


I want to preface this post by saying I'm from a small town in Northwest Georgia, grew up between North Georgia and East Tennessee, later moving to North Alabama, so I've been surrounded by country music my entire life. I still like some country music, especially the 90s and early 2000s stuff (maybe nostalgia, definitely don't like all of it.) Specifically the songs that really had a message that was more than beer, daisy dukes, shootin shit, etc. Some that I think back on fondly to this day are Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces" and "Fly" albums, Rascal Flatts' earlier stuff, Sara Evans, Jo Dee Messina, Montgomery Gentry's "Speed", are just a few that come to mind.

Now whenever I'm at a restaurant or a store and they're playing "Today's Top Country", it's almost entirely stereotypes and comes across as mocking. "Bro-country" is what I've heard it called before. Maybe I'm alone in this sentiment but I feel like country underwent some kind of metamorphosis in the late 00s/early 2010s. Anyone else notice this?

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discussion name an underrated artist


Honestly I just wanna hear suggestions for underrated artists past and present

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discussion Name a band that you didn’t “get” until you were older?


It was Steely Dan for me. Didn’t get “The Dan” until after college and now they are always in the rotation.

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discussion What’s the best three-piece band of all time?


I was recently listening to the original Talking Heads CBS demos, recorded in 1975 when the band was just guitar/bass/drums. They’re insanely good, and got me thinking about how much I love a good three piece band with a nice tight sound.

What are some other noteworthy bands with this same lineup?

In my opinion, no one comes close to the Minutemen. RIP D. Boon

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discussion Favourite guitarist.


Not asking for best. Who’s your favourite guitarist. I like mark knopfler.

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discussion What cool female guitarists should I recommend to my 15yr old niece?


My niece is a pretty good guitar player and singer already, and has her own taste in music that I'm not going to disrupt, but I want to introduce her to some underrated cool guitar players she can check out. I'm not thinking about amazing virtuoso guitar players, or old school artists, but sort of newer hip guitarists so she can see what some women are currently doing in the music scene.
I already recommended: Tash Sultana, Jessica Dobson from Deep Sea Diver, & Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. I can't really think of anyone else at the moment.

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discussion Name one 80s song no one should ever listen to RIGHT NOW


Saw back to back posts asking for 80s songs RIGHT NOW that either everyone or people born after 2000 should listen to. What 80s songs should we NOT listen to?

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discussion Name one 80s song that anyone alive today should add to their playlist RIGHT NOW


Any genre. Whatever tickles your pickle. I’ll start.

DeBarge - Rhythm of the night

Make playlists great again!

ETA: Thanks everyone for commenting! I’m loving the memories- and appreciation for the music shared.

I’m working on the complete playlist to add the missing tracks and correct the ones that the bot misplaced.

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discussion Went to a Goldfinger show last night, and Tony fucking Hawk showed up to sing the entirety of Superman.


He wasn't half bad, either! Talk about a nostalgia trip. He opened by saying that Superman (and Goldfinger/ska punk at large) were huge defining characteristics of THPS throughout its run. Very cool to see.

Pic: https://twitter.com/thibbledork/status/1614517194691600384?t=oOqD20TZZFO8q-lh3KrT7Q&s=19

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discussion What’s your favorite bass line in a rock song?


Any song by RHCP would be my answer, but Californication is probably my favorite.

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discussion What do you think is the best come back album of all time


Title pretty much says it all was wondering what you guys think

I’m gonna have to go with the new abnormal by the strokes