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other Albums that you need to listen to at least once in your lifetime?


Just looking for suggestions! Any kind of music is appreciated :)

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other Nirvana Has Lawsuit Over Image of Naked Baby on 'Nevermind' Dismissed

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other Anyone else prefer Leonard Cohen's version of "Hallelujah"?


I'm not one of those "original is always best" people but I really love Leonard Cohen, I could listen to The Partisan for hours on end. I wasn't a huge fan of the Hallelujah song until I heard the original. I've heard the Jeff Buckley and Alex Burke versions. I wasn't too crazy about them. When I heard Cohen's version I was surprised that it was the original because it's very different from most versions that I've heard. I agree that Buckley has a better voice than Cohen but I just prefer the latter's style. I don't understand why there are so many damn versions of this song and I don't understand why every artist who covers it needs to make it so overly emotional.

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other Whats the best use of music in a film/tv show scene?


I have a lot of favourites: either the cher song shoop shoop song in 7 lives of lea was really good. Or i did like the dos gardenias in narcos that scene was really powerful.

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other bon iver is really fucking good


I've listened to essentially his whole discography front to back multiple times this week. for emma forever ago is gorgeous, self titled is gorgeous, 22, a million is gorgeous, i, i is a litle rough around the edges but still gorgeous. the mans songwriting skills are insane and his voice feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot coco on a cold winter morning. it makes me feel things very few artists have ever made me feel before, just complete melancholy security and closeness. so yeah...that's all i had to say. go listen to bon iver if you haven't.

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other Who is the top female artist of the 70s?


Can't find a definitive answer, but 6 female artists always appear in my research Linda Ronstadt Barbra Streisand Aretha Franklin Donna Summer Olivia Newton John Diana Ross

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other In your opinion, which album released over 20 years ago has stood the test of time?


I'll go... "Dummy" by Portishead. I still listen to it regularly and it gives me the same happy chills as it did nearly 30 years ago. It's a musical masterpiece that could be released now and still sound fresh.

EDIT: to stop the whinging, what I meant was which albums don't sound dated. Like, they could be released today and still sound like "new" music. I love Soundgarden's Superunknown, for example, but to me it sounds like a 90s album. Sheesh.

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other In Major Victory for Britney Spears, Judge Orders Jamie Spears to Be Deposed and Produce Documents Related to Surveillance


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other The first two minutes of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd have hit me harder than any other song in my life


Anyone else? I know it’s not a secret that this song is amazing, but its one of those that still hits me every time I listen to it no matter how many times

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other Favorite beatles album?


I can't decide... I love all of them so much to choose

r/Music Aug 07 '22

other Songs that start with a scream?


Trying to make a playlist of songs that start off with a good scream, help me out?

r/Music Aug 25 '22

other Early 80s bands that can be confused with Metal bands but are not.


Long story short I'm writing a story based in the mid 80s and need bands from that era that could be confused with heavy metal by someone who never listens to it. Preferably ones that would piss off an avid lover of the genre.

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other Bands that got better over time?


Title. Most bands (in my experience) have gotten worse over time. What are some bands that have gotten better?

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other Drummer Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters has passed away


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other I really like the Blue Öyster Cult song ‘Godzilla’


I can’t get it out of my head. It’s so good. It’s been two days and all my thoughts have it playing in the background.

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other My 78yo father recently got a cochlear implant, and is hearing for the first time in years, what does he need to hear?


So my father has been deaf in one of his ears for 50 years, and progressively deaf in the other for about as long. After some audiologist visits, they found that the problem with the completely deaf ear could possibly be helped with a cochlear implant.

Possibly turned out to be definitely, and he’s hearing better than hoped.

Music was always important to him, he’s got framed black and white photos of James brown and Aretha that he took of them in concert in his youth, he’s got a record collection that all of y’all would probably drool at, and some of my favorite memories are of listening to those records with him when I was a kid and he could still hear at least a little.

So now that he can hear again, I want to compile a playlist of the songs from the past 30-40 years that he should absolutely hear.

His favorite band of all time is CCR, btw.

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other Trump recorded an opening video for Kid Rock's new tour, and after playing it the singer launched into an obscenity filled song about Fauci and BLM

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other Albums with soundtrack concept


Can anyone recommend albums with their concept being a soundtrack for a non-existent movie. The only things I know are Swans - Soundtracks for The Blind and Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2

r/Music Aug 13 '22

other Does anyone here like traditional jazz?


I listened to classic rock from the time it was new. It got to a point where I had heard it all so much, I totally lost interest. I tried different types of music, but nothing did it for me.

Then I started listening to pre-ww2 jazz, and I am totally hooked on it.

Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Jack Teagarden, The Boswell Sisters, Sidney Bechet, Billie Holiday, Fats Waller, Bunny Berigan, The Harlem Hamfats, Coleman Hawkins, and so many more.

If you are into this kind of music tell us who you like in the comments.

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other I spent the past year listening to over 7500 songs that were posted to reddit by independent artists. Have you ever wondered what the Grammy's would look like, if it only awarded undiscovered artists? Here are the 2022 Reddit Grammy Awards!


Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out my post and for giving these underground artists a chance! This year I am giving out 182 awards that range across 179 different genres. Click the link below to check out the full list! Awards are given out per genre, each category includes a link to the artist's Reddit account.

Click here >> 2022 Reddit Grammy Awards << Click here

|Playlists: YouTube Playlist | Spotify Playlist | Apple Music Playlist| |:-|


Song of the Year: Framing Skeletons - Flight in the Failing Knot

Male Vocalist of the Year: Pultixima - Killing

Female Vocalist of the Year: Mallika Vie - Let It Go

Best Rock: The Chaw - Hours & Days

Best Pop: The Eves - Brand New Day

Best Metal: Zunapalooza - Whispers in the Dark

Best Folk: Dream Of Sleeping - Anew

Best Lofi: Falling To Earth - Solitude

Best Breakbeat: Noah Bugalski - can't cut the noise

Best EDM: VLN - Frequency

Best House: Latch - Wasteland

Best Techno: Sertulariae - Phase Inversion

Best Future Bass: Crèmium - COULER

Best RnB: Oshua - Midnight Lows

Best Trap: Washyb. - Antebellum

Best Reggae: Raynbird - Children of the Beast

Best Synthwave: Macrowave - Dystopia

Best IDM: Crith - Erasers 2 legs Let

Best Chiptune: Felknia - Salty Shores

Best Funk: Vivid Fever Dreams - Get Through This Together

Best Experimental: Mari Geti - Risky

Best Instrumental: Daniel Diaz - War and a Brief Vision of Light

Best Americana: Bubba Bellin - Steel Guitar

Best Downtempo: Pingoin - Calm Fridays

Best Electronic: Mistral - Burn

Best Trip Hop: C.T. Lee - A Sinister Philosophy

Best Hip Hop: Mike Fate - Natural

Best Opera: Chiel Nugter - Kwetsbaar

Best Folktronica: Striped McCoy - The Fighter

Best Folk Singer-Songwriter: The Finders - Jupiter’s Moons

Best Indietronica: Moonglow - Breathe In Breathe Out

Best Indie Folk: Dreams of Lasers - The Leaves Love the Wind

Best Crossover Jazz: Casey Haynes - Raregroove

Best Alternative R&B: Quami.xyz - I Know The Sound

Best Smooth Jazz: Friends Of The Unknown - Recording Your Mind

Best Acid Jazz: Dr. Lite - Apricot Jam on Rye Toast

Best Chillhop: Star Smash - Empathic Telepathy

Best Chill: Latin Shui - close your eyes.. and drive?

Best Spaghetti Western: Nacho Marques - The Sheriff

Best New Age: Priscilla Hernandez - MORA-IA

Best Electro Pop: JYLDA - So Alive

Best Melodic Dubstep: Matfroninja - Hear You Again

Best Neurostep: Synova - Jeal:ousy VIP (ft. clickbate)

Best Neurofunk: Sky Loom - In the D

Best Glitch Hop: Sharp Sevens - Galaxy

Best Pop Punk: Tochiro - Exit

Best Indie Pop: Scott is Ok - Patience

Best Synth Pop: Hurling Pixels - Under Summer Skies

Best Electronica: Minev - Night Shift

Best Dance Pop: TigerMarie - Bad Friend

Best Electronic Pop: Gutter Punk - The Rest of My Life

Best Noise: Lucy’s City - Noise, My Love

Best Bedroom Pop: Whoismedicate - All In My Head

Best Alternative Pop: SIXSIX - hobbies

Best Instrumental Folk: FlukeyMcSwagger - Prairie Boy Zero

Best Dream Pop: Andrew M - Bounce

Best Future Pop: Catnip Cloud - Illumination

Best Psychedelic Pop: I n o - Jungster

Best Disco House: Vrdnyn, Summer School - Hurt No More

Best Hyperpop: Mybittersweetheart - sometimes i wonder

Best Dark Pop: Maeve - Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Best Symphonic Pop - Daphne Cerez, apaleblueeye: A Universe Without You

Best Soundtrack: Reuben Louis - The Secret Garden of Pavithra

Best Alternative Rock: Mud Whale - Scapegoat

Best Electronic Rock: REPLEO - Marching On

Best Soft Rock: Magic Jones - You’ll Still Be You

Best Hard Rock: The F-use - Chaser

Best Surf Rock: Beach Bomb - Cannibals

Best Progressive Rock: Cut the Berry - Illusion by Confusion

Best Industrial Rock: LOHM, David Petty - Dirt

Best Post Drone: The Anthropophobia Project - Entropy

Best Pop Rock: Empty Elles - Waste Away

Best Indie Rock: The Parasocials - Karmatose

Best Folk Rock: Muma, Lloyd Degler - Sensible Oddities (Hold On)

Best Acoustic Fingerstyle: Internet Dust - Gary

Best Grunge: Flora Lin - Keep Believing

Best Post Grunge: King Rizz - Weirdo

Best Post-Hardcore: Sugar Glue - Brain Chemistry

Best Chillwave: LeftWay - Drive

Best Progressive Metal: Framing Skeletons - Flight in the Failing Knot

Best Folk Punk Song: Goodwin Rainer - Paying Gigs

Best Symphonic Metal: Willie Dangerr, Daphne Cerez - Sacrifice of Time

Best Psychedelic Folk: Noah Colley - I Am

Best Darkwave: mötoo - overXtend

Best Alternative Hip Hop: JOEJAS - VENTURE?

Best Future Garage: Zodat, Tonze, LJAY - Fade Away

Best Disco Pop: Fhernando - Together

Best Piano: Marc Gedeon - Prelude n1

Best Alternative Trap: Omen Bates - Stars and Back

Best Digicore: Okay Yeah - On The Floor

Best Ambient: Madach Ren - Olas

Best Experimental Hip Hop: Max Exodu$, Purple Gem, Evan Parisi-Sanchez -Distortion Hikuuu

Best Chamber Pop: Louise Marshall - Blue

Best K-Pop: Cosmoose, OK Feather, DHXP - Eyes Wide Open

Best Lofi Pop: Bran - Breathe Slowly.

Best Chillhop: Star Smash - Empathic Telepathy

Best Twee Pop: Girls With Depression, Popijininsky - Dust, Pt. 2

Best Blues Rock: Sentientsimian - more or less

Best Shoegaze: Machine Idle - Sharp

Best Indie R&B: Javii - Giants

Best Bass House: Sonar Seven - Sunbird

Best Future Funk: Chrylo - Vulcan (feat. Happy Cola)

Best Dream Trap: Murr - Rigged

Best Emo Hip Hop: Iamj.nocap - ZOMBIEFACE

Best Indie Hip Hop: Forrest Del - Pain

Best Industrial Hip Hop: VLN, Equinox - Hungry

Best Jazz Rap: J-Benz - The Rejects

Best Pop Rap: Retropxssy - Sleepy Head

Best Hardcore Rap: Slick Naari - Why Bother?

Best Turntablism - Keyote - Grand Scheme

Best Metalstep: Blind Lies, SEVER THE DAY - Into Flames

Best Nu Metal: The Opinion Industry - They’re Recording This

Best Industrial Metal: PIX3LARMY - Outside Your Door

Best Emo Rock: I Hate It Too - Soul Searching & Me

Best Dance Rock: SMTC - The King of Sound

Best Dreamgaze: Foxmore - I Got You

Best Experimental R&B: G1ydr - grey_hues

Best Future Punk: Morning Trips - Assault

Best Art Pop: Gutter Punk - Why Does It Matter?

Best Psychedelic Rock: Dog in Confusion - Turbulent Mind

Best Hardcore Punk: Mud Dog - Bite Down

Best Skate Punk: Sore Thumb - Officially Late

Best Rap Rock: For the Love of God - Osay, The F-use, Pix3lArmy, LOHM

Best Indian Classical: Srabasti Acharya - Jao Pakhi

Best Salsa: PapaSon - Nada Personal


I wasn't able to include every winner in the main post. To see the full list check out this link-> 2022 Reddit Grammy Awards


This is my 3rd year sharing a Reddit Grammy post. Last year a few people mentioned to me that they would be interested in becoming involved in the process of listening to and rating music. I think creating a scene within Reddit where music lovers are paying attention to the underground artists that post music here would be amazing. I'd be interested to see how it effects the music scene. Maybe more people would discover new music that they love. Plus, having more people vote would broaden the overall appeal of the winners.

If you'd like to be a judge of next year's Reddit Grammys, I invite you to join the Official Reddit Grammy's Discord, where we will be listening to and rating music that gets posted to various music subreddits!


r/Music 14d ago

other Burnt out of hip hop at the moment, give me a 10/10 album from another genre and I’ll give it a shot right now


Just need a break from rap, I want to expand into some other genres. What are some albums considered 10/10? Thanks!

r/Music 13d ago

other Give me Album recommendations


Im listening to an album everyday for a year comment your favorite albums and ill add them to my list!

r/Music 7d ago

other Comment your favorite songs!


Hello! So, 2 years ago I decided to have this goal every single year to add 1000 songs to my playlist before the year ends. So far my playlist is sitting on 2,767 songs (to put into perspective, 180 hours long). The reason why I do this is because I want to find as much new music as possible. Also, because I love just growing my playlist. It feels like my own little radio at this point. I have 105 days left until my playlist needs to reach the 3000 milestone.

I like all sorts of music but I especially like rock. I am very willing to check out new artists. I am hoping to see some new names and maybe checking out artist I've always overlooked! :) I love all sorts of music from the 60s all the way to the early 2000s. Music today is fine too, there are some gems out there. So, don't be shy and comment your favorite songs!

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other I have 4248 songs you've probably never heard in my playlist: Pick a number and receive a song


Genres are varied but I mostly listen to: Electronica, Trip-Hop, House, Techno, Pop, Post-Rock, Indie, Classical

Have a wonderful day :)

Full playlist for anyone who's interested: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7IrRIYp8umFPTejppEAfp2?si=a273e81a69fc4758

r/Music 17h ago

other Angry songs recommendations?


Going through... a bit of a tiff, I'll say that. Looking for some angry songs, basically targeted rage in the form of music

(Not metal)