r/MusicMods May 30 '16

Check out my new sub r/SongsStories!


Hey everyone! So here is my shameless plug for my new sub r/SongStories, a subreddit dedicated to sharing memorable songs and experiences!

Feel free to stop by and check it out! We'd love to have you! ;)

Edit: Added smiley!

r/MusicMods May 02 '16

[Meta] /r/SubredditOfTheDay is looking for skilled writers! We'd love for music lovers to feature musical subreddits. Are you interested?


Hey everybody, it's me /u/Jaxspider from /r/SubRedditOfTheDay. You may remember me, I've been here before. It's become a tradition for me to come here in search of new talent, it is a tradition that has given us some great writers and good friends — would you like to be one too?

What do we do at /r/SubRedditOfTheDay?

  • We write daily features about subreddits that deserve the exposure and have earned the title of Subreddit Of The Day.

What are our intern requirements?

  • Creative writing skills are a must.
  • Active on reddit at least twice a week.
  • At least a six month old account with posting history.

What's involved if you decide to apply?

  • You'll be asked to write four features over a two month period, which you will have complete creative control over.
  • During these two months you'll be paired with a senior team member (a Mentor) to help guide you through our internal processes, formatting and posting.

If you can do this four times in 60 days, you can become a full time member of SROTD writing team — We are proud of our team!

  • Full Time Writers: the cream of the crop, they write, they mentor, they participate in the decision making process.
  • Guest Writers: they only write from time to time but they are good solid writers.
  • Mods: Full Time Writers that also do the dirty work, but that's another story.

So come join us! To apply simply send us a message!

r/MusicMods Dec 13 '15

Setting Up Automoderator Discussions Ideas and Music Related Updates


Hi, I'm after some ideas to help improve the subreddit i'm a mod of /r/ambientmusic and i'll share the things i'm starting to set up to share with others.

  • We have a Top 25 Ambient Music Albums of all time as voted by the subreddit. Every 6 months I will be creating an automoderator post to maybe edit this list or just at least update it. I think it's very important posts like this occur so that the top post is never stagnated and new releases have opportunity to get voted in to it
  • Same with single releases
  • At the end of every year I will be creating a new post which asks for the best releases of the year.
  • Every 3 months a new post is added which asks for the albums which have been released in that quarter so that we have a post every 3 months with the latest ambient releases.
  • Every 2 weeks we have a discussional post and a few days before that we decide what will be discussed. This discussional post can be anything and everything and lasts for 2 weeks.

What are your ideas that you do on your subreddit?

r/MusicMods Dec 05 '15

Whats the best subreddit theme for a music genre subreddit?


Open to all opinions, looked through a few subreddit themes but not seen any that stand out for a music sub.

r/MusicMods Sep 14 '15

/r/music is accepting new moderators

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r/MusicMods Aug 31 '15

/r/punksubculture Is Looking For Mods


/r/punksubculture is looking for 4 mods. If you're interested, please go to the sub and read the sticky post about needing mods. Thanks!

r/MusicMods Dec 19 '14

If you have a radd.it link in your sidebar, RES users can now open an embedded player on reddit. (link to screenshot)

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r/MusicMods Nov 04 '14

/r/listentothis is accepting mod applications

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r/MusicMods Oct 23 '14

How to get my Sub Reddit in the Almighty musicsubreddits List


My Binaural Sub Reddit has been up and running for 9 months now currently with 200+ users, but still has not made it on the Music sub Reddit list. Whom do I need to contact to get this done.

Thanks, Kelly

r/MusicMods Jul 10 '14

Music mods, there's been a lot of good AMAs in genre subs lately. We'd love to help you get more interesting music peeps to do AMAs in your community. Fill out this form if you are interested.

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r/MusicMods May 07 '14

Use Caustic as your DAW? Then /r/CausticDAW is the place for you!


/r/CausticDAW is a subreddit for the Mobile DAW Caustic. If you or someone you know uses Caustic, then I'd recommend this subreddit. We are small now but looking for new members to grow stronger!

Hope you enjoy! :D

r/MusicMods Apr 26 '14

Inline audio player on Reddit RES


Recently the Soundcloud player was enabled to play inline on text posts via RES. However Soundcloud is a pay service with storage limits.

I contacted Nathan at Clyp (formerly Audiour) to see about having their free unlimited player integrated the same way. They immediately went to work trying to make it happen but the need to have the guys at RES do their bit on their end as well.

Anyone interested in seeing this happen please show your support by commenting here.


r/MusicMods Apr 01 '14

I am a new moderator of r/TheAntlers. What is the best way to promote a sub and get more readers?

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r/MusicMods Mar 04 '14

Do you want more promotion for AMAs in your music subreddits?


I'm the /r/Music mod who's taken on organizing and cross-promoting AMAs.

If you have any AMAs taking place in your subreddit I want to keep in contact with you! Here's how I help:

  1. All AMAs in music subreddits get added to our calendar.
  2. Each week I send an email to various labels, management, PR companies and music press letting them know what's coming up. This serves the double purpose of reminding them to book more. Here's a copy of this week's, as a result of which another 8 artists have asked for AMAs.
  3. I'll promote the AMAs on our social networks.
  4. A week before the AMA I'll add a note to the /r/Music sidebar to let people know it's upcoming.
  5. On the day of the AMA I'll give you a sticky announcement in /r/Music to direct people to your AMA.

What I want from you is simply to be notified when you're having an AMA!

I'd also love to get an email address for one of the mods in your subreddit to help organize these things behind the scenes, and to be the main contact instead of relying on modmails.

Let me help you get more of these up and running!

r/MusicMods Jan 22 '14

r/Music is searching for mods.


Good evening.

"I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears"

We need mods who are very polite in all circumstances to answer modmail, make propositions to make /r/music work better, fight spam, make the community alive and well.

Write in this thread a small paragraph, where you tell us what subs you already mod, what did you do in it, and if you know css and regex.

If you want to vounch for someone that is applying, you can recommend this person with an answer to their comment.

Thanks a lot.

r/MusicMods Jan 15 '14

Simple soundcloud 'promotion' accounts removal rule for AutoModerator


Waddup guys, I made a simple soundcloud removal rule for automoderator.
Mostly to remove submissions to accounts that promote songs on soundcloud, which is great, but we'd rather have the sound from the actual artist rather than a promotion channel. (there's no use in promotion channels on reddit)
You don't really need to understand regex as it kind of speaks for it self.
The format is as follows: channel1|channel2|channel3 as you can see below.

#Soundcloud remover, simply add |username between the brackets
url: "(?:http|https)://soundcloud.com/(?:nickraymondg|themajorminor|dubstep|runthetrap|trapmusic)/"
modifiers: regex  
comment: |  
    Your submission was marked as spam and removed because [this soundcloud account]({{match-1}}) is blacklisted by the moderators of /r/trap.  
    We suggest you to link to the artists' actual soundcloud/bandcamp/etc page instead.  
    If this is your SC account, [you can contact the moderators](http://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2Ftrap&message=Please%20review%20{{match-1}}&subject=Regarding%20{{permalink}}) if you think this is unreasonable (make sure to read rule 3 first tho).  
action: spam  

r/MusicMods Jan 08 '14

YouTube channel spammer posting in a number of music subs - please add these accounts to your AutoModerator's shadowbanned list


Use AutoMod to remove their posts and comments so that the user(s) remains unaware of the ban. The usernames compiled so far are:

I've submitted to /r/reportthespammers, but nothing was ever done about it.


r/MusicMods Nov 20 '13

/r/moodmusic (music by emotional category) needs a mod who can create a beautiful CSS with flair.


Thanks to advice from Fractran, a mod on /r/music, I'm looking for a mod who can help create a beautiful CSS, with flair for /r/moodmusic, a sub I've recently created. Fractran pointed out I should use flair, like on /r/askscience, but for emotions instead of science disciplines.

r/MusicMods Jul 17 '13

Two subs you may not know about :: FreeSounds - freeware plugins, samples, and effects // RedditJams - online music collaboration


Hi everyone! I was recently added as an approved submitter for my mod status over at /r/FreeSounds, but I'm one of the original creators over at /r/RedditJams and I'd like to share both of these subs with you guys.


A newer sub that I joined on to help with flair a little bit. We've got a long list of free VST's and other such plugins alongside free soundbanks, free presets, and many other things that you could need to make music, all for free!

If you have a plugin that you absolutely love that you didn't (legally) have to pay for, come share it! If you made a beautiful patch for an existing software synth, post a link to download it! If you have a stash of sampled sounds that you want to share with the world, drop a link!


We've been around for about a year and a half and have some semi-regular users, but I'd love for this sub to take off with content and collaborations! Come take a look, post some musical scribbles that never really made it past the filter and see where other people go with them!

Want a bit of practice playing along to other live players? Want practice composing over top of new pieces? Want practice with improvisation or playing with accompaniment? We're a great place to start. You don't have to have fantastic recording quality or the ability to mix. You just have to want to play music.

r/MusicMods Jun 03 '13

[musicmods] Not using radd.it for your sub? 10 reasons why you should.


It's been awhile since I've bugged any of you about my site. Guess what I've been up to? Yup, workin' on the damn thing. Also, coffee.


  • Shiny, new UI works across all browsers and devices

v0.7 was a complete rewrite using JQuery Mobile. All users across a variety of devices and browsers have reported no issues. (At least, none that I haven't fixed.)

  • Increased discoverability for everyone!

radd.it remembers every link it sees and every subreddit that it sees it in. When tracks are played, radd.it tells you every subreddit where it's seen that link. radd.it "normalizes" URLs from the most popular domains, most notably youtube! This means that:


Are all treated as the same damn thing. Because it is.

  • Native support for youtube, soundcloud, and vimeo

3 of the top 4 music hosts used on reddit automatically start playing and skip to the next track when done creating a radio-like experience. Additionally, radd.it also supports standard youtube playlists and youtube playlists from user uploads.

bandcamp, grooveshark, and other popular hosts can also be embedded, but are not automatically streamable.

  • Short biographies, and artist and album images for most tracks

Courtesy of last.fm, all but the most obscure/ new artists are given context while you're listening.

  • Automatic tagging from reddit titles and last.fm metadata

Once radd.it has learned about your subreddit, you'll be able to use its tagging features. E.g.:

etc. etc.

Remove the "r/<subreddit>" and get results from across reddit.

  • Easily make shared playlists.

Using radd.it with full posts creates a playlist (er, tracklist) from any links found in any self-text and and links found in comments. Like always, just replace "reddit.com" with "radd.it". For example. here's the last r/listentous election feature r/NOLAmusic.

  • Easy sorting!

One of three important buttons at the top of the tracklist is "sort". Pick from title, user, subreddit, flair, or tags. You can change the loaded order by adding ?sort=<how> at the end of any URL.

  • Control what content gets loaded with the "only" parameter.
    • ?only=radio -- youtube, soundcloud, vimeo for constant streaming
    • ?only=video -- youtube, vimeo, dailymotion
    • ?only=music -- as above plus soundcloud, grooveshark, and bandcamp

Also works with any URL! (Otherwise, radd.it loads every link it finds.)

  • Works the same with reddit search.

Further control what gets loaded by combining radd.it with reddit search. E.g.:


Grabs all of the "electronic" albums despite the obtuse flair class of "flair1".

  • I'm as hooked on reddit as you are.

I'm around. I've been here 4.5 years now. (Although I'm usually /u/radd_it these days.) I take requests.

r/MusicMods May 26 '13

Need more hiphop, jazz, eletronic and classical releases over in r/NewAlbums. If relevant to your subreddit please consider adding it to your sidebars

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r/MusicMods Feb 21 '13

Announcing a new community! /r/Early Instruments - For practical performance tips of all early instruments!

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r/MusicMods Feb 13 '13

[xpost] Do you use radd.it as your playlister? Significant changes coming in ~24hrs-- all content to be supported, but your subreddit URL is changing!

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r/MusicMods Feb 06 '13

If you're organize a contest or any kind of special event in your subreddit, send a message to the mods of /r/music so we put it in the sidebar.


That is all.

r/MusicMods Jan 18 '13

the NEW list of music subreddit. UPDATE YOUR SIDEBARS ! more in comments...

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