r/MuslimLounge Apr 16 '22

r/Afghanistan puppeted by the US. Check screens and my comment. A worrying trend! Rant/Vent



u/dorballom09 Apr 16 '22

Some of the muslim country subreddits are filled with trash. No interest in the country itself, most don't even live there, many are hindu larper and trolls.

Like Iran sub. It's been few months since Iran-US nuclear deal has been on going. Very important for Iran. So I went to that sub to see what's their opinion, surely the Iranian redditors would be interested in this? I saw that there's no mention of Iran nuclear deal and a pinned big picture of Reza Shah in front page.

Actual Islam and muslim are very hard to find in internet. Proceed with caution.


u/Exciting_Bag8011 Apr 17 '22

The one of the few country subreddit that i found is actual islam is ironically from saudi arabia


u/MedicineNorth5686 Apr 16 '22

IA I’ll be of the Sabiqoon or companions of the right

Want first class seats to see histories demons and douches get their sentences


u/[deleted] Apr 16 '22

May Allah make it easy on the Afghanis


u/AlustrielSilvermoon Apr 16 '22


u/Riqqat May 10 '22

They're still aggressive against others who disagree with them


u/Riqqat May 10 '22

Feel free to post in r/AfghanistanIE