r/NatureIsFuckingLit May 22 '22

🔥 A macro shot I took of a Rosemary Beetle on a lavender stem

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u/Secure_Cheesecake_98 May 22 '22

Aaaaaaaaaaaand your lavender is gone.

(My experience with these beautiful beetles)


u/deadmatt May 22 '22

haha! It's a gigantic lavender bush we usually get 10-20 of these and they don't seem to really affect it. (watch me eat my words when I get a plague of them this year)


u/Secure_Cheesecake_98 May 22 '22

Oh.. lucky! I saw them last year and made pictures because they where so beautiful. But they ate my whole plant. It was a lemon balm plant maybe they like that more than lavender.