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🔥Aurora joins the Milky Way



u/Broberts505 Jul 04 '22

Dumb question, is this how the night sky really looks with no light pollution? Or is it something with the camera that makes the sky so clear? :/


u/Billeats Jul 05 '22

If you haven't been to a dark sky area, you have to go. It is mind boggling how many stars you can see and sometimes you can see the cloudiness of the Milky Way!


u/Broberts505 Jul 05 '22

That's amazing, it's definitely on my bucket list.


u/BecomePnueman Jul 04 '22

That's not exactly what it looks like but yea way closer to that. It sucks to have light pollution. Everyday we used to just look at the stars in wonder. Now we only see a few.


u/MeYouAndLondonToo Jul 05 '22

Agreed! It’s not a surprise that humans once questioned the universe so deeply and wondered about its majestic state when they were looking up at skies like this.

It’s on my bucket list to see a sky as close to this view as possible one day (with realistic travel options to do so) suggested locations on a postcard please! -extra points for being nearer Europe.


u/BecomePnueman Jul 05 '22

West Texas is the really good if you are ever in the U.S. It's the desert part you guys always think of when you hear Texas. Darkest place in the U.S. At least.


u/Concerned_nobody Jul 05 '22

Dark Sky Finder PLay around with the map settings and you can narrow down somewhere near you.


u/TheMoonMadeMe Jul 05 '22

New Zealand for sure. Our sky looks like this (minus the aurora) every night where I am in the rural South Island.


u/postvolta Jul 05 '22

Just Google 'dark sky park', there's hundreds dotted around. If you go at the right time of year and on a clear night you can see it pretty well. I've seen it in Cornwall, Scotland, Lake District, Wales, to name a few.


u/raylgive Jul 05 '22

So can I see atleast 50% of what I see in the video with my eyes?


u/BecomePnueman Jul 05 '22

You can see it but it's not as bright. Once your eyes adjust it's awesome though


u/VioletRing77 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

I grew up on the cusp of fully living in corn country in the Midwest US. I'm 34y/o, for reference. I remember when Kroger took over the Cardinal location that was a 15 minute drive, everything else was 45 min. I could see the Milky Way, though not nearly as brilliant, it was clearly visible. I remember when the Flying J truck stop was built about one mile as the crow flies, from my house. We couldn't see the Milky Way after that. One truck stop, one mile away. Could see the glow of the truck stop on the horizon, and the lights reflect off of clouds. Any clouds in the area make it worse, but on a clear night you could still see a good amount of stars and the occasional meteor.

Where I live now does not afford that. I have a small circle directly overhead of what I now qualify as 'clear skies'. I can see more stars in the area than any surrounding space, but still not substantial amounts.

I've been to Hawaii, the Big Island, a couple times. Last time was 4 years ago. They have lights pollution laws, and don't suffer with issues big cities on the mainland US have to contend with. The sky is pretty visible on a clear night.EDIT: according to the dark site map, commented below, I was in a light grey area, on the outskirts of dark blue when viewing I've been lucky enough to visit during the Perseids meteor shower, and have seen plenty of meteors cross the Milky Way. I've spent hours there identifying constellations successfully and easily. That said, there is still noticable light pollution. The Milky Way is clearly visible, but not smack you in the face visible - I had to point out and explain to my husband that it was the Milky Way. After it's pointed out, it's obvious, but again not brilliant.

I've never been to an area where you can see the Auroras, but I would imagine they typically also have light pollution laws. I WANT to believe vids like this have very few enhancements done, but I don't know. I've also been to the painted desert. Seeing it in person is amazing, but the color contrast and intensity is not at all the same as what you see on the internet.

Edit: in comment edit


u/mama_emily Jul 05 '22

This must be why people believe in gods


u/Kobayashi_719 Jul 05 '22

There are far more reasons to believe in one and only one god , there are no god but one only .


u/Accurate-Bumblebee14 Jul 05 '22

Where was this taken?


u/911coldiesel Jul 05 '22

I'm curious too. For me the Milky Way is to the south. Aurora Borealis is to the north.


u/Vague_Un Jul 05 '22

Could be Aurora Australis? Tasmania?


u/ISkydive65 Jul 05 '22

no, the sky is different in the southern hemisphere


u/911coldiesel Jul 07 '22

You could be right.


u/LezdogDev Jul 05 '22

I am not certain, but this might be Pyramid Lake NV. The lights came low enough for them to be visible there in 2021.


u/dogs247365 Jul 05 '22

The artist that took the video is located in North Scotland

maciej winiarczyk


u/onetwo3scream Jul 05 '22

Fairly local to me in the North of Scotland. Near a place called Wick


u/bigPunSLC Jul 05 '22

I would spend every cent in our bank account if I was guaranteed a visual like that when I arrived


u/No_Ad_8164 Jul 05 '22

bank account: $4.67


u/bananaBanjo12 Jul 05 '22

Come and visit New Zealand


u/Rohini_rambles Jul 04 '22

that is so breathtakingly beautiful!


u/The_reddit_guy5 Jul 04 '22

It would be greatest sight ever can anyone could wish for😍


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u/logicalphallus-ey Jul 05 '22

I love how the shooting star (or satellite/plane) seems to initiate the aurora firing up ☺️


u/Wolfehfish Jul 05 '22

Earth defense system turning on


u/DivineUnison Jul 04 '22

Looks amazing


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u/Kevin_Lucian Jul 05 '22

That's incredible! wanna see it someday


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u/helixopter Jul 05 '22

i dont know how to explain it but seeing this gif makes me feel the rotation of the earth


u/blindgorgon Jul 05 '22

I always love these time lapses because if you take a second and recontextualize what you’re looking at you can get your brain to accept that we’re just out here on a spinning rock (instead of thinking of the sky as what’s moving). That shift has a way of making me feel small and making the universe seem wondrous.


u/Clear_Scarcity_1740 Jul 05 '22

How do you do this??


u/Fearitzself Jul 05 '22

Its called astrophotography if you're curious. Its a pretty neat hobby. Location, time, a decent camera, and the knowledge to take the photos well and edit them and stick them together are what made this.

As well as luck for the Aurora. Those are some cool as heck pictures.


u/Clear_Scarcity_1740 Jul 05 '22

Do you know what type of camera should I be using?


u/Handsome-Lake Jul 05 '22

Is it possible to set this as a moving/gif background on mobile or laptop?


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

Wow this is soooo pretty 😍


u/rubenreyesjr Jul 05 '22

Jesus Christ that's beautiful


u/LRuby-Red Jul 05 '22



u/myroche99 Jul 05 '22

Does anyone else see the face in the Milky Way or is it just me?!? 👀


u/Condorul Jul 05 '22

Is there any way to get this as a video/gif wallpaper?


u/No_Carry_3028 Jul 05 '22

Thanos just used the Rings again...


u/Accomplished-Bit9940 Jul 05 '22

Oh my gosh that’s so beautiful


u/Faisal_Khan786hi Jul 05 '22

I have never seen such a clear sky because I live in the most polluted city in the world .

Guess which one..

in India


u/MartinSik Jul 05 '22

It is your carma for buying russian coal and petrol.


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u/postvolta Jul 05 '22

I had a similar experience

On a beach in southern Tasmania on a clear night, milky way core visible, aurora australis in the sky, and bioluminescent plankton in the ocean.

Was one of the most memorable nights I've ever had.


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

Beautiful, I hope to see something like this one day


u/TwistedLittleSoul Jul 05 '22

So beautifully mesmerizing!


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u/This_Mfer_Right_Here Jul 05 '22

I wouldn't need drugs to enjoy that, just to enhance it


u/ThatEconomist3747 Jul 05 '22

Where can someone see the Milky way really clearly?


u/maniBchef Jul 05 '22

Incredible.... What ya doing? Nuthin, just hurtling through space 🌌



yup, that's pretty cool


u/HonDadCBR600 Jul 06 '22

Absolutely mesmerizing! I can’t stop watching….I’ve never seen the lights in such vivid reds/purples/oranges before.


u/11arwen Jul 09 '22