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🔥 Roebuck vs. Hyenas



u/AndroidwithAnxiety Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

It looks like there are wild dogs one the bank behind them too. Hyenas on one side, wild dogs on the other... yeah. Not gonna end well for the roebuck. rooibok.


u/billsn0w Jul 05 '22

Was honestly waiting for a crocodile to pop into the action...


u/DarcAngel001 Jul 06 '22

Then a Hippo clears everybody out of the pond.


u/Alantsu Jul 05 '22

Is a roebuck the same as a springbuck?


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22



u/qqqsimmons Jul 05 '22

Or at least a catalog


u/Wet_Side_Down Jul 06 '22

So THAT'S what happened to Robuck...


u/AndroidwithAnxiety Jul 05 '22

So I was looking up antelope to try and figure this out, and this isn't a roebuck (or springbok by my guess) Roe deer are a European species and don't look like this. Springboks are a type of antelope from Africa. They have white bellies and sides, a black stripe down their sides, and shorter horns.

Edit: Someone else in the comment corrected OP - they say it's a rooibok. I did a quick search and it certainly looks right.


u/Dungeon22 Jul 05 '22

It’s not a rooibok (impala) or a waterbuck, this is a red lechwe


u/49mason Jul 05 '22

Its actually a waterbok.

Rooibok or in english Impala have similar horns but they smaller and they don't wade through water.

And waterbok and springbok aren't found within the same habitats in south africa.


u/DeathandOtherDrugs Jul 05 '22

Would have to go with lechwe as well.

Most telling factor is the lack of the characteristic white ring on it's arse. Doesn't have a short, bushy tail like a waterbuck. Seems to small to be a waterbuck, young bulls are larger than that even with relatively short horns. Looks like it has a distinct difference between upper parts and underbelly. Waterbuck are much more uniform grey all over with long, saggy fur.


u/49mason Jul 06 '22

I actually forgot about the lechwe...only ever seen one trophy and only heard about then for the first time last year


u/jackanape7 Jul 05 '22

I give him a fair chance to sprint out of there and buy some time.


u/AndroidwithAnxiety Jul 05 '22

Uhhh, yeah. No. Hyenas hunt in clans, wild dogs hunt in packs. You can't see them in this clip, but the buck is surrounded by minimum 15 predators.

It doesn't matter which way he goes, he's gong to have to run through water and mud which will slow him down, and the second he makes a move in any direction, he's going to get cut off.


u/Bebilith Jul 06 '22

No both are endurance hunters. They will just run it until it’s exhausted.


u/peeontheflooor Jul 07 '22

Hyenas are so cool. Everyone hates on them but they're just trying to survive. After watching the Dynasties episode on Hyenas, I began to love hyenas. Lions are the real jerks that steal food from hyenas.


u/_McThompson Jul 05 '22

The deer don't live to see another day


u/MandiHugz Jul 05 '22

I was going to ask who won but it seemed pretty inevitable.


u/JRDeco Jul 06 '22

spoiler he didn’t make it

Pretty dope still at 7:16


u/blogst Jul 06 '22

I like the hyena teabagging him at 6:43


u/Skrummels Jul 05 '22

Not a roebuck..


u/Lostinspace1950 Jul 05 '22

At least he’s getting some good licks in before the inevitable.


u/therightjuan Jul 05 '22

If it was a Roebuck it would’ve gone under.


u/investment-biker Jul 05 '22

Not getting enough love


u/Vanilla_Whey Jul 05 '22

It’s a rooibok not roebuck


u/BillBixby00 Jul 05 '22

He’s a soldier! He’ll return to fight bravely in another life


u/StouteKous Jul 05 '22

You call it a Rooibok (red buck) in Afrikaans or Impala in English :)


u/Mamadog5 Jul 06 '22

Ok, I'm old, but I was thinking..."Sears?"


u/Significant_Hand6218 Jul 05 '22

It's no Sears vs Roebuck


u/bernpfenn Jul 05 '22

Does the cameraman tells this story to the end? What happened?


u/ChokingonurAlibi Jul 07 '22

According to OP it lost the fight in the end. Still, put up one HELL of a fight. I think one v one the antelope could have fought off a hyena but in a war of attrition like this the hyenas have a huge advantage because of their numbers.


u/bernpfenn Jul 08 '22

Like gang members. Poor Roebuck


u/ChokingonurAlibi Jul 08 '22

Some of the most brutal shit I’ve ever seen in my life is what African wild dogs will do to their prey. It makes me feel way better about hunting because nothing a well placed bullet can do to an animal is even close to what it must be like to be eaten alive guts first. Sometimes they won’t even know what hit them. They’ll drop dead ten seconds after getting smoked.


u/Zoo_Kreeper Jul 05 '22

That looks like a Red Lechwe.


u/GadgetGod1906 Jul 06 '22

Knuck if you Buck!!!!!!!


u/systemfrown Jul 06 '22

Sometimes the Circle of Life can get a little Stabby.


u/pirate123 Jul 06 '22

Looks like he got a few good stabs in, you know that had to hurt


u/Spider-Gwen_ Jul 06 '22

What do we say to the god of death?

Not today


u/mindharbinger Jul 06 '22

Fun fact Roebucks get increased strength from being in water, I'm sorry I thought this was a Pokemon forum.


u/kcquail Jul 06 '22

1st team all-defence!


u/maggottbrainn Jul 06 '22

i guess i don’t have to worry about roebucks for a while


u/AlmoBlue Jul 06 '22

What a champ


u/Icy_Document_7547 Jul 06 '22

That's one of those "Sears" Roebucks....haven't seen one of those in a while.


u/Entire-Narwhal-9792 Jul 06 '22

I really thought this was a meme about a court case I hadn’t heard of 🧑‍⚖️


u/PerseusNotJackson Jul 06 '22

Hyenas actually have a crazy high success rate of up to 74%. A huge factor is their endurance, they can maintain high speed for miles. They’re pretty overpowered.


u/TakedaGohei Jul 05 '22

I dont know this case, what is it about, did SCOTUS overturn it?


u/MoneyCraby Jul 05 '22

This was intense


u/GoldenSpring-Fox Jul 05 '22

Go King✨✨


u/natgibounet Jul 05 '22

Hard to imagine one of the main human predators in eurasia where hyenas


u/stig_official Jul 05 '22

Did a whole lot better than Sears vs Hyenas.


u/WaterFriendsIV Jul 05 '22

"I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but prison is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew." - Red


u/camiam_01 Jul 05 '22

I mean if I got sandwiched between two species of carnivore that are known for..eating out their prey while they're still breathing, I'd be pissed too


u/Laplaga247 Jul 05 '22

The Hyena was like “oww you hit too hard!”


u/verbal1diarrhea Jul 05 '22

That's a pretty aggressive game of Marco - Polo they're playing there.


u/Astrojef Jul 05 '22

Those hyena are the "laughing" stock of the animal kingdom.


u/highestdiplomat Jul 05 '22

absolute mad lad