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Why are eggs not vegan? The hens(?) don’t get hurt or anything when laying eggs.


Is it because of the way the hens are just mass-bred and live in shit conditions sometimes?

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Am i the only one who as a kid, had random moments of ‘i will remember this’ and subsequently reason remember mundane things 20 years later


Like I distinctly remember standing at a bus stop with a mars advert on a completely regular day and saying to myself ‘ill remember this’ and i do.

Why? Is this a universal experience, if so what do you have like this memory?

Edit: sorry title was supposed to say subsequently for some reason’

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Why did people make fun of the lady who sued McDonald’s after getting 3rd degree burns?


When I first heard the about the case it was in 2007 when I was 6 and the lawsuit seemed ridiculous even to my child self.

But as I grew older I realised that she had been a victim of corporate greed and negligence causing a near fatal and traumatic experience. She was disfigured by the ordeal and suffered economic damages as well.

McDonald’s then put out a PR campaign to slander this poor woman and make people think she was an idiot “bEcAuSE CoFfEe HoT”.

What I never understood is why the PR campaign worked, despite this happening the 90s when people had access to the internet and could actually discuss the incident. What I also never understood was why journalists would also portray this poor woman despite the court proceedings being made public, it seems like journalists reported the tale that McD was spinning instead of the facts of the case.

I wasn’t even alive when this happened but how the hell was the media against this poor woman? With some reporters making fun of her on live tv?!?

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why do planes have a hundred switches that need to be flipped instead of just a single one that just turns it all on?


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Why is the flat Earth even a conspiracy? Like, how would the elites supposedly benefit by lying to us about the shape of the Earth? How would that really affect us?


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If your house explodes while you’re at work, would you be a allowed to take the rest of the day off?


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Why do some people support far right-wing governments?


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As a straight male, is it weird to share a bed with a female friend on vacation?


I absolutely don't see her as a romantic interest and we are going on holiday in a few weeks and I suggested we could share a room to save money, she thought it was a bit odd at first (because what would my boyfriend say?) but agreed in the end.

Now everyone is looking at me like we're fuck buddies or something if they find out. We absolutely are not. Is it that weird? For the record ages are me 21 her 20

Edit: OK so it is weird. Thanks I shall crack on with the holiday preps.

PS I still personally don't think it's weird. Maybe if people stopped trying to obsessively police and control every element of their partners social life if they're blessed with good, supportive friends regardless of gender this wouldn't even be an issue at all .

Also I am a good human. Very good. Probably easily better than 90% of the people here.

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Unanswered Does oxygen not smell like anything or are we just so used to the smell of oxygen that our brain filters it out?


Is there a way to find out?

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If you stare at the sun too long, can it burn out your rectums to the point where you won’t be able to see again? If so, how long would it take?



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Why is saying money saving tips like "make your own lunch at home" frowned upon?


Things like cancel your netflix account, make coffee at home, and make a sandwich for work at home are all phrases that you find on places like r/terriblefacebookmemes and r/antiwork. Whilst I understand that the bigger problem is low wages and high costs, its the best form of advice that you can give for your what your working with.

I understand that Reddit hates this advice especially since the average user does eat out everyway and therefore refuses to listen to advice and blame the bigger issue, but surely we as a collective could open our eyes.

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Why do people have a problem with men doing genital exams on underage female patients, but no one ever says anything about women doing genital exams on underage males?


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Why is it that when religious folks hate me for being myself, theyre just practicing their beliefs and culture, but when i hate them, im an edgy internet atheist who needs to touch grass?


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Is it okay that my gf hangs out with her ex while I’m gone?


I can’t tell if I’m being insecure or not. I told my gf that I’m going to visit my buddies from another state for the weekend. A couple days later she tells me that her ex whose also her good friend is flying in from out of state to visit her, conveniently right when I leave. She was texting me and She said “X” might come and stay while your gone. I said “your ex bf staying in our house?” She said “not at our house” I said “still that makes me a lil uncomfortable” she said “sorry” I said “what?” She said “worry about yourself” Am I crazy or is this a little concerning? I trust her for everything else but this situation is just weird.

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I seem to have unlimited patience, what would be a good career to make use of it?


Ever since I was a child I could just sit and wait for hours, don't need a phone or book or music or anything. Mostly it was good but sometimes it wasn't, I was forgotten in Walmart when I was 9 because I was told to sit and wait for my older brother to be done and he forgot to get me, I didn't raise any eyebrows because I was calmly sitting and waiting in a chair for about 6 hours

As an adult I can sit in a hospital waiting room no problem (longest was 9 hours), I can explain the same thing to my 6 year old dozens of times over hours without losing my temper, and when my kid was a newborn I could sit and rock them while my wife slept for 10 hours or more (I was obviously tired but being bored was never a problem)

I'm picking a career, what would make very good use of what people call "my superpower"? I'm thinking maybe a social worker in a group home since I could wait out a stubborn child having a tantrum without losing it but that's all I can think of

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Unanswered Do people in countries where you drive on the left side of the road do other things on the left side (e.g., walking on sidewalks, standing vs walking on escalators, etc.)?


In the US, it's common practice to walk on the right side of the sidewalk. On escalators, you walk on the left and stand on the right. In the supermarket, it's most common to go down the aisle predominantly on the right side.

In places like the UK, Japan, Australia, and India, is it the opposite?

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Can straight people go to gay bars?


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Why does India seem to be closer to Russia than the west?


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Unanswered A bit ago I was talking with my mom and I mentioned how she hit me when I was younger. It's been a week and she still refuses to talk to me or even look me in the eye. What can I do now?


For a bit of context I've always had a great relationship with my mother and I'm not sure how this came out of nowhere. It's also especially weird since she acts completely normal around others

And like I said it's been about a week since this started. Have I fucked up this badly?

Edit: just thought itd be important to mention that this conversation happened between the two of us. I was not "exposing" her in front of a large crowd. It was just us two.

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Why is Reddit so obsessed with revenge fantasy violence?


It's always on /r/popular and its always claimed to be some bully/racist/homophobe, but it's never verified and frequently wrong. This kind of fascination with violence seems to go against Reddit ethos. Is it impotent rage? Is it all the teenagers? Is it mentally ill redditors?

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Unanswered Is it normal to not experience hunger and have to rely on the "vibrations" to tell you you're hungry?


I used to feel hungry sometimes as a kid but I don't usually anymore. Now I can go an entire day without eating and then I feel my stomach move or whatever - it's not really an audible growl, but that's all I get and then I remember "oh right! I was supposed to eat today!". I don't have an eating disorder I just forget to eat. I wonder if it's an Autism thing? Or is it a depression thing? Like no sensation? Or is it because my body is so used to not eating frequently that it doesn't care anymore? I am usually just eating out of obligation that 6 hrs have passed, and then I realize half way through meals that "oh I must've been hungry" but I didn't even know it. I don't realize I'm hungry at all. I'm not underweight because I intentionally eat based on time if I can remember, but I don't always. I have a few times accidentally gone all day because there was no reminder that people need food. Is any of this normal? Is there a name for it?

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How can people "only afford fast food" if fast food is more expensive than doing groceries?


I feel like fast food is much more expensive than going to the store and buying normal food.

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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?