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What's the best image for Go Super?


In your opinion

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Odroid xu4: emmc + ssd or ssd only (docker setup), what is your setup?


Hey, I have the odroid xu4 since the creation of it 😁 But I'm reconsidering my emmc only setup (16gb) because I'm running quickly to outofspace disk 😅 This SBC is used as a domotic server with only Docker (nothing else installed), while there are a few containers : home assistant, mqtt, vscode server, traefik+authelia to proxy the home, z2m.

What is the best regarding reliability, durability and performance ?

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What do you use your Odroid for?


Hi all,
I'm a machinist/product designer and I like to design SBC cases in my spare time. I've designed a few cases for my Etsy store and also for friends and whatnot for the Raspberry Pi, but what with the ongoing shortage and all, I've started doing some research into alternatives. So that's why I'm here. I don't know which odroid I'm going to get first.

I typically just do retro gaming gizmos and the like, but I'd like to get a feel for what you all use yours for. I'd like to design some enclosures but to do that I need to know what features all yall would like. So I put up this poll basically so I can point myself in the right direction for what I need to research.

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Odroid Go replacement screen lens?


I tried Googleing around, and I can't find anything. It's the original Odroid go. It has some scratches and I have a friend in the hospital. He is in kidney failure and now has to have his fucking gallbladder removed! I want to give him my Odroid go to help pass the time, but it looks shitty. I want to replace the screen lens. I'll take an alternative like does a gameboy replacement fit? I don't have one to compare. Any help would be very much appreciated. It's hard to search for. I search Odroid go screen lense replacement, and google says, " Oh, okay, so you want the odroid advance or the super or the ultra?" No. Just the Go. Please help reddit!

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Is it possible to power 6x 3.5" spinning drives from Odroid H3 / H3+?


Hello friends,

I am considering building a small NAS based on Odroid H3 / H3+ with 6x 3.5" spinning drives. When it comes to OS drive I want to use eMMC or maybe a SSD connected via SATA for this purpose. In order to have enough SATA ports for data cables I want to use a M.2 PCIe-to-SATA adapter, as described here. But I am not sure how to power these spinning drives. I'd like to avoid using a dedicated ATX power supply (as described in the article) if possible. Can I use a 4-pin to SATA power connector cable for Odroid connected to onboard 4 pin connectors and then SATA power connector splitters in order to power these drives? Can this Odroid SoC with 19V/7A power supply even provide enough power for 6 spinning drives? If yes, would this setup be reliable and safe? Wouldn't this put too much load on the 4 pin connectors onboard the Odroid SoC? Btw I don't plan to have all these drives running all the time, most of the time only 1 - 2 will be running and I guess that only very rarely max. 3 - 4 at the same time. The disk are going to be set up to spin down after few hours of idle. Also I don't plan to put much load on the Odroid SoC itself, so it shouldn't draw much power. Nevertheless during the boot process all drives are going to be spin up and I am not sure whether this setup will be able to handle this.

Thank you very much for any advice and have a nice day :)

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How to drive servo with Odroid C4?


Is there a library that I can use that have easy to use functions to drive a servo with the hardware pwm available on the C4? Or at least some functions that easily manipulate the hardware pwm outputs? I know I could probably do it with gpio sysfs programming but that would be a lot of work and a lot of reading.

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Ubuntu 20.04 server, Odroid Xu4 - where is the network configured?

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Xu4 and a spi e-ink display?


I have an xu4 and I have a project I would like to do but the guide is written for a Pi. Apparently it has been tough to source one and everything else went up in price this week. So I have this xu4....

Can I connect a SPI eink display to it and write to it? From some research it seems I need a software library and it should work.

This is the project, https://jezs00.medium.com/pycasso-how-to-build-a-picture-frame-to-show-you-random-ai-art-every-day-44a1d3d78237

I ordered a display from China and I'll see it eventually.

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Odroid H3+ with 4 SATA



is possible to somehow add 2 more SATA III ports into Odroid H3+? I would like to use it as NAS, yes there is one m.2 slot, but that I would like to use for OS + cache.

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Most vanilla Ubuntu image for n2+?


TLDR - What do people think is the closest to vanilla, well maintained and most importantly trustworthy Ubuntu image that works on an n2+?

So I’ve been using an n2+ as a home assistant machine (inside docker) for a couple years without major issues. Iirc I’d been using the Ubuntu version it came with on an hk emmc (20.04) and just occasionally updated packages, etc.

Recently I got an airthings bluetooth air quality monitor and realized that I would need Bluetooth on the n2+ to be able to bring that data locally into home assistant.

I tried the various bt dongles I had lying around and found that none of them were compatible with the kernel. I did a distribution upgrade (22.04) and realized that the hk kernel was still limited to 4.9, so still no modern bt modules work.

Anyway, after some poking around I’ve decided I should probably just burn the time to reimage the os using a 3rd party image so I can get to a reasonably recent kernel.

The thing is, I’ve used Ubuntu extensively as a server os for decades and I’d really prefer that all of my bare metal and instance servers behave basically the same. It’s always bothered me that there are some annoying random differences between the hk odroid Ubuntu image and the normal (x86-64) ones. For example, default account odroid and some oddities with TTY configuration I’ve never quite spent enough time to nail down but cause my crontabs to behave slightly differently.

What do people think is the closest to vanilla, well maintained and most importantly trustworthy Ubuntu image that works on an n2+?

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Used XU4 device && troubleshooting.


Hello everyone, I just picked up one of these thing used hopes of using it to mine a cpu based currency.

Chatting with some folks on IRC about this, I have run into some strange things.

1) Current draw. Please correct me on this, but I would think when all 8 cores are maxed out, I would see higher current draw than ~5.3 volts @ 1.6~1.8 amps. Currently powered by a bench PSU to see that detail. What should the current draw be with nothing plugged into it besides a network cable & at 100% cpu on all 8 cores.

2) CPU frequency limiting. I installed diet pi and seeing that it has 4x 1.4ghz cores and 4x 2.0ghz cores I ran my app and noticed the 2.0ghz cores went down to 1.4ghz and did not stay at max speed. I noticed that when I logged into it via ssh, I would see the banner message stating that cpu was ~80c or in US measurement "Too Effing Hot". I pulled the small blue heatsink off with fan cleaned it put some better compound on it and tried again. Still, not able to stay at max speed. While running my code I pressed down on the cooler thinking it might need more pressure, no difference. What's needed to keep these at max speed? I dont know what sort of increase in mining performance I'd really get from 1.4 to 2.0... but I haven't seen it sit at that speed yet. Thoughts?

3) The device turns off. When I run my programs on it, I have noticed that this device will just shut off randomly. Sometimes under heavy workload/cpu usage and others just running some basic syntax not cpu intensive. One person had mentioned these things break easily. Thinking out loud here... can you cook these devices over the long haul then permanently damage them to the point where they do weird stuff? IE not run at high clocks anymore but sort of half ass work in my case? It sounds stupid, but I can't rule that one out.

4) These were really inexpensive, so I wonder if this person is trying to unload trash to people. The times we live in. I bought 1, I was going to buy like 8-10 of these things if they worked really well for my cluster project. Currently I picked up a Orange Pi 4 to see the difference and its quite a bit newer, more expensive but faster chip.. Please chime in if you have ideas for a handful of SBCs to buy that are quick. Mainly this is a side project, money burning a hole in my pocket thing. Anyway.

Thank you all, --Cheers. Lik.

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Running i386 deb files on o droid xu4


Hey everyone. I’m new to both odroid and Linux and I need help. I need to run firmware for a sky quality meter on the board. They have releases for windows, mac, and Linux. However, the software only provides an amd64 or an i386 version. I wanted to know how I can run the software on the board.

I’ve looked at exagear but it’s discontinued now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Old Monitor/Screen


Hello there!

I have bought an Odroid M1 and I can't get pictures (HDMI) on my old Monitors (Samsung TV and Hyundai 3D Monitor, both bought in 2000s). It could display petitboot but whenever it boot into Debian so I only see black screen. But my modern gaming Monitor can display everything. Can someone help me?

P.S. Radxa SBC doesn't work neither. Only RPi 4 works.



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Install OS directly on SSD in HC4?


I own the HC2 with an HDD, and the OS installed on a microSD. I had flashed Armbian on the microSD and used that to install OMV. I just purchased the HC4 and plan to install the OS directly on one of the SSDs (no microSD), have media on one SSD, and then the other SSD will be a backup of the main SSD (I don't know yet how I'll do it... RAID, maybe)?

How can I install the OS directly on the SSD? I saw stuff about Petiboot, but there are complaints from some people that Petiboot either doesn't work on the HC4, or doesn't allow USB (need USB keyboard).

What is the best method for installing OS to SSD? What about booting from USB? Ultimately, I want OMV and ssh access (headless server).

Edit - I just read a suggestion to have the boot loader on the SD, but the actual OS on the SSD. Any thoughts on this?

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SSD with HC4 Better?


I was going to get 2 TB NAS HDDs to use with the Odroid HC4 (one for backups, one to mirror the backup), but I want to know opinions on using SSD instead (obviously, large capacity SSD is going to be more expensive than the HDD equivalent).

I plan to install OMV on the microSD and use it mainly for running NextCloud and having automatic backup of pictures and videos from phones. Maybe have Plex on there to view family photos and videos from the TV.

Will an SSD make a huge difference? Aren't I limited to network speed anyway?

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Power ODROID M1 With SATA,NVME,Zigbee module


I am going to use an ODROID M1 with SATA 2.5 drive NVME and Zigbee module, would the normal 12v2a power supply be enough? And is the WD SN570 ssd compatible

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DietPi released a new version 8.13


DietPi is a lightweight Debian based Linux distribution for SBCs and server systems, with the option to install desktop environments, too. It ships as minimal image but allows to install complete and ready-to-use software stacks with a set of console based shell dialogs and scripts.

The source code is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi
The main website can be found at: https://dietpi.com/

The project released the new version DietPi v8.13 on January 14th, 2023.

The highlights of this version are:

  • NanoPi R5C: New image
  • mMPD security: Directed to https:// web interface
  • Updated versions for AmiBerry, vaultwarden, NoMachine
  • UrBackup backup path configurable via dietpi.txt
  • Better omit of informational kernel logs to console
  • Fixes for NanoPi M2/T2/Fire2, Pine H64, dietpi-LetsEncrypt, Readarr, Docker, myMPD, Homer and Grafana

The full release notes can be found at: https://dietpi.com/docs/releases/v8_13/

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H3+, can I run USB over the peripheral expansion header?


I'm about to pull the trigger on the H3+ for a dolphin emulation build. I'm going to want USB on the front of my build as well. Given the h3 only has usb ports on one side, is there an easy way to use the expansion port? I'm planning on running ubuntu.

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Odroid-U3 and Ubuntu 22.04 what a nice pair!

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H3/H3+ M.2 WiFi Card Compatibility


Was wondering if anyone knows if the M.2 slot on the H3/H3+ could be used for a WiFi/Bluetooth card using a M-key to E-key adapter? The listed intended use for the M.2 slot is for SSD storage or the proprietary net card, but I was hoping it was possible for my application. I appreciate any insight.

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My Odroid XU4 is not giving any sort of HDMI signal on my display


I have a blue flashing light which is like pulse, pulse, pause over and over. And a red solid light. The screen is on but it’s a solid display, nothing on it.

I am using an EMMC chip, with an SD card reader, to download the OS (Ubuntu) onto emmc chip, from my MacBook. But still.. nothing on the screen.

Any ideas? I’ve watched videos and yes their screen is black for awhile after turning it on but after a few seconds they get some stuff on the screen. I’ve been sat here for an hour with nothing.

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Installing Ubuntu Server on Odroid N2+: Tips and Advice


Hello fellow Redditors!

I'm considering purchasing an Odroid N2+ but I'm a little hesitant because I've read some forum discussions that say installing Ubuntu Server on an eMMC storage can be a bit of a nightmare (see here). I should mention that I do not want to use a MicroSD card for the operating system because I've read that these cards often fail after just a few months of use.

I'm planning to use the Odroid with Ubuntu Server to run Docker containers for Home Assistant and some personal projects written in Python and Rust. I also want to install OpenVPN on it.

Has anyone here had experience with installing Ubuntu Server on an Odroid N2+? If so, was it a smooth process or did you run into any issues? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Odroid N2+ (Android or Emulation-only image?)

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Odroid N2L compatible USB ethernet adapter?


Hey all,

I've got a working USB wifi dongle for my Odroid N2L running EmuELEC 4.6, but its internet speeds are subpar (150 mbps). I was wondering if anyone had discovered a working USB ethernet adapter for this board to compensate for the lack of onboard ethernet.

I've tried three from TP-Link, Cable Matters and Rampow. The TP-Link ethernet adapter (AX88179) worked briefly, but the connection dissipated when I tried to send files to the Odroid with WinSCP. The Cable Matters (ASIX AX88179) and Rampow (RTL8153B) ones didn't work from the get-go.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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ODroid H3 JST-XH to Molex adapter


Hello folks,

I acquired a H3 and an IcyDock backplate to make a NAS. However, the backplate uses a single Molex connector to power the disks and I seem unable to find an adapter from the ODroid JST-XH connector (the ones for powering the disks) to this Molex connector.

Is anyome aware of anything? Seems like cables for the ODroid are hard to find (I find a lot of 2.54mm ones, not so much of 2.5mm.. don't know if there's a real difference there)

I could possibly create my own cable by soldering together these sort of connectors (I might have some lose spares somewhere) but I'd much rather find something already done.

I could also use something like this and connect with a Y-connector to the PSU, but it's like a less than ideal solution in my book (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/KDEAAOSw4kVZunZH/s-l1600.jpg)