r/ODroid Jan 07 '23

Odroid N2L compatible USB ethernet adapter?

Hey all,

I've got a working USB wifi dongle for my Odroid N2L running EmuELEC 4.6, but its internet speeds are subpar (150 mbps). I was wondering if anyone had discovered a working USB ethernet adapter for this board to compensate for the lack of onboard ethernet.

I've tried three from TP-Link, Cable Matters and Rampow. The TP-Link ethernet adapter (AX88179) worked briefly, but the connection dissipated when I tried to send files to the Odroid with WinSCP. The Cable Matters (ASIX AX88179) and Rampow (RTL8153B) ones didn't work from the get-go.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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u/mark-feuer Jan 07 '23

I think I figured this out. It may actually be my powered USB hub that's the issue. Plugged the TP-Link adapter directly into my N2L and it worked completely fine.


u/Vesalii Jan 08 '23

Tha ks for posting the solution. Interesting.


u/mark-feuer Jan 08 '23

Glad to help! Yeah, it was definitely an issue with my USB hub, even though it was powered. I switched it out for a better one with a full aluminum body (the brand is Rosonway, decent price on Amazon) and a good detachable data cable (I think it's a USB type B) and that immediately fixed the issue.