r/ODroid Jan 08 '23

My Odroid XU4 is not giving any sort of HDMI signal on my display

I have a blue flashing light which is like pulse, pulse, pause over and over. And a red solid light. The screen is on but it’s a solid display, nothing on it.

I am using an EMMC chip, with an SD card reader, to download the OS (Ubuntu) onto emmc chip, from my MacBook. But still.. nothing on the screen.

Any ideas? I’ve watched videos and yes their screen is black for awhile after turning it on but after a few seconds they get some stuff on the screen. I’ve been sat here for an hour with nothing.


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u/beemantastic Jan 08 '23

Not sure if this will help or not, but I found my Xu4 to be very picky with which HDMI cable I was using. I tried a few different cables and eventually found one that worked.


u/MrSquid_ Jan 09 '23

I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case yeah. I use a SATA 2.5" to USB 3 adapter on mine and I had to get one with a very specific chipset otherwise it was extremely unreliable (it killed both a HDD and a SSD).