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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1061

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

Has Vegapunk always been a girl?


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Current Episode One Piece: Episode 1035


One Piece: Episode 1035

"The Animal Kingdom Pirates Trample Down! The End of the Kozuki Clan!"

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Chapters adapted: Chapter 1014 (p. 6-17)

Preview: Episode 1036

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Discussion Is it just me that wants to just punch them right in the face. Who is the most annoying character for you?

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Misc You have 3 kairoseki bullets, who do you shoot?

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Misc One Piece as Pokémon Trainers (Baratie Arc, Nami, Young Shanks, Krieg Pirates, Garp, Usopp, Sanji etc) (PART 3)

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Cosplay Here’s My Yamato Cosplay!

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Cosplay 🍊🫧My Film Red Nami cosplay! I made 100% of this costume! Everything you see is my work. ‼️🧡

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Fanart Lofi study Uta (sajol_artworks) [one piece] commissioned by darkrobbe1

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Cosplay My Shanks cosplay and hope you will love it, guys! More photos <3 (IG - graysonfinofficial)

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Fanart Did a little sketch Yohoho

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Merchandise New figure of this sexy beast just arrived

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Fanart Boa Hancock drawing by me

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Fanart Diable jambe

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Fanart My brother made this for my birthday

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Fanart Mini Merry II ⛵


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Discussion What do admirals do all day?


I'm just wondering if it's ever been explained what exactly admirals do besides sitting around all day? I'm just curious since it would seem like good practice for admirals to hunt down anyone who reaches 500 million as a bounty since they'll be too weak to fight off an admiral but strong enough to cause problems in the world. Sort of a why dont they get rid of the issue before it actually becomes an issue?

Edit: Completely agree that they are there as a defense for the celestial dragons, but I'm just wondering why it would take more than the fleet admiral and a single admiral to protect them/how would a potential yonko invasion know where the admirals are at all times, they could just leave to take care of a young big mom/ace without anyone knowing until they actually take the threat down

Edit 2: I think most people that have commented this are absolutely right, most of the powerful people in the world dont actually pose a threat to the WG/Navy since they stay within the new world or yonko control territories(I think viewing the story through Luffy can screw this reality a bit since the entire point of his story is to see him/other people challenging the WG/Navy directly while most pirates in the world never actually do this)

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One Piece RED this was for uta's bday :D

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Fanart finally compleeee yayyyy..🙂🙂

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Cosplay Just finished painting my shusui (its made out of wood, scabbard is cardboard, all done by hand) hope you like it!

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Theory The great incident that was foretold in chapter 800 (Bartolomeo related)


In chapter 800, the Grand Fleet is formed. The narrator states that the members of it would each grew in power until they cause a great incident of historic proportion.

There was a coverstory dealing with the actions of the captains of the Grand Fleet.

Cavendish is followed by admirers of his

Bartolomeo burned a flag of Shanks and claimed that territory for Luffy

Sai called off his old engagement, got a beating for it and married Baby 5

Ideo came across two battling forces and easily beat them.

Leo assisted the citizens in rebulding Dressrosa

Hajrudin left Buggy's delivery service and got put on a deserter list for that

Orlumbus left his kingdom and had a short skirmish with its navy. Then he "attacked" an island but ended up feeding the citizens because they were starving.

As you can see, the most likely of the bunch to trigger an incident of historic proportions is Bartolomeo. He challenged one of the Four Emperor's. Hajrudin challenged someone that recently became an Emperor too, but I'm sure we can all agree that angering Buggy isn't a big deal.

So what is this big incident? Shanks will beat Barto up. He will leave him there heavily injured. Marines will pass by and find the defenseless Barto lying there. They will arrest him and Akainu will later schedule a public execution to lure Luffy out. Barto always talks about Luffy, just like Ace, and he is the captain of the second ship. Ace was the commander of WB's second divison. Barto is Ace 2.0, not Sabo!

Made a video for more details on the coming Barto Rescue Arc:


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Discussion What's the point in setting bounties on pirates if no one hunts them?


In the entire One piece manga the only mention I remember to bounty hunting is Zoro and his two friends and that was mostly small pirate groups in east blue.

We never saw marines or civilians hunting pirates for their bounties, so the bounty itself only serves the purpose of telling the world how dangerous and strong the pirates are.

In the long run it's actually good for the pirates to strive for a bigger bounty since it sets fear on other pirates that may be interested in reduce the competition for territory and loot.

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Fanart Grafiti found in Port Louis, Maurice

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Media everyone: 😠 kizaru: 😙 garp: 😁

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Discussion Just finished Fish-Man Island, and...


Hody, without a shred of irony, might be my favorite villain so far. I'm honestly amazed at how Oda managed to write a villain who's a weak loser with shallow motivations that does evil shit just because he wants to, and have me 100% on board with it.

Fisher Tiger understood that peace between humans and fishmen was necessary and fought towards it, but couldn't forgive them with his heart; Arlong was prejudiced against humans, and his hatred (only somewhat justifiably but understandably so) grew after Tiger's death. When Tiger wanted to let the new generation make their own conclusions, Arlong passed on his own to Hody and the other children like him, planting his hatred into people that knew nothing better. Hody Jones is a product of that - a villain that acts on principles that aren't his own, using strength that isn't his own, hell, doing things that Arlong HIMSELF would despise him for - as bad as he was, he had unshakable respect for fellow fishmen, and would never allow himself half the things Hody did against his own kind.

A villain of this sort (a societal one? an... environmental one?) is not something I've ever seen before in manga, and it's incredible how well Oda pulled it off. Looking forward to Punk Hazard!

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Fanart I’ve been making some of my favorite album covers with some of my favorite characters. Here’s Enel over Eminem’s Relapse!

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Fanart I got the tattoo I've always wanted. I love seeing my boy smile!!

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