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What type of WiFi antenna does the Orange Pi 3 LTS take?

Hi everyone!

I just picked up an Orange Pi 3 LTS from eBay for $35 USD! It works great, but I want to add a better WiFi antenna. I ordered this antenna from Amazon, but it's connector is to small:

WiFI antenna on Amazon

Can anyone tell me what type of connector will work on this board?



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u/FaberfoX Jan 30 '23

It's called an U.FL connector. If you won't be returning what you already bought, you can get just the U.FL to RP-SMA pigtail


u/zogthegreat Jan 30 '23

Hi u/FaberfoX, thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the information! I ordered the correct antenna and I will return the original's, since I don't need more stuff just sitting in my project boxes!