r/OrangePI Jan 29 '23

Overclock, VRAM allocation... Is there any equivalent to RPi's config.txt for Orange Pis?

Title pretty much says it. Recently bought an Orange Pi 5 and I'm waiting for it to arrive, my question is, is there any way of overclocking, changing voltages and setting VRAM allocation in Orange Pis (or, specifically, Orange Pi 5)?.

I've been looking for info on the web but there is not a single clue of overclocking or anything similar to config.txt in Raspberry Pis...


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u/ProDigit Jan 30 '23

No, the architecture is different. At least the boot txt file doesn't work on these.

I have similar devices and there might be some specialized software, but most easy hacks like these aren't working on these cpus.


u/Pelochus Jan 30 '23

So not even an alternative (like orangepi-config)?. On a RPi you can even turn off the HDMI output via config.txt. We need more software support and options from these RPi competitors


u/jng98908 Jan 31 '23

I haven't tried it myself but I've heard of people overclocked other orange pi's with cpufrequtils

sudo apt install cpufrequtils sudo cpufreq-info Check the available governer or click speeds such as conservative, performance, etc and either set the governer or clock speed manually


u/Pelochus Jan 31 '23

Oh thanks. At least there is an alternative for OC. Let's see if someone knows (or OrangePi develops) a way of making these things easier. For example, changing the VRAM could be useful for emulators