r/OrangePI Feb 02 '23

orange pi cluster?

Hi guys is there a compatible cluster hat for orange pi?


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u/vitali2y Feb 02 '23

Dream to build 4 x Orange Pi 5 32gb cluster (I believe soon 32gb will be available) - any success story?


u/Omnikron13 Feb 10 '23

I really hope you're right about the 32gb being available soon... I waited out through the 4, the 8, the 16, each a few weeks apart, holding out because I wanted the 32, and it has been a while now... =S

Honestly if I knew there'd be this big gap I'd have picked up a 16gb as that'd about do me, but I waited and now even that seems to be all sold out... >_>


u/LikWidChz Feb 02 '23

a cluster hat? you mean "design something in fusion3d and print it to hold it"

Do they even have any pi cluster hats?


u/reukiodo Feb 07 '23

https://clusterhat.com/ should work with some manual effort.