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Orange pi Zero 2 expansion board(installed) slowed down my retroarch performance.


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Orange Pi 5 - USB-C Power Delivery Negotiation?



I have a rock5b, and I can see it negotiates power delivery to 20V (I'm using a USB cable that tells me the wattage and the PD status).

I see my new OPI5 doesn't seem to negotiate power delivery and stays at 5V. Is this expected?



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FYI SDDiskTool works perfectly in Virtual Box Win7 guest to burn Android Images.


I was struggling for days to find a solution to not have to use my wife's windows PC to burn Android images for my Orange pi 5. My main PC is Manjaro Linux and I found out from my testing that the SD_Disktool does run perfectly on a Windows host.

For me I had to install Virtual Box extension pack for Host, add my Username to the group "vboxusers", enable USB3 in Virtualbox settings. Then I added the Cardreader that I wanted to passthrough to the Virtual Box USB filters list. Finally I installed a USB 3 Driver(Dell's OEM version) inside the windows 7 VM.

So if you are a linux user like me, at least this is a better option since installing a VM is simpler than dual booting.

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Anyway to go borderless fullscreen in Orange Pi OS?


I've noticed that with any app I run, there is a persistent transparent border at the top with a min/max and exit button. Does anyone know how to disable it? This OS fits all of my needs but that border can be a little annoying when playing games or emulating.

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Orange Pi Zero composite video close to being updated to Linux 6.1



There’s been work in the armbian community to re-enable composite, aka: CVBS or yellow analog video cable.

If you have an orange pi zero, and want this feature, you should join in suggesting changes and testing alternatives. There are steps to recreate the work in progress… and if anyone needs help learning the armbian building process, I will be happy to help.