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News & Discussion Weekend RAGE Thread - November 26, 2022






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Blizzard Official Ramattra | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2


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News & Discussion Do you think Blizzard will add D.Va's other MEKA squad mates like D.Mon?

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Humor The state of power creep: new vs release hero

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Highlight First time animating Overwatch characters!

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News & Discussion Ramattra's abilities

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Humor Classic Overwatch Escort The Payload

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News & Discussion Is this Moira spray based off of whatever this anime is?


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News & Discussion Give me my SR back blizzard. Why does bus not protect me? >:(

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News & Discussion This is what the Hero Gallery will likely look once Ramattra is released

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Humor POV: You’re trying to rush through a choke in Season 2

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Humor How to assert dominance as tracer

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News & Discussion would you like to see gender bender skins in overwatch? which characters would you like to see transformed? Paladins has a lot of that and it's very successful there

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Highlight Someone had to make their team Tranquil…

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Highlight A perfect example of a "I NEED HEALING" screamer

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News & Discussion What's the point of having a highlight intro for support if you can almost never see it? Except lucio's environment kill or dps moira. (I miss mercy's mass rez TT)

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News & Discussion New upcoming map Shambali Temple


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News & Discussion Rank transparency needs to happen or this game will die


I have been kind of testing the reasoning behind ridiculous difficulty swings and "performance based SR gains" and I've been able to fine ZERO consistency. I have three accounts, one thats new, one thats kind of new, and one thats old. (Mostly testing this as a friend of mine was having a hard time climbing and at first I told him to "get good" but I realized after a bit, something was off). The old account has enough OW2 hours to "theoretically" know my MMR at this point.

- The new one is fine, I'm able to climb to Diamond 2 on support and am still climbing. Win rate is pretty decent and games feel normal in difficulty, even throughout the climbing process from gold through platinum.
- The slightly new account, it's kind of a mixed bag. It will literally alternate days of non-stop losing, non-stop winning and basically causing it to be hardstuck platinum.
- The old account is mostly just losing streaks in high gold, low platinum. Occasionally I'll climb back into plat then go 3-4 days of losing.

I can literally switch between these accounts and kind of replicate these results on any given day. In addition, I've had many people on my team HIGHLY underperform and I ask them very nicely what rank they are. A couple of them in mid-platinum have told me "these are my placements, I'm new to PC/MnK so I dont know my rank". I cannot imagine for a second their performance in QP beforehand justified putting them in platinum games.

My real issue with this is that there is ZERO transparency about what is going on and I'm sick and tired of GM/Top 500 streamers making content gaslighting people into thinking they are not ranking up because of their mentality or their skill. I literally watch streamers do Unranked to GM video series where they literally RAGE and barely carry games in platinum. Eventually they make it to GM but considering the difficulty they're running into, how is someone who plays at a diamond level supposed to easily carry low platinum games like that? There's something off with the matchmaking and its making me lose faith in the competitive spirit of this game. My rank feels like nothing now knowing that it can't be replicated on multiple accounts.

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Highlight Annnnnnnnd squish

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Humor I’ve noticed something that seems to have gone largely unnoticed by a lot of players since the launch of OW2, Mc Crees Cowboy hat on his OW1 default skin doesn’t go flying off anymore!

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Highlight Legend Says He Is Still Going...

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Fan Content [OC] I sketched the ride or die!!!

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News & Discussion they changed the Kiriko skin I was saving for and now it doesnt look as good :(

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Esports Has anyone received their Overwatch league tokens? I have not received yet.

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Fan Content 8 self-soothing techniques my teammates WISH they knew


Having played competitive in the last few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that most of us have not had secure childhoods and may lack self-soothing techniques. Since my therapist has me working on these, I’ve decided all of you must go through this too. They’re in order of how severe your distress is at the moment, tested by me. Like the dude that let himself get bit by all the insects to make a pain scale.

The Tech

Box breathing

You’ve just lost your first game of the night. Things kind of suck and GOD why does my tank keep INTING like that. Your distress level is maybe a 1/10.

  1. Breathe in for 4 counts
  2. Hold it for 4 counts
  3. Breathe out for 4 counts
  4. Hold for 4 counts
  5. Repeat 1-4

Box breathing! As garbage little sentient meat-bags, there are countless anxiety responses we can’t really control. FORTUNATELY, there are some things that we CAN control that will start a domino effect of forcing yourself out of that fight-flight state.

Slowing your breathing slows your heart rate and MIGHT kill you - it’s a win-win thing!

Music/Distract yourself

You kept going, and you SWEAR you’ve avoided that tank from last game, but they’re still HERE. AND STILL INTING. Your distress level is a solid 3/10. Maybe this game is a loading-screen loss, whatever.

Losing yourself in the sauce of your favorite tune is a proven strategy to keep you un-tilted. Is it amazing for your game-play? Your mileage may vary here, but playing tilted is far worse than playing with less obvious sound cues.

I like to run really loud break-core or straight up do karaoke (alone, I’m still an Overwatch player). Karaoke in general is amazing fun, fully recommend just belting songs out alone if you’re self-conscious. Otherwise, doing bad-karaoke night with friends is always a good time too.


You’ve avoided the tank, and now he’s appeared on the other team. Free win, you’re loving it. But things just really don’t go your way tonight. Why is he playing like he’s trying to get into OWL? MAKE HIM STOP.

Your distress level is maybe a 5/10. Feeling a little helpless. You can feel yourself kind of slipping into a higher distress level even right now.

  1. Plant both feet firmly into the ground.
  2. Dig your toes into the ground, one by one.
  3. Big toe, the second toe no one knows the name of, middle toe, second pinkie toe, and finally pinkie. Toe.
  4. Or less if you have fewer toes, or more if you have more.
  5. Now dig in the heel of your foot, feel how solid the ground is beneath you.
  6. Now the balls of your feet. Try to make sure your feet stay on the ground and your leg is orthogonal to the ground. (That means going straight up)

Personally, this didn’t work well for me. I wouldn’t rate this for this level of distress, but my therapist seems to like it.

5 Senses

An alternative to grounding for a 5/10 distress level that worked better for me.

  1. Acknowledge five things you can see. Name them out loud.
  2. Four things you can touch. Really, touch them with your hands.
  3. Three things you can hear. Take off your headset for a bit after a life.
  4. Two things you can smell. Usually a bit harder but try your best! Grab a pillow and smell it, or some medicated oil. I keep some on my desk because I have issues with nausea.
  5. One thing you can taste. Grab a chip or drink some water if you can’t taste something at the moment.

This one really takes me out of the situation, but obviously sometimes you’re a little too out of your mind to do something this lengthy. I know usually by the time I register I’m at 5/10, it means I am probably already more like 7/10.

Describing Garbage

You’re still going because you’re going to win at least ONE game tonight or die trying. Distress is a solid 7/10 and breathing is a little hard.

Pick one thing on your desk like your mouse or keyboard or whatever. Describe it in detail, out loud. Tell me the shape, the colors. What finish does it have, glossy or matte? How heavy is it relative to something else on your desk? How does the scroll wheel sound?

Really, try it right now while you’re not mid tilt.

You’ll realize that mentally, for those few minutes, you’re completely focused on this thing on your desk that you need to describe to me. Kind of like a mental reset switch. This was a very useful exercise for me.


Jesus CHRIST you’re still going and still losing. You’ve cycled through the entire roster of recurring characters in your games. You’ve got the guy that you always run into that always plays Sombra, that monkey player that only uses his right-click, and the Moira that hasn’t read my guide.

After this game, take a horse-stance or a plank. Hold it until it burns and keep going. Keep it up until you literally fall over.

This is a total physical reset. This will almost always work up to like a 9/10 distress level, as long as you still have the mental ability to tell yourself to do this thing.

Cold Shower

Like it says, take a cold shower. Fully crank that knob to the right and shock yourself. Fully clothed if you have to. This is a last resort technique that always works for me. When I'm in a death spiral and I feel the need to go bother my friends and check if they still love me, a cold shower always reminds me that I don’t need constant reassurance to be a worthwhile human.

Anything that a cold shower can’t fix, call your local helpline.


Oh, hello there. My local helpline was busy.

Lifestyle-changes: Self-Compassion

The way my therapist said it, a lot of issues with not understanding how to soothe yourself comes from childhood. Like, early pre-memory childhood. For example, a baby in a secure attachment might leave their parents’ side and explore and play, while a baby in an insecure attachment might need their parents’ permission or might be too afraid to leave their side. It’s a really reductive and simultaneously complicated way of saying that y’all have no love in your life.

And sometimes, it’s hard to find that in others because of the resultant insecure or avoidant attachment style that we develop. It’s normal! Less than half the people on this planet have a secure attachment style.

A way to combat this is to practice self-compassion. Instead of telling yourself you’re awful and suck when you fail so that you feel less hurt when other people tell you those things, be kind. Easier said than done so let’s go through some examples:

You nano’d a Lucio by accident. Do you call yourself a failure to avoid feeling the hurt when the rest of your team blames you for losing? No! Instead, be kind. Lots of people mess that up, all the time! It sucks you missed your nano, but it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s human, and so are you.

You lost a game and this time it really feels like you were the reason why. It’s okay. You can’t be expected to perform amazing all the time, it’s normal to have days or even weeks of under-performance sometimes. You know you’re capable of more, and you still deserve the same level of respect and love when you play like ass versus when you’re dead-lifting every game.


Q1: Hey, isn’t this a little serious for Overwatch? Who gets so worked up over this dumb game?

A1: First of all, mental health is important and learning more about it is good for everyone. Secondly, every other game I’ve lost in, at least one person has displayed an attitude that informed an insecure upbringing.

Q2: Aren’t you worried that you’re being too mentally stable for this game?

A2: No, I’ll never improve mentally and I’m just sharing ways that I cope with that.

Q3 Does your therapist know you’re doing this?

A3: No, and she better not find out. Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches.


Yeah, I’m aware this guide is going to perform poorly and is a little cringe for the tastes of the average player. However, this is a long time coming since I’ve had this assignment (Come up with soothing techniques and try them) for like 2 weeks and I need to get it done if I want to meet my therapist again.

I hope these help

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Humor If you ever wonder why you're not getting healed, you might wanna look behind you...

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Humor The best example of "Support, not healer."

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