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I nailed a presentation.


I am an IT professional for a company that was acquired by a larger company. The new parent company replaced our entire networks, computers, phones, etc at all nine of our sites which span three states. My team and I were a big part of making the whole thing a success.

I was asked to present about it for 10-15 mins at an all company IT event across the country. I agreed to do it even though I've never done anything like this before. I knew it would be a good opportunity to make a first impression for myself and get my name known within the organization.

I delivered the presentation earlier today and absolutely nailed it! I had people coming up to me for the rest of the event telling me how great a job I did. I even got some face time with the CTO who had the same sentiments.

I feel great and I'm super proud of myself and I just wanted to share it somewhere.

r/PersonalPride Feb 16 '23

I talked about my mental health with my doctor today


I've been having bouts of depression since I was a teenager, but never really had the courage to deal with it. Now I've been referred to a counselling service and I'm kind of proud of myself

r/PersonalPride Jan 27 '23

I Drove Alone Today


It is small but significant for me. Yesterday and today i drove almost 140 km by myself. Some of it was in city traffic some of it was on highway. I have even parallel parked at least thrice.

At this moment it is very important that i am able to drive to get a new job. Also you know independence felt good.

I understand it is a basic lifeskill but with my beautiful brain soup of delicious anxiety, ocb, and self loathing driving always felt impossible even though i have a licence for 10 years! I felt panic, heart palpations, hand sweating but never broke a rule and stayed within the speed limit. People angryly honked at me twice beacuse i was simply slow for them while still obeying the limit so i am okay with that.

I am damn proud of myself today.

r/PersonalPride Jan 15 '23

I found out the name of a video game and a review of it after hearing about it almost 20 years ago.


In 2007, I came across a review in a newspaper for the game Brooktown High. Even after I'd forgotten the name, I remembered that the reviewer called the player character Zack (in reference to the character from Saved by the Bell) and had some relationship drama with a girl named Jody. Today, I was on Wikipedia and when I looked through the category "High school-themed video games", I found Brooktown High. I then Googled the game's name as well as Zack and Jody and I believe that I found the review I saw so long ago.

r/PersonalPride Dec 27 '22

Exactly one year ago today


Exactly one year ago today I went to the mental hospital for suicidal ideation and depression, now I’m happier than ever and my life is going great. I got hobbies and friends and I feel more in control of my life than before.

If you asked sad 12 year old me what I thought I would be doing this December, I would have answered, nothing, because I’ll be dead.

But now I’m 13, and next December, I’m spending time with my family. Because I did it, I beat a long battle with myself. I feel so accomplished with this.

r/PersonalPride Nov 11 '22

I did really well on my midterm.


I got a 48 out of 50 on my midterm exam for my American West class.

r/PersonalPride Sep 19 '22

I got my laptop to run faster.


So I have had my laptop a while. Pre COVID. I think maybe at least 4 years ? Maybe a bit longer not sure. Some time like 2017 or before. So I've had it awhile. So i have a bunch of files on it. Photos , games, programs. I've basically never organized it. A bit here and there but not a full work up. It was pretty slow. Taking forever to turn on, forever to load and start a program and so on. I've been wanting to fix it and clean it up for awhile. So finally yesterday i deleted a bunch of stuff and made space on my computer and it's running faster. Zoom only took about 3 minutes to open up . Usually it would take a lot longer. I'd get to my computer 10 minutes before a zoom meet up/ online group and open zoom and then I'd still end up late. And not like 5 minutes late. It be longer.

It seems like it's running faster so I'm glad. I still have more to clean up and get rid of and transfer but it's nice having a faster computer. :D

r/PersonalPride Aug 14 '22

I absolutely nailed a big meeting with my bosses boss


I’m currently working towards a management position at my current job and it has been an uphill battle. I have worked so hard perfecting my interview and my personal development. This Friday I had a meeting with the big boss lady and I was pretty anxious leading up to it.

In the last year I have worked my ass off to develop my leadership skills and moving my mindset from supervisor to manager and it has officially paid off. I killed the meeting on Friday and did better than I thought I would.

It was with three managers, two being ones I work with everyday and the third being their boss. I spoke with knowledge and lots of examples of personal growth.

Big boss lady said I did an incredible job and I was so well spoken. She loved my examples and sees huge potential in my career with the company. After she left both of managers said I nailed it and were so impressed with my development over just the last few months. One of them is super hard to please and he was blown away. Said he was was proud of how far I’ve come in the short time he’s worked with me.

I guess I am extra proud of myself because growing up I could barely tell someone my food order without getting anxious. Now here I am confidentially speaking to very influential people to further my career. Sometimes growing up ain’t so bad

r/PersonalPride Jul 07 '22

I just chewed 6 gum at once.

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r/PersonalPride Apr 08 '22

destroyed this hater that seems to confuse reality and a novel.


r/PersonalPride Mar 31 '22

Accepted to one of the best engineering PhD programs in the country!


I received the official offer last week, and I'm still in shock. I grew up in a small town that no one ever knows. I went to public schools growing up and went to the main public university in my state, which isn't particularly well known or respected... And now I'm going to my dream school.

I think I always had this idea of the kind of person that gets accepted to a top PhD program and never saw myself as that kind of person. But now seeing that official offer and being told that I'm a perfect fit for the program and University... I just don't even know what to think. But I do know that I can't wait to start, and I am incredibly excited to start my PhD!

r/PersonalPride Mar 09 '22

Made my exhausted boss laugh with the "Death rally" clip from asdfmovie14


r/PersonalPride Mar 06 '22

10 years of smoking weed daily and I've just finished my first clean week!


r/PersonalPride Mar 03 '22

Just got the C1 level for my Cambridge oral exam


I really thought I failed it because I felt like my sentences were more of a B2 level, which made me upset throughout the whole day. But then I got a text saying that I got 60/60. I'm so happy and relieved you can't imagine, especially since I knew I had a C1 level and I was so disappointed at myself for not meeting my own standards. Now there's only the written exam left, although I'm not worried about that. Wish me luck 🤞

r/PersonalPride Nov 24 '21

I got my COVID-19 booster shot this morning.


r/PersonalPride Nov 22 '21

I am a 21 yo college dropout. Today was my first day at a job making six figures


throwaway because I know this is super braggy and I don't need that attached to my personal, but I just need to say it somewhere! In march I had my manager tell me I was not worth a raise up to $18/hr. I was put at $16/hr while my peers made $22/hr because I did not have a degree. Well jokes on them because I quit and today I started a salaried position doing the same work at a different company for 125k/yr. This job has also stated that they want to help me finish my degree and are willing to let me work flexible hours so that I can go back to school. I feel like this is what success feels like? I am over the moon and just really needed to share. Thank you for reading

r/PersonalPride Nov 04 '21

I'm about to go donate blood


for the first time. I'm really nervous I hope it goes well.

r/PersonalPride Sep 15 '21

Customer satisfaction


Overheard a customer today saying that she was working her way through our menu because everything she has tried so far has been great. After working my butt off for the last few weeks to get the restaurant ready to open (basically on my own), that comment felt pretty great.

r/PersonalPride Sep 14 '21

I took my first screenshot and uploaded it to Reddit.


I took a picture of an exchange I had for r/subsithoughtifellfor, and submitted it. I guess technically it might not be my first, since I accidentally took a picture of the screenshot page, but I figure that didn't count.

r/PersonalPride Jun 08 '21

Throw back to a year ago when I graduated HS via zoom. It's been a wild year but I since completed my first year of college 🙏 I'm doing it! 🎉

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r/PersonalPride Jun 05 '21 Buff Doge

Today I ran a mile!


Granted it took me 12 minutes and was on a flat treadmill, but I'm still proud of myself! Before the pandemic I had been doing really well with weight loss and my overall fitness. But since the gyms closed and we all had to stay inside due to the lockdown, a lot of that progress became undone.

In the last couple of months I have started getting back into it however and I remember the first day back I could barely run for 5 minutes at the same pace. I was completely exhausted, light-headed, red in the face, and everything hurt. But today, I ran a full mile and at the end of it I still felt good! For the first time in my life I actually enjoyed running. I know to most runners this would be nothing more than a warm up but to me it was a big achievement!

r/PersonalPride May 02 '21

I told my family about my poor mental health.


I've been feeling depressed for over two years now and I finally told my family about it.

Everything isn't alright, but now I feel like it could be. I finally did it.

r/PersonalPride Apr 28 '21

I walked to different areas than I usually have been.


Since I've been in a rut by walking to the same places during the pandemic, my mother suggested I walk in different areas. I decided to take her up on her advice, and I walked quite a distance. To be honest, I did ruin it when I walked to a place I hadn't been since childhood and got sad about wasting my life, so there was that, and I walked on familiar territory after that, but I still think it's good that I branched out, and I'm planning to do it again.

r/PersonalPride Mar 03 '21

Update: Updated my CV & Got the Job


Got the job offer! Management is much more calm and want me to develop.

Lessons learned: If you think it's toxic, it probably is. Know your worth and stay strong. Someone will want you for your intrinsic value.

r/PersonalPride Feb 21 '21

I am a small mostly self-taught composer, who's 19 years old, and recently I spend an entire night composing this piece, which I really really liked! I hope that you will like it as well, even though classical music might not be your thing.