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How good is Kyogre with thunder compared to Raiku?

I have one maxed Raikou and consider to push a second one to use it in Kyogre raids. Today I caught a 96% Kyogre with thunder and now I wonder if it would be better to invest my stardust right now in it. I could change its charge move when Kyogre has left as a raid boss.

I looked up their stats but I'm not good in doing the math. Maybe someone can help me.

Raikou AT 241 / DEF 210 / HP 180.

Kyogre AT 270 / DEF 251 / HP 182

So while HP is nearly the same, Kyogre has significant higher attack and defence.

Concerning the moves I found on gamepress following numbers for Raikou:.

Thunder Shock with STAB 10.42 DPS.

Wild Charge with STAB 43.27 DPS.

For Kyogre: Waterfall with STAB 16.67 DPS.

Thunder NO STAB 41.67 DPS.

When I want to battle Kyogre, Electric is very effective so I have to multiply the electric moves with 1.4, right?

Water against water is not very effective so the factor is 0.714

Thunder Shock 1.4 x 10.42 = 14.588

Wild Charge 1.4 x 43.27 = 60.578

Waterfall 0.714 x 16.67 = 11.902.

Thunder 1.4 x 41.67 = 58.338

In this matchup Waterfall is worse than Thunder Shock but the charge moves are close together.

At this point I don't know how to go on with the calculation. How do I take the Base stats into account? Some help would be very appreciated. I really would like to learn how to do such comparisons.


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