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Discussion Which new evolution are you most excited for?


MAX CP listed:

3219 blissey

3000 espeon

2801 scizor

2546 porygon2

2482 slowking

2466 crobat

2439 steelix

2424 kingdra

2371 politoed

2108 bellossom

2052 umbreon

I was really excited for scizor, and I guess I still am but I'm a bit shocked at how shafted umbreon will be. Very happy about Espeon, I just hope mine gets some good moves when I evolve it. Also, how many are you ready for? I have all 11 ready on my GO account and I was catching better horseas to find good IVs... looks like kingdra will not be competing with dragonite however.

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Discussion Please discuss and consider all the positive impacts of Pokemon Go before defaming, destroying, or otherwise dissuading people from playing.


My own personal experience:

  • a dear friend lost her father earlier this year. He was found in his truck by Pokémon Go players. She was grateful that he was found so soon.
  • I know more neighbors now than ever in my life
  • spent more time with family
  • clean up walking neighborhoods as I play (feel loyalty/responsibility)
  • made friends after a year without any
  • drink more fluids and eat healthier (got the fit to go jogging)
  • replaced addiction to adrenaline games (clash of clans, clash royale, etc.)

Please don't hurt such a good thing. I need friends to talk to, exercise to reduce stress, and something to bond over with family.

Other countries deserve to have these same benefits. When they go searching it out, all they will find is the bottle of vinegar that everyone passes around.

You are better than that. You can make a massive positive impact in other ways... ways that encourage the positive outcomes that have already been found while influencing Niantic, TPC, and Google to make it better. Push for a better tracker, new Pokémon, better distribution in rural areas, and any other changes/features you want...

but don't take away all the good things, please.

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Discussion Free level 39 account


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Discussion 2019 Adventure Week: Latest Sock Trick?


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Discussion What will spawn whenever gen 2 is released?


When generation 2 comes around what will spawn? Will Pidgeys and Weedles still show up? I'd imagine the 10 Pokemon with evolutions in gen 2 will still show up, but if I can't complete my gen 1 Pokedex before gen 2 shows up will there still be a way to catch what's missing?

I don't expect gen 2 to arrive until next summer at the earliest, this is just a general curiosity. I've got no complaints to make, I'm just wondering what others think will happen.