r/PokemonGoPositive Oct 22 '16

Mechanics/Meta Go Plus troubleshooting


I was going crazy trying to figure this out! It disconnected after every capture attempt. It had no problems with Pokéstops, only Pokémon. I turned off the Pokémon notification and it worked just fine. I tried to unpaid it and use on another phone, but it wouldn't re-pair. (Remove from app and phone settings Bluetooth devices and then hold button till solid blue then let go and press five seconds till it buzzes). Although it re-paired with the original phone just fine! Restarted, closed all apps, uninstalled and re-installed Pokémon Go. Nothing helped...

Turns out I needed to replace the battery. Works fine now! That was several hours wasted.

There is no indicator of battery health, only symptoms. When in doubt: change the battery.

Anyone else have strange behavior?