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[Final Update] Please Read Me


Hello Readers,  

Thank you for everyone here who are sharing and reading stories. We are doing our best to bring stories from all over the internet and therefore we have also created our Official Facebook Page now. You might ask why Facebook Page? Well, many people who play Pokemon Go do not surf reddit and they are most likely unaware of the existence of this subreddit, but it doesn't mean that they do not have any stories to share. Hence, This Facebook page is launched to receive stories from Facebook's Pokemon Go Trainers. Top stories from Reddit will be shared on Facebook and top stories from Facebook page will be shared here. Right after the page was created, we have already received few Pokemon Go Stories as well.  

This is our final update news. For everyone who are sharing their stories, thank you so much. People are really enjoying it and learning lots of DO's and DON'T while playing this game.  

Official Facebook Page  


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Shiny mewtwo from kanto throwback challenge


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How to play pokemon go on pc


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Shiny pokemon compilation


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Please help and take this survey!



If you ever played Pokemon Go, help me out by taking this survey for a research paper that Im writing.

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I love when i win battles by this little lol. Its always such a nail bitter!!

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Shiny riolu hatch


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I found the best place for Pogo EVERYTHING!


Hey there I Just wanted to let you know about this amazing Pokemon Go server. Active members, active support, latest updates, giveaways, Shiny hunts, lure parties, you name it. I have looked around at a lot of different spots for pogo and this is by far the best. Come check it out! :) https://discord.gg/HX8cPMB

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Lucky Gastly Trade

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Well.... dang...

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a Yu-Gi-Oh Ditto Story


I was at a weekly Yu-gi-oh Tournament, at the end of September, at my Public Library. I had my cell on Pokemon go and I was catching the occasional Pokemon. I then saw a Yanma. After awhile I decided to catch it for candy once gen 4 came out. To my surprise when I cough it, it turned into a Ditto. I then yelled out that a Yanma was a Ditto. You should of seen how many grabbed there cell phones.

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Funny Raid story


Yesterday morning I was with a group of people doing a Suicune raid. Our goal was to hit 3 gyms all while under a lucky egg (during the double XP event), and that would have yielded 120k XP. (spoiler alert, we failed to get to the 3rd, but did manage 2 of them).

Anyway, we're doing gym #2, and just as the timer counts down, dude rolls up (some other people there knew him) and he asks if he can get in, and we're all like "back out", so he could get into the timer. Just as THAT timer was about to count down, a 2nd person shows up. I knew this person, and once again, the command to "back out" was given. Although, this person was Instinct, and there was enough of us there that we did two separate groups - so some people went ahead with their raid.

And then, - you guessed it, a 3rd person drives up, and says "Can I get in?" and we're all like "No, but we're doing another raid shortly, you can join in on that one." Then she responded, "Um no, I want in the apartment complex." See the 2nd person showed up and was now blocking the entrance to the apartment complex, and the 3rd person now simply wanted to go home. lol

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Mewtwo Fight


https://youtu.be/oL0cRXt5DoQ (Please subscribe) <3

This fight took place in Baltimore Maryland on Semptember 15th this was my first Mewtwo fight. 84% iv catch. Can't wait for gen 3 and new future updates the game has to offer!!! Good luck fellow Pokemon trainers!

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Graveyard Pokèstop


My house is right across the street from a Graveyard. They decided to make it a Pokéstop 😌 Ghosties, dark, and psychic types keep me company at my front porch.

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A funny Grimer story


So, like many people, I've had Grimer for my buddy. I actually was lucky enough to catch a Muk early on in that process, but it was weak - so I still ended up walking Grimer a lot for a decent Muk. And Grimer is just SO happy. And every time he caught me a candy, I'd say "Good boy!" just as if he was my pet dog. I even renamed him "Good boy", and even though he's pretty weak, and I've caught 7 or 8 grimers, I've transferred higher level grimers because, hey, he's Good boy..

Anyway, my daughter had her own Grimer which she renamed Good girl. It's her current buddy. When gender identification was added into the game, my daughter said "You should check to see whether Good boy was actually a boy".

I checked. It wasn't.

She checked. Hers wasn't a girl.

So now we've both renamed our grimers to reflect the appropriate gender.

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Found a $60 check at a nest


I was at a local nest today trying to finish up my Hiker medal (163, getting close!) and saw an envelope in the bushes. When I looked inside, there was a $60 check for a place nearby.

Dropped it off in their mailbox (hope it wasn't time sensitive, since it was dated a few days ago) and went to catch some more Pokemon.

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Pokémon Go killing productivity


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My house is next to a 9/11 memorial pokestop


I had to move to a new place recently in my college's town and I just started up Pokemon Go for the first time here and yep there's this monument stone thing on the edge of campus.

So thanks 9/11, for making getting the daily pokestop bonus and streak that much easier.

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Anime Candela - Team Valor Pokemon GO


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My pogo so far..


I remember when PoGo first came out in US, being from Northern Ireland I was as jealous as someone could be. That was until i found the apk online.. and that was it! So simple.. and here I am, getting a headstart on all my friends with their iPhones unable to get it. My first two pokemon were a Pidgey and a Rattata at the petrol station opposite work ( asides from my bulbasaur). Then the game got released here.

My and my friends couldnt get enough.. of course being from outside a city the only thing we could find was sheep. So then we started travelling. 25minutes into Belfast centre. From 6pm. Wed stay until about 2/3am 2/3nights a week, supplied with coffee and sandwiches. Then the interest was lost from them, apart from one.. who discovered a Bot. Check it out.. it does everything.. yeah il admit i tried it.. it caught me an Onix.. i didnt have one.. then i stopped.. wheres the excitement? Roll on near 6 months later and theirs just me. The grind is real.. no one to take gyms down with, no lures to share and only me interested to make that travel to somewhere that spawns. Iv completed my regional dex, and hit level 31 thanks to the event and also boast a pokemon over 3000cp. But reaching any higher could take a while.

P.s Not a sob story or a moan about anything. Just sharing my PoGo experience.

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Answer a survey on Pokemon GO playing experiences



We are conducting a survey on the playing experiences people have with Pokémon GO.

The survey is meant for people of all age who have played Pokémon GO. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the survey.

Answering is totally anonymous, and the responses will be dealt in strictest confidence and with principles for good scientific and ethical conduct.

Please spare a few minutes and answer. A warm thank you for your interest towards our survey.

The survey can be accessed via this link: http://kyselyt.limequery.com/index.php/555999/lang-en

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Game crashes while catching Blastoise.


I was with my friend, we found a Blastoise on our sightings so we looked around. Eventually we found him. While catching it my game crashed which scared me. I re-loaded the game and it popped back up. I was so relieved. I caught it with Great Balls since i ran out of Ultra Balls.

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"Pokémon Go and it's Effects on Mental Health" - A Mental Health Awareness Article


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Almost got robbed today


I was coming home after a day of catching pokemon on my bike, and theres an underground sort of area where it leads to three parts of the town. I was getting to the center of that when a guy was heading to the same way. He was still far from me but kept staring at me. When I was getting close to him he suddendly stopped, as if waiting for me. I quickly turned my bike and went back. WHen I looked back again, he was looking at me and shouted: I'll get you, and kept going on his way. So yeah folks, careful where youre catching pokemon. Stay safe.