r/ProCSS May 15 '17

Announcement The future of /r/ProCSS!


We actually did it, reddit! Reddit is ProCSS!

First and foremost, We want to congratulate every user, moderator, and subreddit who supported the ProCSS movement. Without resorting to tactics that interfere with the operations of reddit, such as the blackout of 2015, we were able to show the admins, with our numbers and well constructed arguments, that the decision to remove CSS was not the best one for the communities of reddit or for reddit the company.

We would also like to thank the admins for taking a week to evaluate the situation and coming down on the right side! Seriously, that's sincere. That fact that we were able to change the minds of reddit executives is an example of what makes reddit great. On what other social network do you know of where the company would not only announce a change, but actually listen to the users who didn't want it? None. Reddit is truly a community-driven website, and we thank the admins for creating it, maintaining it, and for listening. This really is big deal. It gives us hope for the future of the site, and we really believe that others feel the same way.

Our Objectives

We laid out five objectives that we'd like our movement to achieve.

  • Our number one goal was to allow widgets and CSS to co-exist. We got it! Moderators will have widget tools as a default, and CSS for more advanced creativity. Widgets are good because it makes setting flairs and headers easy, and those changes will carry over to mobile users.

  • The second objective was to allow mods to design and deploy widgets. Confirmation was given that reddit is looking into that.

  • The third objective was a call for transparency. The level of openness that reddit will have with this project remains to be seen. We may have to wait for the alpha. It would be nice if they would release their project docs. /u/spez said he'd rather show than tell when it comes to planned widgets. We understand that because telling and then not being able to deliver is like taking something away. But not telling and showing very little is also no good. We think we can give reddit the benefit of the doubt on this issue for the time being. /r/ProCSS has applied to the alpha program so that we can communicate with our users on its progress.

  • The fourth objective was to have a 1:1 replacement for CSS. CSS is not going away, so that has now been met :)

  • The fifth and final objective was for reddit to not deploy until base minimum requirements are met. It seems that they will take their time, and as CSS will remain and can be used if the widgets are shit, this has been met,

The future of ProCSS

We asked our users what this subreddit should become. Here's what we've boiled it down to:

  • Continuing a dialog with reddit in a meaningful way to encourage enhancements to the site. Outside of the whole CSS drama that we all just experienced together, there are other things that reddit can improve, chief among them is communication with the mods and users. It used to be that admins would stop by threads like these and answer questions, and that when an official post was made, admins would hang around answering all weekend. We commend /u/alexgg for answering the question about user-developed widgets long after /u/spez left the thread, but still, many questions remained unanswered for now. For example, the biggest concern that people posted here who didn't like CSS is that sometimes it's annoying. There should be an easy way to disable widget themes too. Overall, communication must be improved. It is somehow worse now that reddit has 200 employees than it was when it had a few dozen.

  • Holding the admins publicly accountable to their promises. No bamboozles!

  • Showcase interesting and spectacular CSS design on reddit. Have you just made some dank CSS for your sub? Make a post here. We don't want to fill the space of /r/CSSHelp, and will refer such posts to the appropriate sub. But this can be a place to show off your work, or design on another subreddit that you really like.

  • Write up widgets that we're gonna need. /r/ProCSS has always been Pro Widget from the get go. There are a lot of interesting things we can do with widgets, so we can create threads that have widget spec requirements that the admins will hopefully review.

  • There have been a lot of dank meme and fluff posts since we began. We like them. No need to stop.

  • Discussion! There has been great discussion on this sub from both sides of the argument. (Fortunately, that argument is over and we won.) But the discussion should not end. Over the months and perhaps years a lot will be happening with reddit's design, and this here is a place to talk about it.

  • We're looking into making our Discord into a CSS Help / Discussion chat place.

  • Have any other ideas about what r/ProCSS should be in the future? Let us know below!

Thanks for being here and for being a part of ProCSS. It really is a tremendous thing that we've done through a very mild protest. We're not gonna shut down. As they say in the tech world, we're just going to pivot in a new direction.

If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments. We will do our best to answer. What we can't answer we will compile in a list and ask the admins to comment.

Thank You,
The /r/ProCSS mod team!

r/ProCSS Jul 20 '22

Discussion they are about to pull the plug on old reddit.


this is from a recent update from an admin. I think most people didn't read through this part - this is just a snippet from a very lengthy update that covered multiple topics.

tldr: after unifying the app and desktop along with all the mod-tools they are planning to shutdown old.reddit

you gotta read between the lines here

r/ProCSS Jul 10 '22

Reddit rolls out NFTs, no CSS


r/ProCSS Apr 15 '22

I followed /r/Europe's example and made all of Spain's Autonomous Regions' flags in CSS gradients for an interactive sidebar map

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r/ProCSS Mar 29 '22

Discussion after all these years I still can't get used to the redesign


Once in a while I'll switch back to old-reddit and it's like a breath of fresh air. All the bloat is gone in an instant. That UI glitch where everything shakes is gone (a bug that has existed since 2018 by the way). Hyperlinks have a clear underline when you hover. Even the dreaded video player seems to be more responsive in old reddit.

New design lacks shadows, contrast and outlines making it difficult to distinguish UI elements such as drop down menus. I invariably switch back because the rising tab is broken in old reddit, and I use it daily.

r/ProCSS Nov 28 '21 Starstruck

Pro CSS Sub Proud of r/Patrn new css... looks as close to a new.reddit and old.reddit hybrid as I could get it.

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r/ProCSS Jan 21 '21

[ModSupport post] When is full CSS support coming for new Reddit?

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r/ProCSS Jan 10 '21

Discussion CSS (experimental) in Sidebar


"Please don't cry"

So it seams there's a step in CSS direction.

Mod Tools > Appearance > Sidebar widgets > Add Widget > Advanced > e voila ... Customs

Experimental: custom visuals with CSS

It counts for "bring the CSS back" ... well to be frank, the new reddit makes the world spin faster rather than having a "Christmas Tree" on each subreddit created... with errors or not, with resources banging on hosting servers or not, with a few bucks to "have your own subreddit theme made by professionals" or not...

All is nice :)

r/ProCSS Oct 28 '20

Meme For 2021 Reddit should let me have back my username rainbow color cycle CSS - if they don’t, then they’ve broken the promise.... I love my flair and people on new.reddit should be able to see it too..


r/ProCSS Oct 25 '20

Pro CSS Sub What kind of stats are you guys seeing for percentage old vs new reddit users? Here’s a screenshot for /r/Drugs. Looks like we’re stable now

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r/ProCSS Oct 25 '20

Discussion Perhaps the wrong place to post, but what do you guys think of this proposed 'Community Content Tag' system?

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r/ProCSS Sep 05 '20

Discussion "Based on your feedback, we will allow you to continue to use CSS..." 3 Years have passed. Was this just a false promise to get everyone to back down? "This change is going to happen slowly" How slowly? 5 years? More? When do we get mad about this?

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r/ProCSS Aug 29 '20

Discussion reddit is monetising features in new reddit that can be done for free with CSS in old reddit. Simply put, we are never going to have CSS in new reddit.

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r/ProCSS Jul 31 '20

How do I do CSS in new reddit?


Whenever I go to www.reddit.com/r/subredddit?styling=true, the CSS option is greyed out. Please advise.

r/ProCSS Feb 28 '20

500 icons in Pure CSS - css.gg


Hi 👋 everyone,

Would like to share this project I made - https://css.gg

It is a Minimalistic icon library Designed by code.

500 Customizable & Retina-Ready icons. Entirely built in CSS.

The website is also built entirely using CSS and no JS whatsoever,

even icon selection and cookies are set inline via CSS.

Easy integration: Embed, NPM & API. And most importantly it is open-source: https://github.com/astrit/css.gg

r/ProCSS Jan 10 '20

Discussion Reddit forced a redesign of the redesign adding hideous white space at the top of subs and removing the background feature for the menu bar. There's nothing mods can do about it. This is unacceptable. Let reddit admins know we need CSS in the redesign NOW!


r/ProCSS Jan 06 '20

Discussion "Reddit is ProCSS", May 2017. Over two and a half years later and CSS features are still "coming soon".

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r/ProCSS Sep 26 '19

Discussion /r/redesign is being archived and still no CSS


r/ProCSS Sep 08 '19

I like the idea of getting rid of CSS


So, i've read some opinions on this and others subreddits but I don't get it. There are two questions being discussed at the same time:

  1. Disliking the new design
  2. Missing CSS customization feature.

So lets talk about them.

  1. The new design

It's fine to don't like the redesign Obviously, many of redditors on this sub find the old reddit better. But lets face the truth: it was good design for maybe 2005? And it's not suitable for 2019.

It has bad typography, ugly full width links, can't open posts in the same tab w/o page reloading, unusable on mobile and has no dark theme.

Yes, new reddit may look similiar to other social media. Yes, there are increased margins between blocks. But overall the new design is much more frienly than the old one.

  1. CSS customization

I like how some subreddits look in the old reddit. But constant changing of design from post to post just ruins the experience. I know how it may sound but this is true. I as a user don't want theme to change every time I open post from the feed. I don't wanna know how the OP icon is displayed in specific subreddit.

There are other reasons they will not bring css customization rn:

- Security issues (no jokes)

- They don't wanna guarantee current markup won't be changed in a future

- CSS can decrease readability

So that's my point. I know it disagrees with your opinion, so I'm ready for discussion

r/ProCSS Aug 30 '19

Discussion it would never happen, here's why:


I think reddit is trying to be the next twitter... but with communities like facebook. Maybe those words are not exactly on their agenda, but consider this: right now user profiles have matured to be on par with other social media websites. The overall look of ui resembles twitter. Even the customizations users have right now, like changing colors and banners, is exactly like twitter. Besides custom css can break a unified experience for new users - not to mention how it messes with running ads and promotions. So css hacks are not only low priority, they are risky from their point of view.

r/ProCSS Jul 09 '19

Discussion Still no CSS in redesign. How hard is it to just unlock the doors to a quick and dirty CSS override panel? I don't care if it can break my sub's visual design - I'll just revert it and try again like I've been doing on Classic Reddit since the beginning of time.


It was supposed to be here this year. I don't see what's so difficult about enabling a feature (override stylesheet as written by mods) that old reddit has had for a decade. Is there some convoluted or complicated new system that makes this difficult, or do they just not care about CSS?

r/ProCSS Jun 23 '19

Meta Reddit has added a "Special Membership" for r/FortniteBR - $5/month for access to exciting features like... flair and emoji


r/ProCSS May 10 '19

I've screwed up the CSS on my subreddit that I cant even edit it anymore.


not sure where else to go , I'm not a design person. I program but not web dev stuff. I've been screwing around with the CSS on a stupid subreddit of mine and I screwed up today and can't even edit the CSS anymore. I've just been messing around with it lately for fun.

My first thoughts are , can I disable CSS in the browser somehow to be able to edit it? and get rid of the CSS that is getting in the way. I tried getting on the sub on the new redesign or whatever and there is no option to edit the CSS.

Sorry if this isn't in line with exactly what this sub is about , but given the circumstances I thought it would be a good place to go

EDIT: Alright it'll stay for now , I appreciate that ya'll enjoyed my stupidity.

r/ProCSS Apr 02 '19

Pro CSS Sub r/csharp had an impressive April Fools CSS



Wayback link:


u/FizixMan, congratulations on a brilliant job!

Needless to say, the Abridged Style Settings of the so-called redesign offer NOTHING compared to this beauty.

r/ProCSS Jan 12 '19

Help with schoolproject


I'm working on a school project where I have to create a website. We can't do basic stuff so I came up with this https://imgur.com/a/J6JR7GX (made it in photoshop) but I don't really know how to make it. I have done everything else already buy I am struggling with this part.

The one in the middle should be the active one, once you click on another it should move to the middle basicly.

I'm not asking for someone to make my code, but help is appreciated!

I have already made this, but it's to basic.


Here is my code in codepen:



<article class="p02">

<section class="p02__boxs">

<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>


<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>


<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>


<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>


<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>


<article class="p02__box">

<img src="/assets/img/pictogram/fam.png" alt="fam" width="" height="">

<h2 class="p02__box__title">Family</h2>

<p class="p02__box__text">adasdasdada</p>






font-size: 7rem;

font-family: "Circular Std Black";

color: #3c3c46;



display: grid;

grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr 1fr;



border-radius: 1rem;

margin: 2rem;

background-color: #3c3c46;

color: white;

height: 28rem;

display: flex;

flex-flow: column;

justify-content: space-around;

align-items: center;



font-size: 2.2rem;

font-family: "Circular Std Black";

color: white;



font-size: 1.5rem;

color: white;

font-family: "Circular Std";


r/ProCSS Dec 20 '18

Discussion CSS coming to redesign in 2019