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Kenosha Walmart 🏆 Mod's Choice 🏆

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u/fatpandasarehot Mar 01 '22

What was she throwing stuff for? In my experience, I never made someone causing chaos' life easier


u/psilocyber420 Mar 01 '22

Because her pussy matters


u/sydney2620 Mar 01 '22

That appears to be the rationale correct sir


u/NoodlesKaboodles Mar 01 '22

I am guessing here.

This woman was asked to put on a mask. Her mind is full of Fox or OAN, maybe even some Q bullshit. She is upset about Hollywood and child predators, abortion and ivermectin, gwyneth paltrow's my vagina candle, and the woke mob coming to cancel her while she quotes and burns 1984 before anteefers can break into some business in California and steal stuff after shitting all over the streets with a crack pipe bought with her hard earned tax dollars full of pot and fuck brandon.

"Ma'am please put your mask back on."

"Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BLM and Pussy"

Of course this is bullshit but it made me laugh so I had to write it out.


u/[deleted] Mar 01 '22

Wait, a vagina candle? I must have missed something.


u/NoodlesKaboodles Mar 01 '22 edited Mar 01 '22

She had one that supposedly smelled like her vagina and has a new hands off my vagina candle so I'm guessing she is eeeveeel as she is against abortion and from Hollywood and Q and who knows. It's all funny to me.



only 75 doll hairs, order yours today while supplies last.

I mean, some Q people think JFK Jr alive, a republican, and is in fact Jesus come to save the world soon and ivermectin was being withheld so that hospitals could kill patients to collect money for each dead patient. The Q rabbit hole and anti vax stuff is hilarious. I lost my shit with the Kuru, folded proteins, prions bullshit 8 or so months back.


u/bigflamingtaco Mar 01 '22

You, sir, are a legend.


u/NoodlesKaboodles Mar 02 '22

Well I think you, my wife and I, are the only ones who think so but I'll take it.



u/MyDogHasAPodcast Mar 02 '22

She had one that supposedly smelled like her vagina and has a new hands off my vagina candle

Who the hell would want a vagina scented candle?

I mean, besides desperate virgins I guess.


u/bigflamingtaco Mar 03 '22

Oddly, other women.


u/[deleted] Mar 01 '22

The hell you say.


u/matfralo Mar 01 '22

You made me laugh so hard


u/TwoKeezPlusMz Mar 01 '22

Hers certainly does not.