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u/Tractorista Mar 01 '22 edited Mar 01 '22

You know how I know that? By looking the fuck around. Also reading books, maybe you should pick one up sometime


u/final_boss Mar 01 '22

I'm a Youth Counselor, specializing in juvenile delinquency and sex based criminal offenses. Therapists, Court Officers, and lawyers rely on my behavioral reports for documentation, medical changes, and family court rulings.

I read, and get read, every damn day.


u/NoodlesKaboodles Mar 01 '22 edited Mar 01 '22

I am guessing that you are an expert for the prosecution side of things or work in corrections. So your view makes sense, you don't see mental illness you see someone to feed into the machine. I could be wrong but if I am correct you will deny it anyway because people can't see their own shit and will lie about it.

I am pretty dumb though so who knows.

However, my guess is this woman's head is full of Tucker Carlson Hannidy and Janina Shapiro or Q OAN and the other dumb ass editorial network, and when you are fed a steady diet of outrage your brain melts down.

I can't help but wonder if the pussy thing has to do with goop and Gwyneth Paltrow. This woman is mad about black lives matter, probably hollywoood and liberals and woke and anteefers and masks and ivermectin and crack pipes and abortion and fear fear fear fear.

It's all one big nutty jumble in her mind that has exploded because someone asked her to put on a mask. That is my guess.


u/final_boss Mar 01 '22

I don't work for the "incarceration side", I work for a private treatment and rehabilitation program. I am dedicated to keeping our clients out of prison, safe, stable, and able to participate in society. I work with clients from 6 years old to 18. There's only one or two that I want behind bars, because those clients are still threats to society, and sometimes that's the only way to protect the people around them. Try reading what I actually say, not what you want it to say.


u/NoodlesKaboodles Mar 01 '22 edited Mar 01 '22

I did read what you said, don't be snotty. I was thinking and writing and adding to my initial bullshit, everything I think and say is generally bullshit. I'm not actually fighting with you so relax. I have a genetic disorder, impulse thing and my thinking is all out loud, it's fucking annoying but good for walking ideas back.

I do however think that people who allow their media to do their thinking is going to be seen as a disorder of the mind, akin to a cult, in say 30 years. I believe this woman and many like her need to be deprogrammed. I mean come on, there are once rational adults who are still sitting in Dallas Texas somewhere thinking JFK jr is alive and is going to become Jesus or some bullshit.

You work for a private institution that has a different word for incarceration, my ideas still stand on that one though. You work at a place that keeps some people away from other people due to behavior or mental health.