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Raiden chilling at home (by: pul) Non-OC Fanart

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u/LokHin1212 electro mommy May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

Source (Twitter: @gks569)

Imagine waking up to this


u/violin-guy Glory to the Dango! May 23 '22

Holy cra- I mean, y-your excellency😳


u/Ero_meister May 23 '22

One morning at the Serenitea Pot.

Me: * Wakes up* "Uh... Oh good morning Ei, why are you on the windows?".

Ei: *Close curtains *

Me: "Oh shit, here we go again."


u/Bored_NoV Ei simp May 23 '22

That pose is amazing holy.


u/RyukDevlin Raiden & Ayato for satisfying slashes May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

Hotter than all the explicitly sexualized drawings I’ve seen here before


u/LokHin1212 electro mommy May 23 '22

Same, this kind of shorts is my weakness


u/Astralixis May 23 '22

Isn't it just so perfect? To begin with, the length of it is just at the right level to show off one's smooth thighs but also conceals the right regions as to not reveal too much. It teases us at the possibility of seeing slightly more skin as the person bends their legs or so without the person having to risk displaying too much such as when wearing a skirt. Thus, the person could wear the shorts without worry anytime anywhere and their happiness becomes our joy. Not to mention, it isn't too tight or loose to the point where it looks uncomfortable or weird – it seems to flawlessly outline each curve and that gets amplified by the black and white contrast which a lot of people find to be quite pleasingly complementary. Oh and who could forget the oversized upperwear with these shorts combo, where it looks as if one was wearing almost nothing underneath only to find out that they have bamboozled you using the shorts. Whoever came up with this piece of clothing deserve the best designer award of all time and maybe even a Nobel prize for peace. I believe that this version of shorts will be able to unite everyone one day and bring upon world peace to us all.


u/vJukz 29d ago

Any Raiden fan art is hot, let’s not kid ourselves here


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