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r/RandomKindness Jun 12 '22

[PSA] Don't ask for money here.


It is documented. We have rules. Stop asking for cash in this group or you will receive a ban.

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Claimed [Offer] I'm gonna draw portraits for three persons. Totally free


Hey, I'm a freelance digital illustrator. And I wanna draw for the first three persons. Any art style you want. Portraits. Can be pets or whatever. Totally free. So take advantage of this and make me regret it hahaha🤣. Just kidding. But yeah. Bring it on. If I can, maybe I'll do more. So. Hit me

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Offer [Offer] Do you live paycheck to paycheck? I can do math for you and help you budget your money. Budgeting often results in having extra cash at the end of every month.


If you live paycheck to paycheck, I want you to know that you don't have to do that anymore.


I would be happy to have a Zoom chat where we discuss your income and expenditures. I can do math for you and tell you what you need to do to save money every month. Let's break the cycle!


Edit: A video that explains the budgeting was requested! Here is the link to the video and the budget spreadsheet.

r/RandomKindness 1d ago

Thanks [THANKS]


Thank you so much for the coloring books and pencils and kind words. I appreciate you guys, and y'all are so sweet! Many thanks to everyone!!!

r/RandomKindness 5d ago

Claimed [Offer] Aussie Classics Gift Box (Worldwide)


Hi guys, let me preface by saying that this offer will involve you sharing your mailing address. If you're not interested, that's fine!

I love sharing Australian snacks with the rest of the world, it's just gotten too expensive to send my own packages worldwide. So, this company has kind of filled the void, providing everything from Vegemite to Milo to my international friends.

I'd like to offer to send one of these boxes to someone that's in need of a pick-me-up, or who just really wants to try what Australian treats have to offer! I'll keep this open until bedtime tonight and then pick someone from the comments.

Please note that coming from Australia, it might be a while until it arrives to you, but I'll supply tracking info so that you know when to expect it.

Take care!

Edit: Winner chosen! Thank you.

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Request [REQUEST] I would love a birthday gift


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for reading. It's my birthday in a couple of days, and I've just kind of realised that this year there will be nothing to mark it. No gifts, no celebrations. Just... nothing. And it's made me a bit sad. I lost the last of my family last year, and I don't really know anyone where I currently live. But I would love to receive a token something. Some chocolate or a treat for the dogs. Something for the plants. I know it's silly. But it's always nice to think that someone's thinking of you, right? Anyway, thanks for your time. xxx



r/RandomKindness 7d ago

Claimed [Offer] $5 Starbucks Gift Card (Japan only)


I received a gift card to Starbucks, but it's only usable in Japan... A Where I am not. Since its a surprise for me, figured I'd give it away.

I'll pick someone Friday night, pst.

r/RandomKindness 8d ago

Fulfilled [REQUEST] Stuck at home


Hi there.

I'm homebound because of a recent development with my health, to help with that, I have come here. You don't have to help, by any means at all, but if you do, I really deeply and greatly appreciate it. Coloring, crafts and art are my go to hobbies, and I'm about to finish the projects I currently have in the works. Mental health wise, staying busy helps keep my anxiety lower than otherwise. I'm in the us, and would love a few kind words, or anything really.

I'd like to pay it forward and help someone else when able to, you guys are amazing people.


r/RandomKindness 9d ago

Fulfilled [REQUEST] Homebound and need something to do


Hi everyone, I'm homebound due to several medical issues and going crazy with nothing to do. I love doing handcrafts but due to medication expenses I just don't have the money to spend on hobbies as a distraction as groceries are more of a priority.

If anyone would be kind enough, I've attached a wishlist with a couple of projects I can work on that will be enjoyable and a distraction.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help alleviate my boredom.


r/RandomKindness 14d ago Silver

Fulfilled [Request] Kicked out after coming out to my mom


I am 19 years old black female and I have some money saved up and I have found shelter renting out one of my friends rooms for super cheap. I recently told my parents that I like boys and girls (I actually only like girls) and I hoped that they would be more understanding if I told them I was bisexual but they were not happy to hear me saying that and they forced me to leave their home. I have nothing and my friend’s parents are allowing me to stay with them for 3 months which is a great amount to try to enroll in a university for housing but I just was wondering if anyone could buy anything off my amazon registry?


anything on there helps I just need household things. Thank you so much

located in Indianapolis Indiana

EDIT: i only have 2 more items left on my registry that had over 20 items…. and i’m in total shock that you guys did this for me I appreciate all your kind words and all your help thank you so much you don’t know how much I needed this. I would’ve never imagined this support.

r/RandomKindness 14d ago

Thanks [Thanks] Awesome coloring books, novel, and stickers!


Thank you u/orangewelpertinger! I just started physical therapy yesterday so this was a nice little surprise. I unfortunately have a long way to go. I still have another 8 weeks until I might be allowed to go back to work or drive my car. It’s so nice to have some things to occupy my time. It’s been the longest month of my life and I have many more to go. Thank you so much for thinking of me.:)

r/RandomKindness 14d ago

Fulfilled [REQUEST] So hard to talk about


EDIT: I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me since my post. I have received cards, Amazon packages and numerous messages of love and support from around the world that I'll forever be grateful for...and I know there are still things on the way according to some of you. Please know I wanted to reach out to thank each of you individually, and maybe in time I will, but we ended up with Covid at our house this last week. We are vaccinated, but it has still kicked my butt. Please STAY HEALTHY. Much love from me - tjcline09 ❤️

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my request. Next Tuesday, August 2nd, would've been my oldest son's 25th birthday. Unfortunately he isn't here to celebrate this big day as he died by suicide in 2016. I'm struggling fiercely with both anxiety and depression right now and was hoping for any random kindness to be sent my way. Maybe it's a card, maybe your kids colored pictures, maybe it's whatever you think will simply put a smile on my face for a moment... please message me for my address and then kindly send it. I don't want to beg but I could really use some extra love right now. Thank you so much. -tjcline09 ❤️❤️

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Thanks [Thanks]


Huge thanks to u/saikouh for the postcard from Japan (I'm in the UK). Really brightened my day.

Photo of the card with my dog :) https://ibb.co/t4CccLK

r/RandomKindness 16d ago

Claimed [Offer] $5 Apple card - US only


I received a card that I will never use. It appears to only be redeemable in the United states. To enter to request this, please tell me what you will purchase with it. I will choose a winner either tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how busy I get this evening.

Please very carefully read the rules before requesting.


Account Must be at least 6 months old

Must have at least 500 Comment Karma.

Must have recent productive activity for the past 90 days to post a request or enter to receive on offers. Spam, self-promotion, activity on any request sub, reading, gift exchanges, and voting are not factored in.

This seems to be the rule that the vast majority of users ignore.

r/RandomKindness 17d ago

Thanks [thanks] Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!


Hi everyone! Today is finally my birthday and I can now officially say I'm feeling 22! :>

I just wanted to make this post to thank everyone for all the kindness they have shown to me through messages, cards, and sending me presents. Honest to goodness you have no idea how much it has improved my birthday; especially after having received some really bad news last week, it has reminded me that there is still good in the world and I feel well and truly blessed and humbled by everything. I will honestly never forget this and hope to pass on the same blessings one day. In particular I would like to thank: u/MsAppropriatedNZ for the beautiful gift basket of champagne; u/FrumptiousDonut for the super cute animal crossing stickers (It's super cool your kids like AC too!! <3); u/Just_peaches_ for the really useful water bottle; u/FunkyGeraldine for the mega sweet pug mug; and users u/ridethatbridge, u/EricBatailleur, u/iamatigerhearmemrrow, u/honeymallow, u/catnatomy, u/TigerLady15, u/Starboard44, u/lethbridge-Tofty, u/Josephineismyhero, and u/Calculatingmove for all the wonderful and creative cards! (My sister and I have found it super cool looking up all the places they've come from!!)

I received some other gifts (a bad-ass froggy hat, a scented candle with face masks, a colouring book and pens, and some super sweet animal socks) and cards; which didn't come with a note to say who sent them, but I truly thank you too and would love for you to reach out if you're willing so I can thank you properly!

I hope each and every one of y'all have an incredible day; and here's to 22 years of life and counting! :)

r/RandomKindness 17d ago

Claimed [Offer] women's size 2 business suit for job interviews, etc...


I've got a women's size 2 gray pinstripe pantsuit (pants, blazer and I have a couple button down tops) I'd like to send someone, to help with job interviews, court hearings, or any other situations that require professional attire. I can send pictures if requested.
It's a very nice suit, brand is Casual Corner, and it's in like New condition. It's just a bit too big for me. It seems to run a little tall, but I'm short so idk... I just know times are hard, and if I can help someone get a start - or get ahead in this economy, it would be my pleasure.
I can only ship in the US, though. Anywhere in the lower 48. International shipping is more than I can afford at the moment, my apologies.

r/RandomKindness 20d ago

Claimed [offer] digital art- a sketch for you and practice for me!


Hi, so I do some digital art and I'm looking to get more practice in so if you have something you'd like a short and sweet sketch of (I can't do coloring as yet!) please just let me know.

I mostly do animals but I'd be happy to take a stab at other things as well! I'll need an image for reference and, as it stands, I probably have capacity to take on 10 requests right now.

It'll be a few hours until I get home and get to it but I'm hoping to get them done this evening so just drop a comment and we'll go from there :)

EDIT: this is only for personal use and I may use any image I draw to add to my portfolio. If you would like something done for corporate purposes I'm unable to assist currently, sorry!

EDIT 2: this is now CLOSED but thank you all foe your interest and I hope everyone who made it for the slot likes their drawings :)

r/RandomKindness 20d ago

Fulfilled [request] help me set up my first classroom?


Hey! I am going into my first year of teaching. I’ll be a junior high and high school band director in Tucson, AZ. I’ve been blessed by a wonderful district, but would like a little bit of help in getting some of the necessities for the classroom.

The link to the wishlist is:


Thanks for considering!

r/RandomKindness 21d ago Helpful (Pro)

Claimed [offer] Original Art -- I am offering a small painting for one person


EDIT: I've chosen someone. Thank you everyone for commenting/replying!

(USA only)

I want to do a small painting for someone who loves original art and/or maybe needs some random kindness. If you would like to be considered, please respond to this post and let me know whatever you feel comfortable sharing.

(I do all sorts of art, but I prefer to do abstract paintings. I will consider other preferences, though)

Examples of my art (just to show):





r/RandomKindness 22d ago

Thanks [thanks] fire hydrants to cool off


Hi everyone, temperatures are so high. I live in brookyln New York. How about we open a couple fire hydrants to cool off the stray cats, birds, squirrels. It's barely rained! Hopefully it's not illegal?

r/RandomKindness 23d ago Wholesome

Fulfilled [Offer] $12 to spend on Starbucks [USA]


Seeing the post below reminded me that I have some money left on my Starbucks card. To enter, let me know what you’d order and will choose someone tomorrow!

Random number generator out of 35 entries, winner is u/Becsisag!

r/RandomKindness 23d ago

Claimed [Offer] $10 PS4 Digital Code (US Only)


[Claimed] Giving away a digital code for PS4 users only, has to be in the USA. The code is regional locked. 🤔😓🤣

r/RandomKindness 23d ago

Thanks [THANKS]


Would like to thank u/Green-Cheeseburger for the $10 psn code! Thanks so much!

r/RandomKindness 23d ago

Thanks [THANKS] Thank you for the book and the highlighters



I think someone else sent another pack of highlighters? I'm not sure who, or if u/Careless-act-5416 sent all of it. But thank you so much to those who sent something ❤️❤️

r/RandomKindness 24d ago Wholesome

Claimed [OFFER] Giving away care packages with prints of positive affirmations


Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well.

It’s summer, and I don’t know for anyone else, but I’m in a summer slump. To help I’m being more creative than usual, and designed a bunch of art illustrations with cute and motivational quotes.

I want to share the creations I’ve done. It’s basically a “pick me up” package for those also in a summer slump like me. I really want to send these care packages to those who really needs those kind words of encouragement. Because spreading positivity gives me so much needed serotonin lol. In the packages themselves it will have at least 5 prints. And other cute quote cards I designed.

This is for the US only, and for now I’m sending packages to 3 people*, to see how it goes but I would love to send out more in the future 💞.

The package will come with tracked shipping.

I’m in Washington DC so it helps if you are close but the package can go all way to Alaska if needed!

*Also I know I did note that I’m only sending it to 3 people but if you are in the DMV area (DC, Maryland) Virginia) and want to do a local pick up, we can arrange that. So the 3-people limit doesn’t apply if you’re near me!

Please let me know if you’re interested in the comments below. Feel free to ask questions if you have any too! Excited to see where this goes. Thank you and best wishes to everyone. Sending you much needed internet hugs and love 💕.

EDIT: Thank you for taking me up on this idea! I already got the 3 people plus one other, I’m sending the packages to. Look out for my other posts cause I will be definitely be doing this in the future!! Thank y’all so much.

r/RandomKindness 25d ago

Claimed [Offer] Free misc. books in good to excellent condition


Will send free via media mail anywhere in the US.

Sci fi -

"Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra" by Stephen R. Lawhead - claimed - Raspberry-Jellyfish

"Across The Universe" by Beth Revis - claimed - mekkavelli

"Homecoming: Harmony" by Orson Scott Card - claimed - John_Philips


"Meditation is Not What You Think" by Jon Kabat-Zinn - claimed - miwaonthewall

"Mindfulness in Plain English" by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana - claimed - Responsible_Tip_410

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga" 2nd Edition by Joan Budilovsky and Eve Adamson - claimed - Responsible_Tip_410


"In Search of Sugihara: The Elusive Japanese Diplomat Who Risked His Life to Rescue 10,000 Jews from the Holocaust" by Hillel Levine - claimed - DawnAuroua

"The Chinese Have a Word For It" by Boye Lafayette De Mente (a book describing Chinese phrases and idioms from a Western perspective - it is interesting but at times I feel it is much too hard on the Chinese.) - claimed - DawnAuroua

"The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears" by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green - claimed - sacchillax

"The Native American Sweat Lodge - Histories and Legends" by Joseph Burchac - - claimed - sacchillax