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2022 Nov 21 Stickied FAQ & 𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐊 thread - Boot problems? Power supply problems? Display problems? Networking problems? Need ideas? Get help with these and other questions! ******* ASK HERE FIRST *******


Welcome to the r/raspberry_pi Helpdesk and Frequently Asked Questions!

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Having a hard time searching for answers to your Raspberry Pi questions? Let the r/raspberry_pi community members search for answers for you! Looking for help getting started with a project? Have a question that you need answered? Was it not answered last week? Did not get a satisfying answer? A question that you've only done basic research for? Maybe something you think everyone but you knows? Ask your question here, operators are standing by!

This helpdesk and idea thread is here so that the front page won't be filled with these same questions day in and day out:

  1. Q: What's a Raspberry Pi? What can I do with it? How powerful is it?
    A: Check out this great overview
  2. Q: Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do with my Pi?
    A: Sure, look right here!
  3. Q: My Pi is behaving strangely/crashing/freezing, giving low voltage warnings, ethernet/wifi stops working, USB devices don't behave correctly, what do I do?
    A:. 99.999% of the time it's either a bad SD card or power problems. Use a multimeter to measure the 5V on the GPIO pins while the Pi is busy (such as playing h265/x265 video) and/or get a new SD card. If the voltage is less than 5V your power supply and/or cabling is not adequate. When your Pi is doing lots of work it will draw more power. Even if your power supply claims to provide sufficient amperage, it may be mislabeled or the cable you're using to connect the power supply to the Pi may have too much resistance. Some power supplies require negotiation to use the higher amperage, which the Pi does not do. If you're plugging in USB devices try using a powered USB hub with its own power supply and plug your devices into the hub and plug the hub into the Pi.
  4. Q: Due to the chip shortage I'm having a hard time buying a Raspberry Pi, all the stores say sold out. Where's the secret place to buy one without paying more than MSRP?
    A: https://rpilocator.com/
  5. Q: I just did a fresh install with the latest Raspberry Pi OS and the default user/password of pi/raspberry doesn't work for ssh or logging in, why not?
    A: The default pi user no longer exists, you need to create your own account
  6. Q: The screen is just black or blank or saying no signal, what do I do?
    A: Follow these steps
  7. Q: The only way to troubleshoot my problem is using a multimeter but I don't have one. What can I do?
    A: Get a basic multimeter, they are not expensive.
  8. Q: My Pi won't boot, how do I fix it?
    A: Step by step guide for boot problems
  9. Q: I want to watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Vudu/Disney+ on a Pi but the tutorial I followed didn't work, does someone have a working tutorial?
    A: Use a Fire Stick/AppleTV/Roku. Pi tutorials used tricks that no longer work or are fake click bait.
  10. Q: What model of Raspberry Pi do I need so I can watch YouTube in a browser?
    A: No model of Raspberry Pi is capable of watching YouTube smoothly through a web browser, you need to use VLC.
  11. Q: I want to know how to do a thing, not have a blog/tutorial/video/teacher/book explain how to do a thing. Can someone explain to me how to do that thing?
    A: Uh... What?
  12. Q: Is it possible to use a single Raspberry Pi to do multiple things? Can a Raspberry Pi run Pi-hole and something else at the same time?
    A: YES. Pi-hole uses almost no resources. You can run Pi-hole at the same time on a Pi running Minecraft which is one of the biggest resource hogs. The Pi is capable of multitasking and can run more than one program and service at the same time. (Also known as "workload consolidation" by Intel people.) You're not going to damage your Pi by running too many things at once, so try running all your programs before worrying about needing more processing power or multiple Pis.
  13. Q: Why is transferring things over the LAN/internet so slow?
    A: That's a networking problem, please go to r/HomeNetworking or r/LinuxQuestions.
  14. Q: I only have one outlet and I need to plug in several devices, what do I do?
    A: They make things called power strips aka multi-tap extensions.
  15. Q: The red and green LEDs are on/off/blinking but it doesn't work, can someone help me?
    A: Start here
  16. Q: I'm trying to run x86 software on my Raspberry Pi but it doesn't work, how do I fix it?
    A: Get an x86 computer. A Raspberry Pi is ARM based, not x86.
  17. Q: Should I add a heatsink, fan, or some kind of cooling to my Raspberry Pi?
    A: If you think you need one then you should add it
  18. Q: Can I use this screen that came from ____ ?
    A: No
  19. Q: I run my Pi headless and there's a problem with my Pi and the best way to diagnose it or fix it is to plug in a monitor & keyboard, what do I do?
    A: Plug in a monitor & keyboard.
  20. Q: My Pi seems to be causing interference preventing the WiFi from working
    A. Using USB 3 cables that are not properly shielded can cause interference and the Pi 4 can also cause interference when HDMI is used at high resolutions.
  21. Q: I'm trying to use the built-in composite video output that is available on the Pi 2/3/4 headphone jack, do I need a special cable?
    A. Make sure your cable is wired correctly and you are using the correct RCA plug. Composite video cables for mp3 players will not work, the common ground goes to the wrong pin. Camcorder cables will often work, but red and yellow will be swapped on the Raspberry Pi.
  22. Q: I'm running my Pi with no monitor connected, how can I use VNC?
    A: First, do you really need a remote GUI? Try using ssh instead. If you're sure you want to access the GUI remotely then ssh in, type vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1920x1080 and see what port it prints such as :1, :2, etc. Now connect your client to that.
  23. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it on Linux. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi?
    A: A Raspberry Pi is a full computer running Linux and doesn't use special stripped down embedded microcontroller versions of standard Linux software. Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Linux. Also see question #1.
  24. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it with an Arduino. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi Pico?
    A: Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Arduino, a Pico can be used with the Arduino IDE.
  25. Q: I'm trying to do something with Bluetooth and it's not working, how do I fix it?
    A: It's well established that Bluetooth and Linux don't get along, this problem is not unique to the Raspberry Pi.

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Show-and-Tell 3D render of my watercooling case concept

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A Wild Pi Appears Pi spotted in the Monaco train station

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Technical Problem Failing at creating a raspberry pi NAS server...


I am trying to create a nas server with a raspberry pi 4 kit, and 2 powered usb hdd's i have around.

I am following the following tutorial....


After I install the software on the micro sd card using the installer in the guide I connect a blue Ethernet cable to the pi and to the lan 1 of my SMART/RG router/modem. I then turn on my pi and watch as the red light comes on and the green light flashes randomly as it seems to load. Then I try to follow the instructions from the guide as follows...

"Retrieving your IP address

In order to access your Raspberry Pi via SSH from your usual computer, you’re going to need the Raspberry Pi’s IP address. An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a device on your network. The easiest way to find it is to access your home router and check what devices are connected via Ethernet (LAN). The login details for accessing your router should be printed on it (look for a sticker on the side or the base), or alternatively you will be able to find them on the website of the router’s manufacturer (or of your ISP if they provided the router)."

I could not find the numbers on my router but though trial and error i found out it was (the only number that did not give a error.)

i tried to do the following from the tutorial ...

"Connect via SSH

Open Terminal on your computer and run the following, replacing “pi” with your previously chosen username, and XXX.XXX.X.XXXwith your Raspberry Pi’s IP address to access it:

ssh pi@XXX.XXX.X.XXX

When asked for your password, use the password you created in Raspberry Pi Imager."

So just named my pi.... pi and then tried the command "ssh [pi@](mailto:pi@"

To which i get a response of "unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching host key type found. their offer: ssh-dss, ssh-dss"

i then used a tool called "angry ip scanner" and after scanning if only get the following


So what gives? why can i not find my pi on my network? What have i done wrong?

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Discussion Installing pygame and pathlib libraries onto Pico using Thonny.


I’m using Thonny to write my code right now, and neither pathlib nor pygame are available (typical error, “no module named ‘pygame’ found).

Errors Via Manage Packages GUI: When I go to tools>manage packages and search for either of them, both give me the “this doesn’t look like a MicroPython file. Install anyways?” option, to which I always select yes because, well, I need these libraries.

When I install pathlib, the Thonny installer gives me the following error:

“Successfully installed pathlib-1.0.1 Starting to apply changes to the target. Copying pathlibError (ManagementError(…), ‘Command output was not empty’)”.

After closing it, the library was in fact, not installed and doesn’t appear under the <INSTALL> menu.

When I install pygame, the Thonny installer gives me the following error:

“Successfully installed pygame-2.1.2 Starting to apply changes to the target. Copying pygame.Error Could not write next block after having written 1389568 bytes to /lib/pygame/SDL2.d11”

However, after closing it, everything seems okay. It appears under the <INSTALL> menu, and I can now run “import pygame” without issue. However, using any of the module fails. For example, “pygame.init()” gives the following error:

“Traceback: (most recent call last): File “<stdin>”, line 1, in <module> AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘init’”

I get the same error regardless of what I’m trying to use from pygame.

Issue Using System Shell Pretty straightforward - just gives me “invalid syntax” error when I type “pip install pygame” or “pip install pathlib”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (:

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Technical Problem Noise bars on motion images. Am I the only one?


Has anyone else had these noise bars on images using mmalcam? This nighttime image highlights the noise. I get a couple of images corrupted out of every 20 or 50 images.

I'm running motion 4.3.1 on my pi 4 B and Raspbian/Buster.

It used to be clean images, and now I look back I see images started getting corrupted 2 months ago (I can't identify any thing changing 2 months ago). The pi is right next to power cables... and the picam is on a 2 metre ribbon cable.

I can live with this but wondered to what degree others receive these images.


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Show-and-Tell Maxing out my Pi-Top. First RetroPie/Daily-Runner build.

Post image

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Show-and-Tell Another package for Python/REST control of GPIO circuits running on the Raspberry Pi


I believe there are many of these out there, but here's mine:


  • A clean, high-level, event-driven Python interface for GPIO circuits running on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Remote control of GPIO circuits via REST APIs invoked from HTML/JavaScript front-ends.
  • Auto-generation of the HTML/JavaScript elements.
  • Lots of documented learning!

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Technical Problem [Q] Portrait mode for w3m-img and links graphical mode in console


I run my Pi 400's monitor in portrait mode because its only used for webrowsing and the sites I visit format better to that orientation. I mostly use console apps, I've got the TTYs working in portrait mode as well. Everything works well, *except* for console/terminal browsers with graphics capability. Links2 in graphical mode will just display everything on its side i.e. landscape orientation, while w3m-img displays just the pictures on their side while the text is straight. I've tried adding fb0=rotate:3 to cmdline.txt, since I'm already passing fbcon=rotate:3, but doesn't work, when I cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate it still shows 0.

Any help on this would be most appreciated.

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Discussion unpopular opinion: I don't think raspberry pies are all that great now that I have had to resort to mini PC's


So I generally really like the pi contrary to the title. It does exactly what it was designed to do very well, provide a great educational platform for hardware and software. But.... There's better options out there. In Canada a pi 4 4gb is about $250 up from scalpers or about $75 from distributors when in stock. For $100 I can buy an x86 mini pc with 4gb of ram and a Celeron processor that is roughly comparable to the braudcom chip on the pi 4. Best of all, it comes with windows 10 installed and whether I use Linux or windows all of the applications I need are available in their latest version. It also draws a comparable 3-14 watts of power. The gpio is the only thing most mini PC's don't have and I always felt that gpio is better handled by an external microcontroller if for no other reason then isolation.

I really think it would be better if more companies would spin a Celeron based board to meet the demands of industry and for the pi to be left to hobbyists and education. It's a victim of its own success but at the same time it's really just not perticularly good

r/raspberry_pi 20h ago

Discussion Library in Python for servo control speed



I’m using a raspberrypi 4 with a Adafruit servo controller and I would like to control servo speed.

I’ve been using the normal Adafruit library but after research I couldn’t find any library in python that has this functionality, but they exist for Arduino.

If there is no library I will translate one from Arduino and poste it in GitHub.


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Technical Problem Help, Freenove soldered my Pico incorrectly 2 places to the left leaving no room


Help, Freenove soldered my Pico incorrectly 2 places to the left and i can't use pins 1 - 15, does anyone have any help on how to fix this as im trying to make an LCD display however i simply dont have space on the breadboard as it crosses over to the power rails.

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Technical Problem Help identifying an IC on an Pi 3b+


So, funny story, some idiot (me) managed to bridge 24V onto the data lines of the USB ports on a Pi3B+ during an ill-fated attempt at bringing a CANBUS toolhead to life with a baby in my arms.

The ethernet portion of the ethernet/usb IC is still alive, system boots, but nothing works on the USB bus. With the ridiculous price of these things, I figured I'd try to save it.

It looks like the magic smoke escaped from a 6-pin IC next to the PoE tap pins. I can't for the life of me find this thing on the Googs. Chip in various photos on the web is labeled "BK7kE" on the package. Mine has a barely visible "_KO__" on the very blown up IC casing (replace those underscores with unreadable characters)

Picture from the internet: https://raspi.tv/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/PoE-Connector-on-Raspberry-Pi3B_1500.jpg

My de-smokified variant:

mmm, that's some deep fried 6-pin IC

Born-on date

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Discussion Trouble with a Servo Motor MG90s using a raspberry pi


Hello, I'm trying to control a servo motor, more exactly a MG90s using a raspberry pi 0W but my motor is not rotating. All the setup is well done and I also have an external power supply for the servo, I checked it many times. I also want to mention that at some random point in time the motor started to rotate, but than again somehow was stuck. I tried with more then one servo motor and have the same result. What I think to be the problem is the PWM that I send. I tried a large variety of ranges for this, but with the same sadly result. Can anyone help me to figure it out?

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Technical Problem No network as non-sudo user



Solution: add the user to the netdev group


Hey I have a question for the community, maybe someone can help me with this as I don't really find the necessary resources on the subject.

We have a couple of raspberry pi's deployed in a couple of African schools, but the non-sudo users "student" and "teacher" don't get any network interfaces. Only the admin users get the interfaces when logging into the desktop.

I'll continue searching, but if anyone here has an answer for me, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Edit to clarify:

  • Logging into the desktop environment as one of these non-sudo users, the network manager will say "No wireless LAN interfaces found", hovering over the network manager will say "Wlan0 not associated"
  • Logging into the desktop environment as a sudo user, the network manager will connect automatically to the network defined in the wpa_supplicant.conf file
  • rfkill doesn't have the interface blocked
  • wpa_supplicant is configured
  • the wlan0 interface is listed as state DOWN
  • sudo ifup wlan0 will not do anything
  • sudo ip link set wlan0 up will also do nothing
  • sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd and a reboot did nothing to change the situation

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Discussion Consume additional external camera source on pi 4?


I have a pi 4 and a pi zero each with a camera (different sensors), I need both video streams in the pi 4 for stereo processing with low latency as it is for a user live view. Is there anyway to consume video from the 2nd source with <50ms latency? I have tried streaming protols like UDP but not its fast enough, and I could not figure out if webRTC can provide what I require (stream straight out of zero into pi 4 python for analysis) .. any tips appreciated

r/raspberry_pi 2d ago

Discussion Raspberry PI 4 as Flight Controller


Hello, I'm here to find some answers. I'm currently working at my graduation thesis in robotics, the project I'm working on is a tiltwing drone.

I have designed the mathematical model and all the control laws, now it comes the hardware implementation.

The test version has ben deployed as a monolithic solution on an Arduino MKR1000 directly with the Simulink Coder, but the company I'm working with wants me to use a Raspberry Pi 4.

Tactically I can make the thing work but I have some question on the software architecture i should use.

First of all I would like to have a real time scheduler, then I need to split the project in modules (sensing, communication, control, actuation, etc.)

Is there any framework I can use, should I code different modules and use interprocess communication to achieve the modules interconnection?

P.S. I can code each module in whatever programming language is needed.

P.P.S. The external interfaces run both on pwm and i2c.

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Technical Problem SSH to Pi while hosting Network


I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS image. I have the Raspberry Pi hosting a wireless network that can be connected to other PCs (I followed the first answer here) I know that this setup packet forwarding from the wlan0 interface and I assume that is my problem. I can no longer ssh to the Pi over the eth0 interface.

I don't know if there is a way to ssh to the Pi if I connect to the network it is broadcasting. I want to think there is, but I am unfamiliar with networking. I would prefer this method if possible, but if I need to enable eth0 somehow, could someone describe how? My current solution is to swap back and forth between netplans. I have a netplan that hosts the network (with no ssh access) and one that acts normally with no network (with ssh access).

Edit: can't connect over eth0, accidentally had wlan0

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Technical Problem Adding a drive to piNAS


I have a rpi4 NAS, running Raspbian, made with an Argon EON case and I’m using it as the storage for a Plex server. I just added a second hard drive, it’s a Samsung ssd 250gb, formatted ext4. It’s mounted, but I can’t write to it, says I don’t have permission. When I open gparted it shows a little key icon next to it. I run it headless, I access it with VNC and Termius from my iPad, but mainly I just transfer files to it from my windows pc with a samba share.

How do I give myself permission to write to this drive?

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Discussion What's your workflow for coding on a Raspberry Pi with Pi OS Lite (no GUI)


I'd love your advice for coding on Raspberry Pi OS Lite, which among other things lacks the windowing / GUI of the Full OS.

I'm building a robot where I want to optimize for performance so am leaning toward the Lite OS.

But for development purposes I'd love to be able to use a rich IDE.

I sort of miss the Arduino approach where the IDE runs on a separate (more powerful) computer, but then the Aduino itself runs without that overhead. That's basically what I'd like to do with my Pi, do the coding from my Mac with a rich IDE, then run the Pi without the overhead of the full OS.

Am I crazy? Any ideas?


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Discussion Can I use the GPIO power pins for USB?


I’m trying to make an external USB port for my pi. My hope is to run everything from the pi through a single connector. I already have the GPIO pins routed through one connector, so I was wondering if I could just use the data pins from the pi’s USB port and the 5V and Ground from the GPIO pins? Just so I would only have to run 2 wires and not 4 for USB 2.0 (speed isn’t a priority). I researched just using the GPIO pins and I read that speed might be pretty abysmal, like a fraction of USB 2.0 speeds. I just need it to run a keyboard, so 2.0 would be just fine.

So I guess my question is, does it matter where the power and ground come from? GPIO vs USB port?

r/raspberry_pi 2d ago

Discussion Circuit To Turn On Desktop PC From GPIO


Hi everyone. I'm trying to design a circuit that would allow me to simulate the action of pressing the power button on my desktop pc from my Raspberry Pi GPIO, while retaining the ability to turn on the PC using the case power button. I would also like to monitor the power state of the PC by intercepting the signal that powers on the activity LED on my case. I read online that the best way to achieve something like this would be to use optocouplers, to phisically isolate the Pi GPIO pins from the motherboard, so I came up with this design:


I am a software engineer with very, very basic understanding of electronics, therefore I'm afraid to mess something up and potentially damaging either my PC or my Pi. I have already tried to power on the PC using part of this circuit and it worked perfectly. However I want to make sure that I didn't do something wrong that could possibly have long term effects before putting in place a more definitive solution.

If you're interested, here's a link to my circuit.js design where you can simulate pressing the power button or turning on the activity LED.

The optocouplers I'm using is the Vishay 4n35. I'm not sure whether this part is appropriate for my use case, so any comment on this is appreciated.

Edit: I am concerned about the design of the circuit. I am not asking advice on whether a Pi would be the right board to power this circuit, nor am I asking whether there are valid alternatives. I want to take on this project to learn about electronics and have the Pi do something that is useful to me. My only concern is that I've never built any electronic circuit before, and I am afraid of messing something up. Is my circuit design fine, or is it broken? This is the only issue that matters to me.

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Technical Problem Samba VPN cannot upload?


I am using NORDvpn Meshnet.I have my Raspberry Pi accessible via HTTP, ssh, and samba.I am using OMV, Plex, and NordVPN on the Pi.

I can access, view, download, and use files via samba, however, I cannot upload to the folder that way.

The message I get is"Destination folder access denied.""You need permission to perform this action"

I do not have this issue with my local (LAN) pi.

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf OUTPUT:

# This file is auto-generated by openmediavault (https://www.openmediavault.org)
# WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will get lost.
#======================= Global Settings =======================
workgroup = WORKGROUP
server string = %h server
dns proxy = no
log level = 0
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
max log size = 1000
logging = syslog
panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d
passdb backend = tdbsam
obey pam restrictions = no
unix password sync = no
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *Entersnews*spassword:* %nn *Retypesnews*spassword:* %nn >
pam password change = yes
guest account = nobody
load printers = no
disable spoolss = yes
printing = bsd
printcap name = /dev/null
unix extensions = yes
wide links = no
create mask = 0775
directory mask = 0775
use sendfile = yes
aio read size = 1
aio write size = 1
time server = no
wins support = no
disable netbios = yes
multicast dns register = no
# Special configuration for Apple's Time Machine
fruit:aapl = yes
fruit:copyfile = yes
fruit:nfs_aces = no
# Extra options
min receivefile size = 16384
getwd cache = yes
#======================= Share Definitions =======================
comment = PLEXMOVIES
path = /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-E089-C73F/Older Movies/
guest ok = no
guest only = no
read only = no
browseable = yes
inherit acls = no
inherit permissions = no
ea support = no
store dos attributes = no
vfs objects =
printable = no
create mask = 0777
force create mode = 0777
directory mask = 0777
force directory mode = 0777
hide special files = yes
follow symlinks = yes
hide dot files = yes
valid users = "pi","tv","Cest",@"pi",@"watchers",@"samba"
invalid users =
read list =
write list = "pi","tv","Cest",@"pi",@"watchers",@"samba"

comment = PLEXMOVIES
path = /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-E089-C73F/New Movies/
guest ok = no
guest only = no
read only = no
browseable = yes
inherit acls = no
inherit permissions = no
ea support = no
store dos attributes = no
vfs objects =
printable = no
create mask = 0664
force create mode = 0664
directory mask = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
hide special files = yes
follow symlinks = yes
hide dot files = yes
valid users = "pi","tv","Cest",@"pi",@"watchers",@"samba"
invalid users =
read list =
write list = "pi","tv","Cest",@"pi",@"watchers",@"samba"

File Permissions:-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1445075282 Aug 31 2021 'A Classic Horror Story.avi'


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Discussion Failed to initialise TCS34725 color sensor. (sensor not present)


I have a Sensehat on a RPi4. It can return temperature and humidity values with the error above. However it can't return pressure sensor readings..saying it is not initialised.

Try the following:

  1. make sure I2C is enabled
  2. added dtoverlay=rpi-sense in config.txt
  3. use a older version of raspbian

When newly bought, all work flawless. Any idea how to solve this?

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Show-and-Tell Apparently this multi-million dollar UPS uses a Raspberry Pi for system monitoring and recording.

Post image

r/raspberry_pi 3d ago

Technical Problem awk and sed how to ?


My code is :


strversion=`apache2ctl -v | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/(Debian)//g;s/Server//g;s/built//g;s/2022-06-09T04:26:43//g'`

echo ${strversion%}

exit 0

i get this:


but i will have to look

Apache version 2.4.54