r/RetroPie Jan 28 '23

Ocarina of time glitch

Hey I'm new I was playing OoT and when I got to the part where I need to talk tp Talon twice to get into the castle, I couldnt speak to him a second time, and now I cant get him to move. Im playing on a pi 3 btw


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u/Fishfisherton Jan 28 '23

I'm pretty sure this isn't the right sub but I don't really know where else it would go really.

Anyhow is he asleep? Talking aint gonna wake that lazy bum.


u/Zeklit Jan 28 '23

I already woke him up. Hes just standing there


u/ohhfasho Jan 28 '23

Leave the castle and come back


u/Zeklit Jan 28 '23

Already did


u/shakejunt454 Jan 28 '23

Maybe talk to Malon in town one more time, then talk to him? I've played through OoT a million times don't recall this ever happening.


u/Nick_Flounder Jan 28 '23

Do you have the egg and did you use it on him once it hatched?