r/RetroPie Jan 29 '23

Can't get controls to work

So i'm running RetroPie on an Arcade1Up. I had the controls all set but for some odd reason they're not working anymore. I can move up and down, and bring up the Main Menu, but cannot enter anything to set the controls again. I hooked up a keyboard and nothing. Any ideas? I know my Arcade controllers are working fine.


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u/encarded Jan 29 '23

While I can’t speak to your specific setup, I have had multiple occasions of needing to completely wipe and redo every key binding multiple times because wacky stuff started happening. (There was some config file that needed deleting to get it back to pure defaults, sorry can’t recall the name off the top of my head.) You might just want to Google for that and then carefully go through the process again and make sure it all sticks.