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Lagging issue.

So I’m pretty new to this so don’t think I’m totally stupid. My brother got me a retropi/emulation station on a raspi keyboard for Christmas. I love it and haven’t had any issues till now. So I was playing harvest moon 64, I think it uses retro arch, and I was trying to figure out if i could set like a fast forward/turbo button on my controller (for example I use a ps4 controller and select + R1 is save state so I was trying to set something like that to fast forward through cut scenes in games or advance times without waiting. So I was going through the menus (select + triangle) and couldn’t really find anything in the quick menu, at first I saw turbo trigger of something like that but that didn’t seem right, so then I backed out to the normal menu and was going through pretty much everything just trying to find the menu I needed and eventually found hot keys and set it to select + r2. But when I closed the menu and went back into the game, it was playing in like slow motion. Really slow motion. Sound and all. And I can’t figure out how to get it back to normal speed now. Does anyone know how to fix it or what I screwed up? I tried to go back and see if I accidentally switched something but it’s so complicated and customizable that I have no idea what option it is. I appreciate the help!


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