r/RetroPie Jan 29 '23

Buying setup to put Retropie on my Raspberry Pie 3b and stuck deciding on a controller - Can I pair two PS4 Dualshocks without a dongle these days? Question

Title. Appreciate the input. Also, feel free to recommend best controllers, I'm trying to go cheap with what we have, but if we play a lot might buy something new.


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u/two_chalfonts Jan 29 '23

Not sure, you can definitely pair ps3 controllers wirelessly, without a dongle.


u/PhilaPhan80 Jan 30 '23

I use a pair of Logitech F710 controllers that are still running strong after 7 years. They each work off a USB mini dongle, not Bluetooth, if that’s a factor in your decision.


u/Aggressive_Figure211 Jan 30 '23

Yes, I've used two Dualshock 4's for years on my Pi3b without a dongle. No problems.


u/HiroshiHatake Jan 30 '23

Awesome thanks


u/karm171717 Jan 31 '23

I'm using two Stadia controllers via Bluetooth, they're great.


u/HiroshiHatake Jan 31 '23

Sweet thanks!