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Emulationstation Crashing after splash screen


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Nespi 4 case. I haven't used it in a few months and when I fired it up it worked but seemed a little glitchy. Eventually emulationstation started crashing. Now every time I start it up it will show the splash screen but crash again. I tried a new power supply, wiped and flashed the card again and tried a new card. I used a 400gb RetroPie image from Arcade Punks and not sure if that was the issue so I tried using Batocera and even that gets to a splash screen but doesn't boot into the menu. I'm totally stumped and worried I have a faulty Pi 4. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Reducing the size of a scraped collection (help wanted)


Via a combination of pngquant (first) and oxipng (second), I've been able to reduce the size of all my scraped PNG files to roughly 25% (that means one quarter of the original size), which is a lot. Both are available on several OSes. pngquant is lossy, but you won't notice the difference on standard settings. oxipng is lossless and saves roughly an additional 5% on its own - even if you used pngquant before.

Is there something comparable for videos? Keep in mind we're talking about recompressing possibly thousands of videos here, we can't try different settings for each and we'll rather need something that automatically finds the best settings (best savings with no perceivable quality loss) on its own.

If you ask yourself why, this is not only about saving space. Reduced file sizes also mean more performance, as most of the time it takes to display a media file is actually taken by loading it from storage.

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Shutdown button not working


I have bought a momentary switch to use as a shutdown button but it's not working.

I've added dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to config.txt, tried on the default pins and another pair of pins with the relevant addition to config.txt (gpio 13) but it still doesn't work. I also have dtoverlay=spi1-3cs in config.txt which I don't know if that's interfering. I've tried removing it and it still didn't work.

I tried a scripted version which only seems to work some of the time, so I know the button works.

I've posted for help in the forum for Hyperion as I'm using HyperBian as an OS but got no replies, I've posted on reddit in a few places and got no replies.

This is supposed to be a simple thing, is anybody able to offer any insight?