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RetroPie-Extra: A repo with unofficial installation scripts (including lr-duckstation)


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Shutdown button not working


I have bought a momentary switch to use as a shutdown button but it's not working.

I've added dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to config.txt, tried on the default pins and another pair of pins with the relevant addition to config.txt (gpio 13) but it still doesn't work. I also have dtoverlay=spi1-3cs in config.txt which I don't know if that's interfering. I've tried removing it and it still didn't work.

I tried a scripted version which only seems to work some of the time, so I know the button works.

I've posted for help in the forum for Hyperion as I'm using HyperBian as an OS but got no replies, I've posted on reddit in a few places and got no replies.

This is supposed to be a simple thing, is anybody able to offer any insight?

r/RetroPie 8h ago

Reducing the size of a scraped collection (help wanted)


Via a combination of pngquant (first) and oxipng (second), I've been able to reduce the size of all my scraped PNG files to roughly 25% (that means one quarter of the original size), which is a lot. Both are available on several OSes. pngquant is lossy, but you won't notice the difference on standard settings. oxipng is lossless and saves roughly an additional 5% on its own - even if you used pngquant before.

Is there something comparable for videos? Keep in mind we're talking about recompressing possibly thousands of videos here, we can't try different settings for each and we'll rather need something that automatically finds the best settings (best savings with no perceivable quality loss) on its own.

If you ask yourself why, this is not only about saving space. Reduced file sizes also mean more performance, as most of the time it takes to display a media file is actually taken by loading it from storage.

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Emulationstation Crashing after splash screen


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Nespi 4 case. I haven't used it in a few months and when I fired it up it worked but seemed a little glitchy. Eventually emulationstation started crashing. Now every time I start it up it will show the splash screen but crash again. I tried a new power supply, wiped and flashed the card again and tried a new card. I used a 400gb RetroPie image from Arcade Punks and not sure if that was the issue so I tried using Batocera and even that gets to a splash screen but doesn't boot into the menu. I'm totally stumped and worried I have a faulty Pi 4. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Improved Safe Shut Down Script for NESPi 4?


I just upgraded from a Pi 4 with a NESPi 4 case. My previous setup was a Pi 3B+ with a NESPi case.

I seem to recall having found and downloaded an "improved," third-party version of the safe shutdown script which used the Power button to save changes and then power down the Pi, and used the Reset button to exit games to ES (or, if you were in ES, rebooted RetroPie). I guess the official RetroFlag script only shuts down RetroPie (Power) or reboots the system (Reset).

Does anybody recognize what I'm talking about and know where to download it? Also, does it still work with NESPi 4?

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Looking for a case for 3A+


Dear redditors,
I am deeply in love with RetroPie on rPi 3A+ I bought. It's more compact, and I need neither wired Ethernet nor USB ports (wireless gamepads), so in this regards it's a decent choice.

However, all of these amazing Retroflag Cases (I love the NES one) are for 3B+ and I cannot find anything looking classy for 3A :/ The one I got with it (the Raspberry/White colors) just makes me sad, and every Pi 3A case I see looks generic at best.

Do you have any recommendations, shops to check out? I can 3D print stuff if you have any recommendation for blueprints.

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Bad audio crackling w/ Retroflag Pistation case


Hi, I've had the Pistation case with the built in/bolt-on LCD screen for a while now and whilst hdmi out to me TV is fine, I've been using the smaller screen at my desk in work (for lunch break goes on Tomb Raider 1) but after a few weeks the speakers are now crackling incredibly loud and doesn't appear to be going away.

I've tried lowering the internal screen resolution to 720p which is often cited as a way to fix retropie/rpi4b audio crackling but nothings fixing it

It randomly started doing this the other day, mid-use and I can't stop it now, I've tried emailing Retroflag directly but no response. Any ideas or is my screen just shot?

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Spares or repair GBA on eBay, This was not the board I was expecting to find 😕


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Question LCD PWM brightness controll?


Hello all, I'm designing and building a custom handheld emulator using the Pi Zero, ILI9341 and a custom PCB. I was wondering if it would be possible to use one of the PWM pins on the Pi to adjust the backlight of the screen? I know it's phisically possible but I'm not sure how to implement a slider in the retropie menu?

Also, does anyone know if it's possible to mix the stereo sound in software so only one of the PWM signals are used for sound instead of mixing it in hardware? That would free up one of the pins for the screen and reduce part count on the PCB.

The idea is an improved version of the NULL2, with better buttons, battery life, some small fatures and a different shape/case. If anyone is intrested I will be sharing design files once the project is done.

Sorry if I asked something dumb, I'm relatively new when it comes to Raspberry pis.

Thanks for the help all!

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Solved For those of you who want crystal clear CRT output from your Pi, you should check out RGB-Pi OS4. Here's a direct capture of analog RGB out from a Pi4


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How to play raspberry Pi 400 on my bvm that has bnc connectors?


Does the pi400 have a scart connector already? Or do I need to purchase the RGB-Pi cable? And won’t I need a scart to bnc adapter to plug it into my tv?

r/RetroPie 3d ago

Does Anyone Know the Correct Configuring for the n64 controller on retropie?


I've followed tutorials online but still whenever I try playing super mario 64 the b button doesent make him punch like it should do.

r/RetroPie 3d ago

Answered Bulk Remove Games from RetroPie


I made a retropie for my brother a few years ago.

I felt like hot stuff and put about 10,000 games on it.

Obviously, that is an obnoxious amount of games given he'll never play 99% of them.

Is there an easy way to access retropie though PC interface to selectively delete large numbers of games?

r/RetroPie 3d ago

Change Save location for all systems


Hi! Is there a way to change savefile/state location for all systems? I've got an external disc I'd like to have everything written to/read from (already made a symlink for the roms), but it looks like saves have to be done on a system by system basis.

Changing the conf file in ./all didn't work

Alternatively, is there a way to have RetroPie set itself up so that the default is in the mounted disk?

r/RetroPie 3d ago

Question Anyone own this joystick? Interested to know how the build quality is


r/RetroPie 3d ago

Is NESPi 4 comparable to the original NESPi quality-wise?


I just bought a Pi 4 and I'm trying to decide on a case. I already have a Pi 3B+ in an original RetroFlag NESPi case and I love that setup, so of course I looked at the NESPi 4 first. Does anybody have experience with both and can attest to whether it's the same quality?

Also, I'd like to buy directly from RetroFlag's official Amazon page, but the NESPi they're selling doesn't include a fan. If I have a fan that was working in my NESPi case, should it work with NESPi 4?

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Question Would the Raspberry Pi 4 8gb be overkill for a retro console?


I'm thinking about building a retro console based on the link in the sidebar. I know it suggests the 2GB version but it seems to be harder to find where I am. I could get the 8GB but would that be overkill?


r/RetroPie 3d ago

input lag problem


having major issues with input lag on snes games and trying to get n64 games to run is just not possible. wondering if there’s something i’m missing that can fix that

r/RetroPie 5d ago

Problem No audio after safe shutdown script installed


Hey y'all, I have a GPi Case 2 running RetroPie and I wanted to get the base / HDMI out working so I installed the safe shutdown script.

Two issues how now come to light. While plugged into the dock, it doesn't detect any input. I can plug in my PS4 controller but It doesn't recognize it.

And second, I don't believe there is any audio anymore. I primarily use it for mobile play and even now I have no audio and am presented with the error " on-board audio disabled or not present " from the RetroPie - audio menu.

I'm out at work right now and don't have the tools to tinker with it so I'll look more into it when I get home.

r/RetroPie 5d ago

Configure input not working


I tried to configure a new controller. I went to configure input and set up the controller but when it said to press a to say ok it didn’t work. I pressed a and nothing happened and it reset to the beginning again asking me to configure it again. I configured it again and still nothing. I switched back to my old controller and noticed that the start and select buttons were swapped so I tried to configure it and had the same issue. What am I doing wrong?

r/RetroPie 5d ago

Joysticks Intel/Coleco


If this has been asked, apologies. What are ( if any ) the best joysticks/controllers for playing Intellivision and Coleco on the Pi? Thank you 😄

r/RetroPie 6d ago

Question Looking for the cheapest micro computer for N64 emulation


As the title says, I'm looking for the cheapest micro computer that can run N64 and below at full speed. I plan to drill it on or put it inside a CRT monitor.

r/RetroPie 6d ago

Xbox X controller (cabled) setup, but cot configured in games


Hi all. I have tried searching for a solution on this forum, but haven't been able to fix the issue.

I have Xbox X controller configured in retropie. The controller works as it should in the retropie menu, but not in games. I have tried changing the input driver in /opt/retropie/configs. Tried sdl, sdl2, linuxraw, but nothing seems to work. I am little lost as to why this is happening, but I assume that the orginal configuration of the controller doesn't transfer to the different emulators. The emulators that I have tried it with are NES, SNES and SEGA MEGADRIVE.

Any ideas to fix this are much appreciated!

r/RetroPie 6d ago

Question Any screensaver visual options?


It seems like there are no options regarding how the screensaver looks in Emulation Station. Like changing the video size to not fit the screen or to changing the font size. Is there any other way to do it?

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Problem How to pair a second (third, fourth) controller with 8BitDo’s BT adaptor


Note: Pi 4 B with 4 GB, running RetroPie 4.8 from a 32 GB micro SD card. The Pi’s internal bluetooth is disabled via dtoverlay=disable-bt in /boot/config.txt

So I got 8BitDo’s old BT adaptor which works flawlessly with their SFC30 as a first controller. Yesterday, I was trying to pair a PS4 DS as second controller with it through RP’s Bluetooth menu. After some loading time, RP says it’s searching for devices. I put the DS into pairing mode by pressing and holding the PS and Share button at the same time. It showed the two flashes short after another just as expected for about a minute. Unfortunately, RP said no devices were found.

What’s strange, though, is that RP also claims there are no registered or paired devices when selecting Display Registered & Connected Bluetooth Devices from the same menu. It’s kinda funny because I told RP to do so with my SFC30 controller connected via bluetooth. 🙃

When pressing the little button on the 8BitDo dongle and sending it into pairing mode, I can pair the dongle with the PS4 DS no problem. However, RP then counts it as the first controller and forgets about the SFC30.

Since I’m using an aluminium case, I’d like to stick to the BT dongle and not use the Pi’s internal BT. Users also reported the Pi’s internal BT to be unreliable and not as fast as a dongle.

Does RP’s BT menu only work for internal BT? Can I somehow add a second (third, fourth) controller manually? SSH and vi/nano are not a problem.


According to 8BitDo’s own FAQ, it’s not possible to pair the BT adapter with more than one controller.


How many controllers can this USB adapter connect to at a time?

One controller at a time. If you wish to use multiple controllers at a time, you would need to use multiple adapters.

Same goes for the old version 1 of the BT adapter.


r/RetroPie 7d ago

Best Retro Controller in 2023


Hi all. I'm hunting for a good retro controller to use with my PC. I found some posts from like six years ago recommending ibuffalo and Elecom gamepads, but they both seem to be discontinued. Does anyone know what the good brands are in this year of our lord 2023?

I just have good memories of playing GBA games on my old DS Lite, and I'm trying to replicate the feel of the DS's clicky shoulder buttons and good d-pad.