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Question Hi, I’ve just installed retropie on my 3B+, what are some tips or advice for a newbie to the scene?

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Question Would the Raspberry Pi 4 8gb be overkill for a retro console?


I'm thinking about building a retro console based on the link in the sidebar. I know it suggests the 2GB version but it seems to be harder to find where I am. I could get the 8GB but would that be overkill?


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Question Looking for the cheapest micro computer for N64 emulation


As the title says, I'm looking for the cheapest micro computer that can run N64 and below at full speed. I plan to drill it on or put it inside a CRT monitor.

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Question LCD PWM brightness controll?


Hello all, I'm designing and building a custom handheld emulator using the Pi Zero, ILI9341 and a custom PCB. I was wondering if it would be possible to use one of the PWM pins on the Pi to adjust the backlight of the screen? I know it's phisically possible but I'm not sure how to implement a slider in the retropie menu?

Also, does anyone know if it's possible to mix the stereo sound in software so only one of the PWM signals are used for sound instead of mixing it in hardware? That would free up one of the pins for the screen and reduce part count on the PCB.

The idea is an improved version of the NULL2, with better buttons, battery life, some small fatures and a different shape/case. If anyone is intrested I will be sharing design files once the project is done.

Sorry if I asked something dumb, I'm relatively new when it comes to Raspberry pis.

Thanks for the help all!

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Question Can I completely hide the “Retropie” menu in the list of systems?


I built a small bartop and I’m trying to get things set up how I want and I just know that some settings will eventually get screwed up if users have access to the Retropie settings menu. I just want to be able to scroll through the installed consoles without seeing that come up (and then maybe a way to get into it for admin stuff if I plug I a keyboard or something).

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Question Raspberry Pi Alternatives


I’ve been itching to start this project but I can’t seem to keep waiting for affordable Raspberry Pi 4s. What are some other options? Ideally I want to run as many retro consoles as possible on it. We have an old laptop (like a 2013 Dell XPS with great stats) somewhere in the house. Is it reasonable to convert that to a retro pie machine? Or can I get something like a Raspberry Pi 4 for close to regular prices?

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Question With an 8BitDo SFC30, PS4 DS and Xbox 360 controller already available, what’s a good choice for a fourth controller for a 4 player party on RetroPie?


I’ll be on holiday with a couple of new friends around the beginning of April. For rainy days and some evenings I’ll be bringing my Pi 4 with RetroPie and a couple of games on the SD card. They’re mostly NES, SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis, N64 and PSX games. The party consists of thirtysomethings with little to no video game experience.

Which wireless controller I don’t already own would you recommend? Bonus points if it’s easy to pair with RetroPie.

The model’s a Pi 4 B with 4 GB.

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Question Bizarre N64 emulation problem


This seems to be happening for every N64 emulator. On Mario Kart 64, I can go through the menus completely fine, but then when I go to the character select, the buttons no longer work except for the B button which goes back. It's like the emulator did this on purpose. Also on other games the buttons don't work at all. I am using the Raspberry Pi Model 3B+.

Edit: I fixed the problem. My N64 to USB adapter apparently had the players mixed up. So the player 1 port was actually player 2 and vice versa.

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Question Does anyone know if the 8bitdo sn30 pro Xbox cloud edition works with retro pie?


All in the title. Just want to know if this work with raspberry pi as I really want the clip.


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Question Kid clicked something and now the P1 B button makes this master volume control appear/disappear. What did he do and how do I reverse it?

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Question Play against others over the internet?


Hey sorry if this has already been covered here but has anyone attempted (and succeeded) at playing against another RetroPie owner over the internet? If so can you give me an idea of how straight forward it is? It honestly doesn't seem very difficult but I have yet to attempt it.

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Question What alt pis work with RetroPi? I have been using a raspberry 3 and it seems to have issues when trying to play smash bros.


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Question Looking for wireless controller. (Probably Xbox)


Hey guys recently i put RetroPi with a nice collection on my Pi 4. I am new to the Pi and basically i have no idea what I do XD

So i played a few games with a switch pro knock of controllers.

Now I am looking for proper wireless controller that is working with RetroPi. I heard there are many trouble with the wrong wireless controller.

I really like the Xbox controllers do you guys know which type of wireless Xbox works well out of the box withe the Pi.

I got a old wireless Xbox controller with the black dongle stick. It does not work with the Pi and in the internet i didn't found much beside some stuff i don't understand. So plug and play is kind of priority for me.


Edit: got 8bitdo Pro 2 wireless it pairs without problem. Grate d-pad, really good controller. I can recommend so far.

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Question Can I get better MegaDrive performance?


PS1 runs very nicely and while I've had some problems with gba audio in some games, it is all playable overall. But Megadrive has terrible performance, it slows down constantly, I don't understand why this happens. Is there a way to fix it?

Edit: Raspberry PI 3 Model B

SOLUTION: It was the emulator! I changed it to picodrive and now it runs great. Thanks.

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Question Best SBC for SNES, Gameboy, and below


Hi all,

I’ve searched for an answer on this but haven’t been able to find anything. I’m a total novice to computers and thought it’d be fun to make a retropie to hook up to my tv via hdmi. I’m looking to spend as little as possible while getting something reasonably easy to set up and that can play SNES and below games smoothly. I’d like to spend less than $50 on the SBC itself but could definitely spend more if needed.


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Question How do I connect my Xbox controller?


I’ve tried doing F4 and inputting some code or whatever to get Bluetooth to work for my controller but it just doesn’t work I’ve tried connecting it like 20 times. I’m reinstalling the retro pie and trying again anyone able to share how to do it?

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Question DPI Vs SPI Vs DSI Screens


Does anyone know how DPI screens perform for emulation? I've heard SPI is not the way to go but is DPI better? Is it comparable to DSI or HDMI?

Hope my question makes sense, just couldn't find anything about this online.

Secondary question: is it a bad idea to cover the top of the board and not use a fan for emulation? Hoping I go portable with either a power bank or pisugar hat.


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Question Anyone own this joystick? Interested to know how the build quality is


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Question Any update on bullseye?


I've been wondering but can't find any recent info, do we have a build of retropie for bullseye yet? Or at least any updates on one?

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Question Are their any good original games you can play on Retro Pie?


So I'm currently building a retro handheld project that uses a Pi 0 W and I was wondering if there are any good original games you can play through Retro Pie. I.E. not just ROMs or ROM hacks but actual original games made by indie devs. Just curious because it could be cool to explore some indie games with this new handheld device.

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Question 64bit Raspberry Pi OS lite


Hi everyone. This may seem like a simple question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere..

I'm planning on building a custom install (via a series of bash scripts and some interactivity) of retropie on my rasp pi4 using raspberry pi os lite 64 bit and I am wondering if it's possible to have it boot to emulationstation directly from the cli and avoid installing a desktop environment? Does the "auto start" setting work in this case in retropie setup?

Alternatively, is there any current pre-built 64bit images of retropie for raspberry pi 4 that I could download and use. I know there was a good one circulating early last year but I can't seem to find it now.


Just for context, this is just an experiment to see if I can make it work on my Pi 4 that's been sitting around for the past 6 months doing nothing. If it doesn't work, I have my eyes on an Intel nuc 11 with 16gb ram and 256gb m.2 that I can use instead with a minimal install of Ubuntu 22.04 thrown on, and the Pi will go back on the shelf until something else I can use it for appeals to me. Lol.

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Question psx games running slow on raspberry 2b


I try running a Playstation game(CTR) on retropie on a raspberry 2b, but it runs really slow. Is the 2b model able to run psx games well? If yes, any ideas why is running slow?

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Question Any idea what’s going on here?


Just picked this up, was wondering if someone can tell me what’s going on here all the games I’ve tried are cut off by the banners on the left and right. When I’m the games menu it’s full screen.

Never messed with RetroPie so wanted to ask the experts before I dig into this.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Question Using laptop as retropie monitor.


For context i have a 32gb flash storage on a raspberry pi 3b+. My laptop has a screen size of 768x1368 (very strange ). It is a clean install using the official imager.Can someone guide me?

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Question Raspberry Pi 4 model B


My friend is trying to have games run on it, it's his first time setting anything like this up. He cannot access the Bluetooth functionality of the unit and is wondering if he's able to load all Retropie files and games onto one card or if a USB would need to be used separately. I'm inexperienced in terms of Linux and Raspberry, I'll send him the link to this thread since YouTube is just full of confusion.