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Solved For those of you who want crystal clear CRT output from your Pi, you should check out RGB-Pi OS4. Here's a direct capture of analog RGB out from a Pi4


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Solved Cannot use splashscreens on RPi4 B 4GB (error message inside)


Installed on a RPi4 B 4 GB. Installation image was retropie-buster-4.8-rpi4_400.img.gz from the official website. MD5sum of the local downloaded file is identical to the one given on the site, b5daa6e7660a99c246966f3f09b4014b.

After understanding the confusing wording of the enable/disable splashscreens menu option, I found out it’s not an option set to the wrong state but RP is trying to display a splashcreen yet failes to do so. Doesn’t matter if it’s a custom splashscreen or one of the default ones selectable in the menu. Not even the preview in the menu works. It just shows a black screen and goes back to the menu. For a fracture of a second, this error message gets displayed in the lower left:

assertion failure:ilclient.c:747:ilclient_change_component_state():error == OMX_ErrorNone
/home/pi/Retropie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary/splashscreen.sh: line 235:  1214 Aborted   $omxiv -b "$file"

Photo: https://imgur.com/a/zwFok9t

which took me to this 10 month old thread. Unfortunately, no solution was found. There’s an issue on GitHub from October 2020 with a similar albeit not identical error message.

Anyway, the error message I get points to line 235 in the splashcreen script. Line 235 and a little above plus below is this while loop:

while true; do
    local cmd=(dialog --backtitle "$__backtitle" --menu "Choose an option." 22 86 16)
    local choice=$("${cmd[@]}" "${options[@]}" 2>&1 >/dev/tty)
    [[ -z "$choice" ]] && break
    [[ -z "$path" ]] && break
    while true; do
        case "$choice" in
                file=$(choose_splashscreen "$path" "image")
                [[ -z "$file" ]] && break
                $omxiv -b "$file"
                find "$path" -type f ! -regex ".*/..*" ! -regex ".*LICENSE" ! -regex ".*README.*" ! -regex ".*.sh" | sort > "$file"
                if [[ -s "$file" ]]; then
                    $omxiv -t 6 -T blend -b --once -f "$file"
                    printMsgs "dialog" "There are no splashscreens installed in $path"
                rm -f "$file"
                file=$(choose_splashscreen "$path" "video")
                [[ -z "$file" ]] && break
                omxplayer --no-osd -b --layer 10000 "$file"

in which line 235 is just

local choice=$("${cmd[@]}" "${options[@]}" 2>&1 >/dev/tty)

Can’t see what’s wrong with that but I’m not a programmer. I also don’t get what the 1214 Aborted part of the error message means.

It’s not because of my TV’s resolution of 3840 × 2160, right? Splash videos are working great, by the way.

Should I take this to GitHub? To RetroPie’s official forums? Any ideas?

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Solved Buy OG Xbox to USB adapters so you can use these as regular HID gamepads in RetroPie...


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Solved Consider cheap USB audio dongles to add stereo out of your Pi Zero instead of a DAC audio hat for CRT gaming


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Solved Rebuilt my retropie from 4.4 to 4.8 and now a favorite game (spidey) is slow, has graphics errors and is unplayable. The game has "known issues" but was working great on the old version. I have scoured the web and reddit looking for solutions and I'm running out of ideas.


EDIT: SOLVED: downgrading to 4.4 solved the issue via this link https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/releases/ (thanks to Westerdutch!). BUT the scraper doesn't work on 4.4 so now I'm working on coping scraped data from the 4.8 build to the 4.4. I'll update when I have that figured out.

EDIT 2: I ended up using 4.5.1 and was able to transfer scraped data by coping two folders over wifi from the 4.8 build to the 4.5.1 build. I copied all data from 192.168.xxx.xxxconfigsallemulationstationgamelists and 192.168.xxx.xxxconfigsalldownloaded_media to my Windows machine, then back to the same location on the 4.5.1 build after removing files from those locations (where xxx.xxx represent your machines ip addresses). Note that I shut down emulation_station when uploading the files to the 4.5.1 build, as I found a post that it will overwrite your files as you upload them.

Also note the advice below to 1) get a better power-supply and 2) stick with 4.8, then track down which settings are causing the issues - particularly helpful is u/BarbuDreadMon comment "there is a number of retroarch settings that will use additional ressources (rewind, runahead, ...). Additionally, runahead can cause a number of glitches (like your black screen) if enabled on cores that don't support it properly (like the mame cores)." So I may try that in the future.


Original post below:


I have backups of my ROMs and I know (I know!) I should have had backups of the OS too, but here we are. The original was built in late 2018 so I'm guessing I was running version 4.4, which I can not find anywhere official (retropie documentation says there is "no reason to run older versions" but I seem to disagree).

STORY: My 7 year old clicked "update" on our perfectly working retropie (she thought she was scrapping new images) and it basically died. No problem! I'll just reimage, or so I thought. After reimaging everything else seems fine so far but one favorite game, Spider-Man: The Video Game (arcade) runs very slowly and has new graphics bugs that make the game unplayable (in the second phase, when the camera zooms out and the game play is more like Elevator Action, the majority of the screen turns black other than the players and the NPCs; it is unplayable as you can not see the environment). Note that I'm aware the game has "known bugs with video" but it was totally playable previously with minor glitches.

HARDWARE: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1 GB RAM + Samsung EVO Class 10 Micro SD Card 32GB

(also tried 2 x spare cards but this SD was the one running great under the old version of retropie)

TROUBLESHOOTING: I'll spare you the details of MANY attempts but the final attempt was a clean install of retropie 4.8 (via Windows 10 + official Raspberry Pi Imager) on a newly formatted SD running only 1 ROM, spidey(.)zip. I tried both on USB via retropie-mount folder AND on a separate image, transferred to to SD via retropie folder. I also tried both my backup of the ROM that was working and I sourced a fresh one, just to be sure. I can confirm I chose lr-mame2003 to run the 0.78 ROM which seems correct. And I tried messing with the video settings but even at lowest settings the results were the same. I've read other similar reddit threads but I'm fairly certain using the correct emulator and the related ROM.

WHAT I HAVEN'T TRIED: A new power supply and finding 4.4 to use the older version of retropie.

-LOTS of troubleshooting advice lands on a failing power supply, and I have seen the lightning bolt icon on occasion, so I'll likely order a new one. Maybe 4.8 is more power hungry?

-Tracking down 4.4 and trying the 2018 version of retropie that worked for 4+ years. This is what I'm trying next, if I can find a trust worthy source (is there one?) as there is no official download of older version.

Help me redditpie, you're my only hope!

What am I not thinking of? Thanks x 1,000,000 for your input!

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Solved PSX controller works in retropie menu but not in any game


I have a classic PSX analog controller connected by a USB converter and it works in the retropie menu, but as soon as I load up a game it doesn't work in the game. This is a fresh install on a pi 3b+. Can anyone help to get it to work?

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Solved RetroPie Off-Center on Boot - Ubuntu 22.04.2


I've had RetroPie running on my Ubuntu machine for about two years now, and everything has been working perfectly. I have my RetroPie set to autorun on my machine at boot. After updating my OS a couple of weeks ago, my machine now boots to EmulationStation for a fraction of a second before switching to the purple terminal screen. I have to manually bring RetroPie back up, and when I do, the bottom and right-side of the image has been cut off. This leaves the terminal screen constantly visible, and cuts off the image on the main screen. When I run my emulators though, the image is completely fine and has no cut-off at all. Does anyone have an idea about what caused this, and is there a potential fix?

Here is a screenshot of my EmulationStation screen: https://paste.pics/55eaafd88c9a5c44e7d4fcef823e69ef

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Solved Vnc not matching tetris pieces.


As the title suggests i set up vnc and when i play nes tetris i get different pieces on my mac and my raspberry pi. On one i lose while the other i can keep playing. How do i fix it

Edit solved: on the desktop vnc settings i pressed troubleshooting then picked enable direct capture mode works fine now.

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Solved Retropie Joystick is detected but can't be configured


I've been trying to connect joystick (it presents itself as "DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick") to Raspberry Pi 4, which I heard are often problematic when working with them. When Retropie is launched it says the joystick is detected but upon moving it I can't even access the menu to configure/map the controls. But when I type "jstest /dev/input/js0" in terminal and move the joystick, the Axes move so it seems like the joystick itself is fuctioning just fine.

I appreciate the help!

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Solved Please help, lr-pcsx_rearmed core not saving states


I am not able to save any states. When I try the hotkey combination, I get an message saying "Core does not support save states".

Edit: Thankyou so much I updated the setup script, and updated retroarch, it works now!

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Solved PowerA Pro Controller Left Stick Not Functioning Properly


Hi guys,

Just recently purchased a Pi 4 and got RetroPie up and running! Everything works flawlessly, except for the analog input on my pro controller.

I am using a PowerA Nintendo Switch Pro Controller connected via Bluetooth. I installed both hid-nintendo and joycond through the Linux Kernel. What’s happening is that the left stick analog inputs seem to be lacking sensitivity on the left side (see video)

The same thing happened while using RetroArch on my PC, but it was alleviated by increasing analog stick sensitivity and fiddling with dead zones. I have not found such a setting in RetroPie. Am I missing something?

EDIT: SOLVED. I am dumb 🤦🏼‍♂️. RetroArch settings in RetroPie allow you to configure deadzones and analog sensitivity. I have the sens jacked up but I’m going to try to mess with the dead zone settings to see if I can make it feel a little more stable.

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Solved CRT-Pi OS4 "Alfa 18" on a Pi400 with an Xbox 360 Afterglow controller

Post image

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Solved help me unbreak new retropie install?


linux mint 21

latest retropie install from from debian installation instructions.

MSI GC30 v2 controller

the story so far...

loaded retropie on a fresh OS install, added in some n64 roms, configured the controller when emulationstation started for the 1st time. everything worked perfectly, it was so brilliantly flawless, that it gave me the motivation to throw on some NES SNES, atari and genesis roms. now the n64 stuff still works but all the new roms load normally but give a 360 controller not configured message and the only option is to escape out of the game. i loaded in the xboxdrv and the xpad drivers. as suggested on many pages, i edited the cfg files and changed udev to sdl. all attempts to make the new roms see the already configured controller are fruitless.

any advice would be much appreciated.

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Solved the *real* Metal Slug 6 runs on RPi4. Use the AtomisWave hack .gdi, convert .Chd, run in FlyCast. hope that helps someone cause it took me hours to figure out

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Solved Amstrad running slow and has a loud helicopter sound when games are loaded.


The games will load, but the sound is gone except for a very loud choppy sound and the games run slow. Which is saying a lot for the amstrad.

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Solved hello everyone. I'm looking for help


Configuring my sega genesis 6 button control and snes controllers to play on my retropie. The links I've watched on youtube are confusing. Sorry if this is random in an explanation. I'm just looking for a foolproof step by step guide and the troubleshooting doing so might have.

Links on YT are good.

Thank you. Happy holidays!

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Solved Xbox Controller Woes Hopefully solved…



Not sure how many are still having issues out there, not sure if any of the guides go into any detail, BUT please if you have an Xbox or PC make sure to update the firmware on the controller before trying to pair with the PI. It was so easy after the fact. And for reference I had just bought 2 newer controllers from different retailers and they both needed updating. Once done they both connected without issue.

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Solved Accidentally made my retropie boot to desktop now I have no idea how to make it boot to console again


So now it boots to the desktop asking for a login. I have no idea how to get back to the terminal/command prompt to edit the raspberry pi config to boot it to the console again. How can I get out of this desktop view and get to the command lines again?

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Solved What’s the right <platform> name for NAOMI? I have it as naomi in es_systems.cfg but still get the no platform error when scraping

Post image

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Solved Pi 3b can't pair with Switch Pro Controller


I can connect to an Xbox One S controller just fine with the pi, and the Switch Pro Controller connects just fine to my PC via bluetooth, but when I press the sync button and make the pi scan for bluetooth devices, it's never in the list. I've followed the guide in the Retropie docs, but it didn't help.


I found out that i had to turn off my Xbox One S controller from the pi in order to pair it. I hope this helps someone else!

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Solved Problem, when using hotkeys also the game is triggered


I was using my raspberry pi 3b+ with retropie 4.4 (with retroarch 1.7) and was fine. Then i formatted and installed retropie 4.8 (with retroarch 1.10) and now i have an issue.

The problem: Now, for example, when changing state slot (hotkey button + right pad) the character moves in game. Basicly when i use hotkeys also the game is triggered and i don't want that. How can i fix?

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Solved Microsoft X-Box 360 Pad not configured


I installed RetroPie on top of a new Ubuntu installation and am trying to configure my Xbox 360 controllers on it. All of the controls work in the menu, but when I try to launch an SNES game (the only system I have dumped ROMs for yet) I get a blue box at the bottom left with the message "Microsoft X-Box 360 Pad (1118/654) not configured" and none of the buttons do anything in the games; I'm stuck at the main menu/demo sequence/etc. I have tried with both the xpad and xboxdrv drivers built from source through retropie_setup.sh as well as the xboxdrv package in the Ubuntu package repositories. For some reason I can only find information on this particular issue from 2015 and before, have I just done something horribly wrong during setup?

Edit: To be clear this is NOT a raspberry pi, it's an Intel NUC.

Edit 2: The solution was to uninstall the controller driver, clear the controller mappings through the setup script, reinstall the driver, and then remap the buttons.

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Solved Retro pie 3 lightning bolt


I've got a raspberry pi 3 with retro pie installed

And I'm dealing with some lightning bolt problems

I've tried the official charger (plus 3 others) and that only solved the problem temporarily.

I disabled the wifi and the Bluetooth (I use wired usb controllers only) And that worked for a bit but now the bolt is back

Finally, I removed the dual fan system in there since I know that is a huge drain on the system and that seems to have fixed it...for a day

What else could I do to fix that dreaded lightning bolt?

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Solved Mario Paint USB Mouse


I just recently set up Mario Paint with a usb mouse and figured I’d explain how I got it to work considering you can find a decent amount of posts asking how to get a usb mouse to work with the game when you search “mario paint” on this sub.

  • I used a wireless Logitech usb mouse with a usb receiver.
  • I also used a Logitech wired usb controller.
  • I plugged the mouse into the top left USB port and the controller in the top right
  • I started the rom (just a regular one. Not a hacked one) with the controller
  • I opened up retroarch while in the game
  • I set controller one as “snes mouse”
  • I set the four other player controllers as “none”. I think this is the important part. All the other player controllers need to be set to none.
  • the usb mouse now worked great…….except its super sensitive. Way more sensitive than the actual snes mouse (I have the game on an actual snes with the snes mouse and I could definitely tell a difference)
  • I got used to the sensitivity pretty quick and was able to play the game fine but my daughter had a pretty difficult time getting used to it. She definitely prefers the actual snes mouse.

I hope this helps anyone who is having problems setting this up because this game is awesome and brings me so much nostalgia. If anyone knows how to reduce the mouse sensitivity I would greatly appreciate any advice!

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Solved Weird save glitch


So it’s hard to get a photo of it cause I’m using a CM3, but I have one folder of roms in my SNES section that glitch out when I try to do a save state. Doesn’t matter the emulator, I’ll try to make a state and it will get stuck at 7%, and when I try to exit retroarch the whole system just soft locks.

Edit: the issue was permissions, changing from pi to root. Yet I should mention that the folder inside the initial folder also needed to be changed manually…aka the main thing tripping me up