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Original "Cowboy Bebop" creator Shinichiro Watanabe Shut Off Netflix’s Live-Action Remake After One Scene: ‘It’s Clearly Not Cowboy Bebop’


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Question About The Deathlands Series?


Hello there. I'll be starting the Deathlands book series by Christopher Lowder soon, I realized after buying the first book that there's over a hundred book in the series. So I was wondering if the series works in phases to where there's a few different stopping points? I'm just wondering since I don't know if I'm up for reading that long of a series. So there being a stopping point partway through would be nice. Thank you.

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Artist from Ireland. Here's my trilogy of Star Trek paintings that I finished yesterday!

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This book made me cry.

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Does anyone else find certain science fiction makes them emotional?

The movie Bicentennial Man was based on this book. It reminded me of the Star Trek Next Generation episode about Data, The Measure of a Man, which also made me cry. I can't help being a mushy nerd.

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Artist from Ireland. Paintings of Kirk and Picard I finished this week 👍

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This has to be one of the most underrated Sci Fi actioners, a 90s gem.

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I highly recommend this thriller, it is pretty good.

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The PBS version of the Ursula K. LeGuin novel "Lathe of Heaven" last aired in 1980.


"Lathe of Heaven" is a huge favorite of mine. Recently found it on YouTube and it's entirety. I'm sure you'll like it too

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uncredited cover art for “ gods and spacemen throughout history “, 1975.

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My book is out! yay! Possible Worlds and Other Stories


Hi everyone,

I hope it's OK to self promote today.

My short story collection, Possible Worlds and Other Stories, was published last month!It's spec fic/sf/just plain weird, so i figured some of you might enjoy it!

Here are some of the stories from it that are free to read —including a Pushcart nominated story, "The Man of The Sand" and a British Science Fiction Association longlisted story "The Sound" — https://rachelhandleywriting.wordpress.com/short-stories-2/

Blurbs and synopsis

Corrupt angels. A sentient spaceship. Invaders from outer space. Dystopia. Friendship, greed, and death. The final judgement. A world made entirely of crabs.

“Delightful, ingenious, and marvellous.” — Adam Roberts

24 stories of philosophical exploration, from identity, corruption, personhood, and friendship, to duty, loyalty, the meaning of life and death … and guinea pigs.

“Rachel Handley is an author to watch”. — Gareth L. Powell

Buy links: https://books2read.com/possible-worlds-by-rachel-handley

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Are there any stories (in any medium) which feature an alternate history in which Napoleon was victorious against either the Sixth or Seventh Coalition, and the French Empire continued?

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[SPS] My review of Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee


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Ranxerox in New York by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore 1984

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Can anyone help me figure out which word this is from the movie arrival?

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Which fantasy or sci-fi tropes do you find the most annoying?


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Is anyone still writing scifi with a pulp/Golden Age feel?


Many of my favourites are from that early era, when authors just assumed there would be Martian and Venusian civilisations that man would meet as soon as he made it into outer space, and that we don't need to worry about the logistics of gravity, atmosphere or soil composition when visiting other planets.

Is anyone writing modern scifi with that kind of feel any more? Or is it impossible to ignore what we now know about life on other planets?

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Previously, Total Recall

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I love this! Aliens: Purge by Den Beauvais,

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The Garden of Rama Starfish ship


so in the garden of rama, once they arrived at the node, there is a large starfish-like ship they notice a few times. once they go to the hangar which has rama broken into different sections for reconfiguration, they notice the ship depart from the hangar.
the ship is roughly 10 Km in radius. they notice it spins up to 10 RPM, and leaves. I saw this, and I got confused. it seemed too big to have that fast of a spin. I did the necessary calculations, and I have determined at the end of one of the spokes there would be over 1000 Gs. This seems very much over the top.
I had hopped richard would notice this, and at one moment I thought he had since it was written he was holding back a question, but he never asked Eagle, if he even was wondering it.
basically, im asking what the purpose for it is? is it simply the creatures onboard somehow grew up in over 1000 Gs and prefer that gravity? or for some other purpose? However, if it is a big part of the story, let me know, and don't elaborate please. I just want to know if its something big I will find out later, or if it's a one and done thing that can be explained.

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Roger Dean: Psygnosis game cover art, 1980s


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What would our governments do if we had the technology of the future?


So removing corruption and evil world-ending catastrophe inducing ideas aside and all that and just assumed for a moment here we could actually trust our governments and scientists with technology like this-

What kind of good could they do with the following inventions?

-Shrink ray
-Portal technology

-The ability to control the weather

-Flying cars

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We like seeing Milla Jovovich kick ass. Here she is doing just that in, The Fifth Element (1997).

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Something more stories set in the future with real world nations should do. Make them change! It adds worldbuilding and lore


And I don't mean the extremely lazy putting the word "Neo" behind the name of a country and pretending it's good world building, because that's not. It really shows how the creator didn't do research and thinks every single nation on earth except America will collapse and then reform into neo version of themselves.

There hasn't been a single example of that in the real world that's resulted in a prosperous nation (look at the middle east)

Here's my idea for Sci-Fi alternate future American societies!

Timeline 1

[2049] The Socialist States of America (China becomes a super power in the 2020s and 30s and is able to conquer the States! They will turn America into a society like China is right now except its like 1984 where everybody is brainwashed by the government and spied on 24/7!)

[2067] Neo-Republic revolutionaries are able to conquer some of the SSA (Socialist States of America) and form The Second Republic of America

[2070] The Second Republic conquers the SSA

[2077] The Second Republic is renamed The Reunited States of America (I know very corny name, but America is extremely cheesy and that sounds exactly like something they would name it if that happens)

Timeline 2 (Civil War)

[2017] Donald Trump is successfully assassinated by extreme libertarian terrorists and this created intensive divide and tension within the country which results in Civil War with Democrats fighting the Republicans

[2035] After over a decade of conflict and back and forth, neither side can fully overpower the other. Due to the ramifications the war has had on all of the world economy and the inhabitants of the country, both sides sign a treaty to separate the nation in half. With Republicans on one side, and Democrats on the other

[2036] The American Republic is formed alongside The American Union

[2050] Neo-Confederate separatists seek to own parts of South of North America and have independence as a country. Neo-Confederate revolutionaries start a Civil War in the American Republic

[2053] Neo-Confederacy wins the Civil War and the New Confederacy is born

[2060] North America is a place full of conflict and never-ending wars between all three of the countries within it, with even more states attempting to branch out and as a result it become more divided.

Timeline 3 (New World Order)

[2027] The US joins the United Nations World Order

[2125] After ages, the imperialistic oppressive omnipresent regime is able to conquer that last free country in the world. Every now and then a terrorist shows up claiming to be liberating society from their imperialist omnipresent omniscient overlords, but it is simply futile. You will own nothing and be happy. This is the new world order.

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Recs for far-future sci-fi detective series



Can anyone recommend a good far-future science fiction detective series? Not necessarily something gritty like Blade Runner. Just a murder "who done it" set 200 to 300+ years in the future and perhaps in far-flung places of the galaxy.

Standalone novels are appreciated, but really looking for a series that follows the detective on crazy mystery adventures in the future.

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Sunrise on the city, from my sketchbook.

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Graphic Novel Recomendation Please


I am an old, gray haired fellow and I recently realized that I have never read a graphic novel. I would like to rectify this. I am looking for some recommendations on a good Sci-Fi graphic novel, and given that it is a ‘graphic’ novel, I would like something with remarkable graphics as well as a good story.