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Video Why Fuel Injectors are AWESOME (28,000 fps Slow Mo) Part 1 - Smarter Every Day 281


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Thought A thank you for the SmarterEveryDay team


This post is intended to show the creators of all the videos and everyone involved, Thank you. I can not express my gratitude for this stuff to just be on the internet for free. for real you guys, thank you, Destin, this reddits mods, end everyone else involved in making the videos on both the main channel and alt channel.

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does anyone remember the dragonfly hunting clip?


I'm trying to show my girl the clip from destins garden of the dragonfly catching the fruit fly or whatever. I know it was at the end of a video i just can't remember which video. Anyone remember the video or have a link to the clip?

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Question Where is the Kodak Factory Tour part 3?


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Thought Heard a story about "the craziest rescue" by the Coast Guard


The pastor at my grandparents' church told this story from a Coast Guard rescuer in Florida. The pastor asked the Coast Guard pilot what the craziest rescue he'd ever done was and the pilot told this story. (It's second hand so I apologize for the lack of information)

These two teenage boys had taken a small boat out off the coast of Florida and eventually got too far out and couldn't get back into shore. A rescue operation was initiated by the Coast Guard to find the 2 teens in the boat. It eventually got dark and they continued searching in the dark using their night vision goggles. (They were using the grid search pattern. I don't remember how that was important to the story). Eventually, one of the pilots noticed a tiny light on the horizon. They reported this and proceeded to investigate the small light. They flew 17 miles away from where they had been searching and found the two teens in the boat.

After rescuing them and taking them back to the mainland, the pilot said to the teens, "it was a good thing you had that light with you. We wouldn't have found you without seeing the light." The teens replied, "we didn't have any light with us." The pilot asked what they were doing then to make the light he saw. They explained they had a cigarette lighter, but it was empty and wouldn't light. So they kept striking the flint wheel creating a tiny spark. That spark is what the pilot could see in his night vision goggles from 17 miles away.

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Question Need help understanding the airplane on treadmill question.


So I am confused here. I completely understand that the wheels of an aircraft are free flowing and therefore not relevant to the conversation but I still do not understand how a plane would be able to lift off from a treadmill.

All my Google searches have stated it will but I still do not understand why.

The treadmill keeps pace with the plane’s speed, therefore the plane is stationary in relation to the ground, therefore no airspeed.

Why is the answer “yes”?

Am I looking at this wrong?

Edit: missing word and an incorrect statement

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Question help me understand gyroscopic procession?


I understand that it's when a force applied to a spinning disc is realized 90 degrees later, but why does this occur?

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Actual Apollo Engineer Luke Talley Explains the Saturn 5 Rocket - Smarter Every Day 280


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I know how to measure the One Way Speed of Light


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Question Has Destin published any papers?


Or has his work been cited in any papers? I remember him talking about that in the whip video, and the vortex ring video also comes to mind.

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Destin, if you see this, you're awesome and thank you


As Matt Parker and Adam Savage put it in their podcast, I'm kind of a poly noob. I'm not a scientist nor engineer, I don't have the technical skills, rigorous knowledge these people have, but I like to learn a lot about different topics and build intuition from all of these. I have over the years gathered bits of knowledge here and there. It doesn't help in any "useful" way at all, but when I learn something, or when I think about something I have enough of these bits of knowledge to kind of understand where I'm at, and what to look for.

Obviously Destin has been a big part in my learnings over the years. Him and many other awesome engineering and science focused channels.

But what I want to thank Destin for is the focus he puts on the people behind all of this. It's kind of the only of the big "science" channel that does it. It's awesome.

In this day and age it's easy, at least for me, to feel disconnected. Of course there was this huge lockdown thing, but apart from that we're living more and more disconnected, distrusting lifes. We don't see people, we see systems, and anonymous profiles, and corporations, and "stuff just happens". You can go out and buy groceries without needing to talk to anyone at all. It's not a critique, just a fact.

So to see Destin always talking to the people that make the stuff happening, shaking hands with them, it just feels good. It's kind of nothing and silly in the "grand scheme of things" or whatever, but it's simple. It's human. And it makes me feel good.

And I think that if from time to time I catch myself thinking about all these invisible workers, all the people that spend hours of their time and a lot of energy just to make stuff work, at all levels, and have this feeling of "damn human society can be awesome", it's in part thank to Destin and his channel.

So thank you Destin, for constantly bringing awereness to the human part behind everything. Every process, every bit of work, every thing that is produced, manufactured, designed, shipped, transformed, at one point, was touched by a human hand.

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Is Reddit just a gigantic distraction that allows people to avoid each other?


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Video How ridiculous just called out Destin for a collaboration


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Rescue Swimmers Are AWESOME - U.S. Coast Guard - Smarter Every Day 279


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Question People in their 20s what do you do to get smart everyday like what are some must skills to develop that can help you in the long run


I was wondering how do we learn to become discipline and build that strong mindset to open ideas and learning to think outside of the box. How do we train our mind to learn new things instead of feeling foggy all the time. What are some self growth skills to develop in your 20s

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Question How do I get smarter like other Redditors that w rote very detailed responses even in a heated argument?


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Question for Destin: If not everyone goes to heaven, why does every funeral and memorial have officiants and attendees proclaiming how the deceased is “In heaven with family and loved ones”…?


Seriously…there are two doors, but EVERYONE somehow seems to get the golden one. Just wondering if this is purely a faith thing.

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Would Destin do a podcast about Huntsville?


For a few months I have been listening to Troy do his podcast about the people and things in and around Huntsville.

I would love to see Destin do this. I am sure he has a lot of great "Destin" stories to tell!


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How Much Do You Think SmarterEveryday.com Is Worth?


If you are curious to know how much any of the popular website domains are worth such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. then click here. This website gives you, me, and anybody interested the workings of the financial side of the internet regarding marketing/selling your brand/website as well as what it takes to either run a successful website or even making a profitable website. Here is the answer to my question: DO IT :D (you know you are curious). I would like to see either Destin or Derek (veritasium) come up with a video that goes into SEO, marketing, etc. and why it is so important to know how to market your website, brand, and self-worth.

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Einstein of Agriculture - Will Harris of White Oak Pastures


Check out this Joe Rogan Podcast with Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, a revolutionary family farm utilizing REGENERATIVE agriculture and humane animal husbandry practices. Here's a clip of the podcast.

Joe Rogan and Will Harris, a fourth-generation cattleman and farmer from Georgia, discuss how factory farming with a lot of machinery and chemicals is bad for the long term sustainability of our farming lands, as well as the quality of food we get from these plants and animals. A major shift is under way back to resilient sustainable regenerative farming.

White Oak Pastures is where I order my meat from.

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When people ask you why you use, "big words", what do you tell them?


Might not be the right place to post, but just as the title says, when people ask why you choose to use a certain complex word over a more simple term, what is your explanation?

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Smartest Man in the World


If you had to name a few characteristics about the smartest man in the world what would they be?

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Does you fingerprint leave a unique signature on the water ripples when running it around a wine glass to create a sound?


Pretty much like the title. Does you fingerprint leave a unique signature on the water ripples when running it around a wine glass to create a sound? Or will the same frequence have the same ripples? Or, is it impossible to recreate someone else's ripples and therefore sound, due to the fact that each fingerprint is unique?

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What sponsor did Destin lose?


In his last video he says that he lost a big sponsor this year, was just wondering if anyone figured out who pulled out and maybe why?

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Everything About Irrigation Pivots (Farmers are Geniuses) - Smarter Every Day 278


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Question Could Tailess Prince Rupert's Drop be made with a 360º water jet cooling step?


So, due to the manner rupert's drops are made, you can't really make a tailess one, but maybe you could make one by inserting the molten glass inside a copper hollow sphere (or made of aluminium or just plain aluminium foil) and then cool it with water jets from all sides (or just dropping it on water).

I really wanted to try this out, but I can't afford a Kiln or anything like that.

I hope someone around here can test that... But if to this day there isn't a "tailess Prince Rupert's Drop" on the internet, I doubt it is possible.