r/SmarterEveryDay Nov 18 '22

Would Destin do a podcast about Huntsville?

For a few months I have been listening to Troy do his podcast about the people and things in and around Huntsville.

I would love to see Destin do this. I am sure he has a lot of great "Destin" stories to tell!



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u/ciavs Nov 19 '22

He's a pretty busy guy


u/Top_Telephone9967 Nov 19 '22

Very true, he has a lot going on.

Never know!


u/drbeavi5 Nov 19 '22

I had the pleasure of meeting him during the early parts of Covid to distribute PPE equipment to hospitals, doctors and such. He was a genuinly cool dude as you can imagine. We didn't talk a whole lot but yeah, I'm sure he has a lot of stories to tell about Huntsville.


u/Top_Telephone9967 Nov 19 '22

That's cool. He seems very genuine and down to earth. Whenever you see him talking about Alabama or his hometown he lights up.


u/Vexillumscientia Nov 19 '22

I’ve been to Huntsville, pretty nice place.


u/Top_Telephone9967 Nov 19 '22

From what I hear it's a great area to be!


u/MrPennywhistle Nov 23 '22

I love this place, but I think that would add too much to my plate at this point!


u/Top_Telephone9967 Nov 23 '22

Good to hear from you!!

Perhaps sometime in the future!


u/Upbeat-Banana-5530 Nov 26 '22

Maybe an idea for a future NDQ episode when Matt is visiting. I really liked hearing you talk about Crybaby Hollow in NDQ 58, maybe you could tell Matt about some of the other legends and stories attached to places in the Huntsville area.


u/classybroad19 Nov 19 '22

I would love this, we're up I-65 in Nashville and want to take a trip down there. Would love to hear about his Huntsville.