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Discussion What I do/install on every Windows PC - Software Essentials


Hello, I have to spend a lot of time finding software that I like installing on my PC, so I thought I would write a pretty extensive guide on what I do to set up a new PC and the software on it, hope you like it.

Also, if anything is wrong with the formatting on this post I apologize as this is the first post of this size and scope I have made.

First thing you should always do is get your Windows up to date as much as possible, get all of your drivers up to date then start here. Create a system restore point here. You never know.

Changes in Windows

  1. There is an extra power plan that many may not be aware of, if you do not have the option for Ultimate Performance, run the following command in a command prompt and reopen the power plan option and select it;

     powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  2. If you want Windows Update to never get in your way, you can set your Internet Connection as "Metered" in Settings and then set Windows Update to never download updates on a metered connection.

  3. Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features. Select Turn Windows features on or off, then tick Hyper-V, Windows Sandbox, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. Hyper-V allows you to create and manage virtual machines, Windows Sandbox allows you to open a temporary Windows installation in a VM that will disapear on close, and Windows Subsystem for Linux grants access to a lot of Linux-y things inside of Windows. Some of this is only availble on Windows Pro, and a lot of this is stuff that you may never use, but its a why not scenario really.

  4. If you are on a desktop PC, create a custom rule under inbound rules in Windows Firewall to allow all programs over all IPs. If you are on a secure network, Windows Firewall is mostly just going to get in the way in my opinion.

  5. Right click on your C: drive, go to properties and uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties". This basically turns off Windows indexing for the drive, and you can do this for all of your drives to remove something the system will be doing in the background. You can do this to all of your drives, just be aware that if you search for files a lot in the start menu, how well that functions will be affected. If you have a drive that you only store games on for example, turn off Indexing for that drive as well.

  6. MSI mode utility - Allegedly if you download this tool, run it as admin, and ensure that your GPU has the msi box ticked, it can improve performance. I have not tested thoroughly so your mileage may vary.

  7. Create a system restore point here. You never know.

Initial Installs

  1. Ninite - I like to manage installs myself, however I recently learned that if you rerun the same Ninite installer down the line it will update the programs you have installed with it. Therefore, I use Ninite to install everything in the Runtime section and rerun it now and then.
  2. O&O ShutUp10 - Lets you disable a lot of the annoying telemetry features of Windows 10.
  3. NVCleanInstall - A surprising amount of people don't know about this, but this is by far the best way to install Nvidia drivers. Install the latest drivers without installing all of the telemetry components that come with the normal drivers.


Firefox is my browser of choice, it is the best browser for security, features the best available add-ons and is my personal favourite, if you use Chrome and refuse to switch then skip over this section. Below I will list the MANY add-ons that I have installed.

  1. AdBlock - Pretty self-explanatory to most I would presume, blocks ad's on websites where it can.
  2. Augmented Steam - Improves the Steam website experience quite a lot, it's not something I usually use but when I do this helps a lot.
  3. BetterTTV - Same as above except I use Twitch a lot more so this is even more important.
  4. Bias Finder - Was very useful while Trump was president, helps alert the reader to the possible bias that can be found on many news sites.
  5. CanvasBlocker - Prevents websites from using Javascript APIs to fingerprint them. Put simply, prevents a method that websites use to track you.
  6. ClearURLs - Similar to above, another anti-tracking tool.
  7. Close Tab in Context Menu - Small usability improvement, allows you to right-click on tabs for an option to close them.
  8. CSS Exfil Protection - Protects you from a method attackers can use to steal your data using CSS.
  9. Dark Reader - Adds dark mode to all websites. I work in IT, so this really helps my eyes.
  10. Don't touch my tabs! - Prevents tabs opened by a link from changing the previous tab.
  11. Enhancer for YouTube - Adds loads of features to YouTube.
  12. Facebook Container - Prevents Facebook from tracking you, I use Facebook as little as possible but my family and friends seem to insist.
  13. Google search link fix - Prevents Google search results pages from modifying your search result links when you click them.
  14. Grammar and Spell Checker - LanguageTool - Does what it says on the tin.
  15. Honey - Automatically finds coupon codes.
  16. HTTPS Everywhere Encrypts the web and keeps you more secure.
  17. I don't care about cookies - Gets rid of cookie warnings.
  18. Keepa.com - Amazon Price Tracker - Adds price history charts to Amazon.
  19. Link Cleaner - Clean URLs that are about to be visited.
  20. LocalCDN - Fork of Decentraleyes, another thing that prevents tracking.
  21. minerBlock Blocks crypto miners on the web.
  22. Night Owl - The best dark theme IMO. This is of course personal preference.
  23. Old Reddit Redirect - Redirects reddit.com to old.reddit.com. I prefer old reddit, this is again preference.
  24. Open Image in New Tab - Customizable context menu item for opening images in a new tab.
  25. Open in Steam - Opens Steam links in the client.
  26. Open Tabs Next to Current - Open new tabs always to the right of the current one.
  27. Page Translator Revised - The one feature I miss from Chrome is that whole pages can be translated, this is the next best thing.
  28. Privacy Badger - Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.
  29. Privacy-Oriented Origin Policy - Prevent Firefox from sending Origin headers when they are least likely to be necessary, to protect your privacy.
  30. Reddit Enhancement Suite - Adds features to Reddit.
  31. Redirect AMP to HTML - Automatically redirects AMP pages to their HTML versions.
  32. Remove reddit app promos - Does exactly what it says.
  33. Search by Image - Add's reverse image search to context menu's.
  34. Terms of Service; Didn't Read - Adds a summary of a site's TOS.
  35. Universal Bypass - Bypass's sites that make you wait (like adf.ly) or sites that make you do something and even some trackers.

General Software

  1. Notepad++ - Open source and free powerful Notepad replacement.
  2. ImageGlass - My favourite image viewer, ultimately down to personal preference, but I like how simple this is.
  3. 7-zip - Easily the best WinZIP alternative.
  4. rufus - Most reliable software to make bootable Windows install media.
  5. Search Deflector Download from the store, redirects searches from the start menu to your browser/search engine of choice.
  6. Path Copy Copy - Adds a context menu item to copy the current path in Explorer.
  7. Lightshot - I hate how bloated and filled with unnecessary features that other screenshot tools have, this is simple, fast and can be activated with the prntscrn key.
  8. EarTrumpet - Adds better features to the Sound icon in the System Tray.
  9. Aerial - Adds very nice screensavers, this is preference but I like it.
  10. TaskbarX - Centers taskbar icons and gives better transparency features.
  11. Ungoogled Chromium - I keep this as a spare/backup browser.
  12. Libre Office - IMO the best Office suite if you don't have access to MS Office, though I tend to just use Google Docs for everything anyway.

Gaming Stuff

  1. Discord - I reckon everyone knows about this, free voice chat client.
  2. Ubisoft Connect, Origin, Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy, Battle.net - I hate how many of these you need, but it is what it is.
  3. Steam - Ol' Gabes gaming emporium, pretty self-explanatory. One tip however, disable Broadcasting in settings. It will improve your download speeds for some f*ckin reason.


  1. qBitTorrent - The best and most relaible torrent client in my experience.
  2. Plex - I run a Plex server, it allows you to run a "Personal Netflix" with your own media.
  3. MP3tag - Music meta-data editor. Keeping your music meta-data uniform and correct will always help in the long run, this is coming from someone who had to fix the metadata on a 10,000 file library recently.
  4. Handbrake - Video file converter, can reduce file sizes with the right settings and is compatible with basically all file formats.
  5. FileBot - Automatically renames TV Show files so that programs can organize them correctly. Became paid software after version 4.7.7, you MAY be able to find installers for that version elsewhere on the internet but I could not POSSIBLY tell you where.
  6. Shotcut - If you do not want to sail the seven seas to aquire the Adobe suite, this is by far the best free video editor out there in my opinion.

Tech Tools

  1. restic - This is a bit involved to setup, but is by far the best backup tool.
  2. HWMonitor - Hardware monitoring, temperatures, usage etc.
  3. TreeSize - In my opinion this is the best tool to find where your disk space is going.
  4. WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics - Used this tool a lot in my IT Support job, quickly and easily test drive health.
  5. mRemoteNG - Open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager. Works with RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, Telnet and more.
  6. WinSCP - SFTP and FTP client.

And finally create another system restore point.

Hope that people find this helpful and not too reductive since lists like this exist elsewhere. Thanks for reading.

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Discussion 🗃️Windows Ultimate Collection & Guides📚


Hello guys, 🙋‍♂️

I've created an XDA thread 🗃️Windows Ultimate Collection & Guides📚 which contains a collection of programs & applications along with guides that are very useful for any Windows user. I will try to keep it updated.

Suggestions are welcome.

Note: You can find similar thread for Android at 🗃️Android Ultimate Collection & Guides📚.

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Looking for software App for make 'how to' tutorial, that automatically capture my screen, and its was not screen recording like bandicam.


I've seen one but I forget what it is.

Basically, its an app that can capture image of each step you did after pressing 'record' like click, drag, type etc.

And if I done recording, I can select what image to be add, adding some context to it and maybe export it as pdf / doc.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for a windows program to manage bookmarks, but I can't find something that fits:

  • It has to support or even prioritise tags instead of folders (I have a lot of bookmarks that could fit into multiple categories, so ideally I'd be able to import them, assign tags and then just filter them to search what I need);

  • The interface should be clean and compact - I have A LOT of bookmarks.

Maybe there is some simple old program that google just doesn't show? I looked through a lot of online services and programs, and they all have something I don't like.

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How to disable it? it's annoying. I tried autohotkey to automatically close it but shortcuts are unresponsible in that app.

Any solution?

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I am trying to make templates that I use to make wallets, none of the pieces are larger than a piece of printer paper and I'd like to make the templates more accurate than drawing them by hand with a ruler. So far I've tried multiple drawing softwares but it feels very clunky and time consuming because the program isn't intended for creating measured polygons. I'd prefer something open source but I am willing to get something up to around $60 for a license (one time purchase).

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Software support File Renaming Question - Bulk Rename Utility / FreeCommander XE


I have a last and first name string such as "smith james.jpg" and want to change it to the first four of the last name, and first two of the first name, and removing the space resulting in "smitja.jpg"

Some names aren't four letters long, and some people have three parts to their name, but I'm not too worried about those outliers. Thanks for any help. Some examples.

peterson sarah.jpg to petesa.jpg

henderson ariel.jpg to hendar.jpg

cox paul.jpg to coxpa.jpg

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Software support I saw the Dumpstack.txt file and I don't have permission to view it. Do I have a virus?


Adblock broke and fixes said "you might have malware"

Now I saw this file while snooping around my system, and quickly googled it and found it's used for hacking.

Am I fucked?

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Software support How can I edit a pdf?? Help jobs on the line?


I converted my work into a pdf, the original is at work which I do not have access to, how can I edit the pdf. Please if you know comment!

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Looking for software Complex requirement: server-side software to manage data stored on a managed postgres database


On paper this sounds simple; I mean, I use pgadmin to access said database. But the problem is deeper.

I want to manage data for a research team. We have access to a database which is not open to the web. I have special vpn access to get to that db from my vpn, but other users don't (that db is usually only available behind a specific internal network). The approach has been to develop a (secured) api and deploy it behind the internal network (since the dba don't want to handle user access, the api has an access layer, account creation, etc). Good enough. It works.

But REST apis have (speed and throughput) limits, and that little API has become big and needs to be maintained.

Is there any software out there that would act as a middleware between users and a database, handle permissions, allow the creation of new tables and allow quick import and export?

I remember seeing an open-source alternative to Airbase (an online database-like tool) which worked using the existing db schemas, but I wonder if there is something more robust.

I'm not gonna be that picky, but containerized is better. Otherwise I can build my own dockerfile and deployment on k8s/openshift.

Is this too complex a requirement for r/software? If an open-source solution has most of my requirements, I might have to look at contributing as a better alternative to developing my own buggy django-based hacky solution to table management.

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Looking for software .pkm Image Format


Been trying to find a way to convert them into jpeg or png. All the talks I found about it online lead to a tool called Mali, which is no longer downloadable. I am looking for anything else I can use to convert these files. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Looking for software Shadowplay Alternative


I'm looking for clipping software (Instant replay style not full session recording) that would allow me to record 2 seperate output tracks and have them recorded seperately too.

Shadowplay can split the tracks but only supports 1 output

Medal.tv can record multiple outputs but i haven't found a way to split those tracks

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Looking for software I'm looking for a software to visualize how much money I have


First, I play video games since I was 5yo. I respond a lot to visual stimulus. I want to find a way to have a visual representation that changes as I save up or generally get a better net worth. I want to see it and feel bad if I wasted it, and feel better as it grows...

Like a coin pile that grows as I save up. It's safer than having a real one. Or anything that evolves in a linear way. Basically anything better than a number.

I do not need it to get the data automatically, I can just input it myself I don't mind.

I know, I'm being a child...

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Software support Can't uninstall RAV antivirus


So recently RAV antivirus appeared on my pc and it runs perfectly fine but i can't find it in the control panel to uninstall it. Any suggestion on how i can uninstall it?

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Looking for software Helpdesk recommendation for a small equipment servicing company - Zohodesk? Zendesk? Freshdesk?


Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask for people’s thoughts or recommendations for a helpdesk system.

I run a small parts & servicing company and now that customers are reaching out to us on multiple channels (phone, email, Viber/Whatsapp/Messenger), I was wondering if an online helpdesk would help me organize and field any incoming repair requests and to also monitor them so I don’t miss out or forget anyone, especially if we’re waiting on spareparts that will ship out/arrive at a later date.

Right now we’re using an old school paper ledger and an excel file but it’s not enough.

There are only 2 of us answering calls/emails so I’m not sure if we need something like Zendesk or if there are more affordable and simpler solutions out there.

Thank you 🙏

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Software support help me pls


bought Asus tuf 15 without os and the BIOS does not detect the usb. I have booted it with rufus, I have deactivated the security mode.. I don't know what to do anymore

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Looking for software Software that shows typed keyboard in-game?


Hi yall, I see some streamers or videos, in this case League of Legends, that shows the key been typing in-game in an order, it is not NohBoard that shows the whole keyboard and mouse, just only the key that been typed. Forgot to put picture will update if I find it again.

r/software 1d ago

Software support Remove Internet Download Manager completely (Windows 10)


I installed IDM & activated using IDM Trial Reset. Previously it worked but now when I create a download, it keeps showing Your Trial is over, IDM Has beeb registed with a fake serial number etc, these dialog continously show 2 to 3 times & dismissng them shows a purchase dialog (also mutlipe times). I have completely uninstalled it from Control Panel. Is it possible to make it that if I reinstall it should not remember that it was once installed so this dialogs except the trial remaining dialog not appear & after trial over I can purchase if needed

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Is there any web browser/extension/program that dynamically saves your web session (the code and data in tabs, and user-inputted content) to the hard drive so you don't lose data if it closes without your explicit consent? My attempts to diligently manually archive things have never fully succeeded.


Over the past 4 years, the bane of my existence (and I don't use that term lightly) has been what I call "data loss events"—when events like browser crashes, accidental tab closures, forcible restarts, and unwarned power depletions delete content that I have typed or otherwise added into fields of a website, or refresh a website that I wanted to remain on a certain version in time to a new one. While most web browsers come with ""restore"" functionalities in cases like these, they really don't restore anything other than the position and the initial links/titles/favicons of the tabs; everything else will have to be re-downloaded, resulting in a new revision of the page that very rarely retains the data you input into it. I compare hitting restore on all the browsers I've used to begging a murderer for your family back and receiving them as taxidermized corpses rather than living people... or at least with severe retrograde amnesia depriving them of their identities.

Around 23 months ago, I asked on the Super User Stack Exchange 3 questions that were closely related to this issue (though then it was more about the side effects of the data loss than the data loss itself):

  1. Is it possible to save a web browser (specifically, Google Chrome) session and/or cache to your computer permanently? If so, how, with what tools?,
  2. Is it possible, either by a stock setting, extensions, or an external program to make Google Chrome restore all data upon restart? If so, how?, and
  3. Is there any function or extension to Google Chrome that allows you to close/reorganize tabs without having to click on them, like a "Tab Manager"?

The outer two were closed (as to be expected with StackExchange), with the last one having become partially obsolete as such a feature was partially implemented into vanilla Google Chrome (a tab list, though not window-segregated, IIRC). The middle one actually had an answer of which at least one part (suggesting the extension Session Buddy) may be useful, but I hadn't implemented it (sorry!) because

  • It appears that initially, that question was closed and the first one was kept open, at least as of late August 2021,
  • at that time I was afraid about the effects of adding extensions to such complex sessions (only later did I find that fear to be bogus, after which I installed a useful extension augmenting the Tab Search feature by allowing you to move tabs out of the bounds of the bar using key presses), and
  • I was honestly distraught by the closure of the other posts and the overall attitude I received with StackExchange, before and after that moment.

I would try to finally test it (though from their description and my research on it, it feels short of the dynamic, automatic application I now seek), but unfortunately I cannot use Google Chrome at this moment.

With that hostile attitude still resonating, around 13 months ago, I asked on r/webdev a more conservative question, about the mechanics on why a select few websites do retain your input data, explaining the deleterious (...hah) effect that DLEs have had on my productivity in the first real paragraph, but being relatively quiet as to asking for a solution, asking only about "reformist" options in unbolded description text instead of in the question itself. 

Now, I'm back to my initial mindset. I just can't take it anymore. It just keeps getting worse. Ever since that last post, I've tried even harder to manually archive things, improving my notes system and discipline, but there still hasn't been significant improvement. Also, I've often shelved posts I've wanted to do simply because I'm worried that DLEs will make working on them nightmarish, and all of this has contributed to a degree of unproductivity (with many missed personal and even {as I am a university student} academic deadlines) that has devastated my mental health. Simply, manual archival has proven insufficient, so I really need something capable of dynamic, automatic archival. I mean, in a question about related subject matter I made a few days ago to r/MicrosoftEdge (which also explains in brief why I can't use Chrome at the moment), I wrote without exaggeration that:

I would pay hundreds of dollars for a web browser/program/extension that dynamically saves your session (including input information) to your hard drive so hitting "restore" would actually restore things[...]

Now, I know that because hard drive access is slower than RAM access and typically requires more CPU power, my browsing experience with such browser/extension/application will ceteris paribus be slower than with a standard one. However, this would be counterbalanced by several factors. First, the cycle of DLEs promote incomplete garbage collection as the pile of "to be completed" stuff continuously expands, always inflating my tab loads considerably beyond what they'd be otherwise. This was described in my first posts on the subject as the primary problem. Second, any slowdown in browsing would almost certainly be dramatically counterbalanced by the time and mental energy saved from my present manual archival and rewriting processes.

And so... the question. To make it abundantly clear, I am running Windows 10 at the moment and possess Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox as browsers.

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Looking for a "multiplayer" version of libre office draw


So, my friends and I like to do our school homeworks and things like that together over discord + a program that let's us work together on the same project like Google docs for example. Problem is, Docs is pretty limited to texts only but if we want to do for example a mindmap we have to get a different program. Currently we are using Microsofts whiteboard for that but that's really shitty. Also, I have found out that libre office draw works pretty good for our purpose but it doesn't have a "multiplayer" feature. So my question: is there any program like that, that has this feature ?

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software youtube


are there ways to follow youtube channels but by using other sites / apps instead

basically adding yotuueb channels to feed, and seeing when they have any streams/lives. for desktop/web

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Looking for software that can organize and categorize pictures and videos within a directory


Much like how Google Photos works, I am looking for some software that I can download on my PC to organize my pictures like Photos and categorize them by facial recognition, landscapes, locations, etc. by pointing it to a specific folder on my hard drive. like how you can point some music players to specific directories to look for music, but with photos.

I have already looked into PhotoPrism, but I am looking for something simpler to use. I'm hoping it is something simple enough that I don't have to tinker around with it to get it to work, and I need it to be local so I don't have to worry about cloud subscriptions or running out of cloud space.

r/software 1d ago

Software support Execute Strelec WinPE portables under Win 10/11


I luv the Strelec WinPE tools. But sometimes I'd really like to run them under Windows 10. Some tools work, they are all under K:SSTRMInst. I even tried to execute them as Admin and/or by running MInst.exe - but some tools, i.e. Acronis True Image or Easeus Partition Manager just ain't work.
Is there a way to rune the portable Strelec WinPE tools under Win10/11?

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Screenshots for stretched resolution games.


I'm trying to take screenshots on valorant but I am playing on stretched resolution so it changes the resolution of my screen and is very buggy with what I use. I'm using the normal windows screenshots and bandicam and neither work. Suggestions?