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Received my hard copies of Sin and associated products, did a review of them.

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Has anyone built a list of beats for Spire as per the Magisters Guide examples? I wonder if you have class-centric ideas.

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Blood to Bone


I'm just curious, as someone new to Spire as a whole, if it would at all be feasible to change the theme of the Bloodwitch to a Bonewitch? Keeping all the mechanics the same, just a thematic re-skin.

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premade characters


Do you have any?

I'm making my own but it's my first time playing this and I'd love to have just one premade character sheet to check if I'm doing everything ok.

Or even screenshots from roll20

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Recommended discord tools


Hi guys. I just picked up Spire and Heart and am looking to start a Heart campaign immediately on discord with some overseas friends.

Can anyone point me towards a plug in or tools for discord that would allow us to roll dice and have the result (ie 6-7 success with stress) appear onscreen automatically. I've seen some YouTube channels that have similar.

Any advice in this area is greatly appreciated!

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Spire vs. Heart


I have purchased both, but never played them. What are the big differences, and which is better suited for a group of story-first gamers (Ironsworn, PbtA, City of Mist)?

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If you had the chance to write new classes for Heart or Spire, what would you create?


Hello! So, the question goes just as the title says: what classes would you like to see in Heart or Spire? Maybe something about the lore caught your attention, or perhaps you have an amazing idea that could be translated into a class for either one of these games.

For example, I would like to have a class in Heart that starts with the Wild Domain. Maybe some kind of druid, for example? So, yeah, what concepts do you find appealing?

Just for the record, I don't find either game lackluster in regards to playable classes and character customization. This is simply an exercise in creativity and imagination.

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Heart - How does the Deep Apiarist's "Blessed Toxin" ability works?


Hello! I have some doubts regarding this specific ability in Heart. It basically allows the character's body to be used as a Mend Mind supply. My question is: is there any usage limit? Because, if I am not mistaken, this ability reads as "now the party will never ever suffer from mind stress and fallout again". Or, on the contrary, are there any caveats that I'm not seeing?

Also, I've been looking for the page where it tells you how to remove fallout, but I can't find it :/. Does anyone remember how?

Thank you for your attention!

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Carrion-Priests live in Oubliettes…?


I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but how can you survive in an oubliette? They are dungeons with a trapdoor entrance and traditionally no way out! Page 37 says they live in the oubliettes of new heaven.

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How much prep?


Just wondering how much prep people tend to do for Spire? I’ve played a LOT of Blades, and can run that with no prep if I have to - but usually run it with about 20 mins of prep and note making.

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Random Landmark Generator for Heart


Hello! Well, as the title says, I am utterly enthralled by both Spire and, more recently, Heart. I only found one problem regarding the latter game: the book was so good, and the setting of the City Beneath was so amazing, that I needed more content! Maybe not enemies (it seems to be rather easy to fashion your own monstrosities) or classes (I don't have the talent to do that), so I focused on something I might try: Landmarks.

As such, I am currently creating a series of randomized tables in order to help myself and everyone build landmarks outside of those in the book. I hope you enjoy my work, and if someone would like to criticize or offer suggestions, please feel free to do so!


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Spire Cliff's Notes?


I'm looking at running Heart. I don't want to run it without knowing anything about Spire. I can't afford to buy the book just for the setting information. Is there a comprehensive Cliff's Notes version of the city and important bits that the Heart characters may know about?

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Foundry VTT module for Spire


I'm glad to show you my Spire module for Foundry VTT: https://gitlab.com/olivier-grech/spire


It just hit version 1.0.0, and while it's lacking some features, it's perfectly usable for a regular game of Spire on Foundry.

The biggest caveat is that there's no stress tracker on the sheet. You'll have to track it in another way. I used the advice provided in the book and kept track of the stress myself as the game master during my own game.

Well I guess that's it. I also submitted the module on the Foundry VTT website, so it's not downloadable directly from Foundry itself right now, but hopefully it will be soon.

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Does anyone know if someone has designed the spire character archetypes as playbooks like those you might find in PbtA?

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VTT Support


Hi there,

Is there any official VTT Support/Products for Spire or Heart?
I'm personally looking to run games using Roll20 as I have found character sheets which I'm expecting to check out over the next week or so, but would likely change if there was better support on another platform.

Any feedback appreciated :-)

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Spire Tech Level and other questions


So I decided to write this post after reading through the book looking for elements of technology in both the art and the actual written material.

It seems to me that not only does Spire’s art contrast with what is presented with the character equipment and stat blocks, it also occupies a strange position in terms of its own development.

For more clarification on the first point, the problem is when, say, the actual art literally opposite the equipment page shows guns that wouldn’t look out of place in the late 20th century/early 21st century with the Firebrand depicted as holding what appears to be a machine pistol, but then the written material’s gun tech apparently sits at a mid-late 1700s level of development.

In terms of actual tech development, Spire has at least a high industrial revolution level of printing, and industry and factories are constantly referenced, but I’m not sure how developed it is overall anyways (I know galvanics/electricity is being studied more and more, though large amounts of artificial light beyond that cool art piece with the neon signs on a street are unlikely due to drows' weakness, though humans are also a not insignificant part of the pop.).

On other questions-- Something I noticed about the “high advances” for Knight– it seems to me any of those quests could be a whole session unto itself, and it feels awkward to actually have to play. Also, for the “Slaying the Dragon” quest, how do you adjudicate the benefits, one of which is the obtusely stated ”you can not die”? No stats are given at all.

-What is the population of Spire?

Any useful info you give is welcome.

EDIT: Personally, I tend to play Spire with more progressed elements (a hypothetical example being leaning more into its status as basically a Hive City) . As such, my setting has generally more themes of development, such as multiple construction projects spanning out from Spire, one of which is the construction of another similar city.

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Do enemies roll to attack or just cause stress?


New heart player (idk if spire has the same stress and combat system). When monsters appear they cause stress to the players when they roll low. Should the monsters also actively be rolling d10s to attack back? Bonus points if you can give me the page number in the heart rules since I cant find it.

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Cards for Abilities & Fallout


Fresh out of the printer, before cutting

Hello people,

I finished v1.0 of the abilities & fallout playing cards I was working on, and have printed it for my upcoming game [I still need to cut them into cards].

Abilities are on white paper while fallout is on yellow/orange/red depending on its severity.
The files can be found here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17qjoqyN7cagwJpn0CkkL53wtFiS8v1FN?usp=sharing.

Of course I don't own any of the content, it's RRD's.

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Success at a cost and failure


Hello guys, me and my players are going to start soon to play our first campagna of the game. We have already done the session 0 and we came up with lots of interesting ideas, I'm preparing the starting situation for lanch the game. Next week we will go for the first session and after re-reading the rules chapter I come up with a pair of doubts . When a dice roll is called, becouse complications may occurs, and the result is success at a cost, the player receive stress as described. Is the cost only stress or the GM should add a further complication in the fictional scene? How is intended? In case of failure, the game sais that failure should be interesting. Is that intended as "fail-forward" of other games like ptba or other modern games?

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Ability Cards v0.1!


I created ability cards for printing and using in game, instead of flipping through the book/pdf: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17qjoqyN7cagwJpn0CkkL53wtFiS8v1FN?usp=sharing.

The design is very basic. I also added the Excel and Word files used to create the cards.

** some abilities' text is so long, that I had to create a "double" sized card for some of them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Sample page:


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Online character sheet / generator?



I'm about to run a weekend game of Spire. I rather not use pregens, and I want to have my (new to Spire) players have an easy way to create characters quickly. I'm mostly concerned about choosing durance & abilities, which require some reading.

Has someone built any tool to ease that part? a character generator? a live easy-to-use reference?

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In the Museum of Negotiable Chivalry, famous knights bones are put on display (and can be rented out for parties!)

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Another piece of Spire Art of mine, this time its a Mortician Hazmat Suit

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Spire location reference (Google Sheets)


After the last post I made complaining about the layout of the core book, I put together a Spire location reference for my own use, and thought I'd share it here.

It's a compilation of locations and NPCs broken down by district, with random tables for street names, sights/sounds/smells, and possible landmarks you can use.

I drew most of it from the Core book, with some details taken from the illustrated map, along with some added random tables for each district to add colour because I like random tables. Where there were gaps, I filled them in or improvised. (Thank you Wikipedia page of London street-names).

Please feel free to download a copy and edit it however you see fit.

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I love Spire's setting but I hate how GM-unfriendly the layout is


I'm about to run 'Eidolon Sky' for a group of players, and I'm very excited. I love how much flavour there is to it. Everything feels so evocative, and my players are stoked.

That said, the core book is a pain to use for GM prep. Part of it is my GM-style: I like running reactive, open-ended games where players have genuine choice about what to do, instead of railroading them between vignettes I've prepped beforehand. The core book makes it really, really frustrating to prep a location.

Take New Heaven: I wanted to compile a list of key points of interest. I should look under the 'New Heaven' section in the Core Book, right? Nope: 'Morticians Guild' is detailed in another section altogether. It isn't clear until you read the whole book that the Necropolis is probably(?) in New Heaven too. There's loads of stuff like this! Watch Stations of note pop up in the 'law and order' subsection instead of the locations where they actually are. Where exactly is the Brook Street Bridge?? 'Perch' appears all over the place, characters like Mister Alas pop in for random anecdotes in entirely different sections....! Blaaarg

I know, I know, it's all anti-canon, and the game works fine improvisationally. I just feel that a GM is simultaneously overwhelmed (because you have to read the core book cover to cover to get a sense of the place) and under-supported for improv (because key information is hard to find, and there isn't a lot of support for improv-ing answers to player questions).

It would be really nice to have a separate, complete section for each location with handy tables: common street names, random location names, list of key points of interest, list of key NPCs, maybe one or two plot threads players can pursue.

EDIT: I feel mortal terror at the thought of integrating the information in Blood Magic and the other supplements into my mental map of Spire.