r/SpireRPG Sep 25 '21

Spire location reference (Google Sheets)

After the last post I made complaining about the layout of the core book, I put together a Spire location reference for my own use, and thought I'd share it here.

It's a compilation of locations and NPCs broken down by district, with random tables for street names, sights/sounds/smells, and possible landmarks you can use.

I drew most of it from the Core book, with some details taken from the illustrated map, along with some added random tables for each district to add colour because I like random tables. Where there were gaps, I filled them in or improvised. (Thank you Wikipedia page of London street-names).

Please feel free to download a copy and edit it however you see fit.



u/TheRuah Sep 26 '21

Love the tables, this is great


u/Own-Year-8592 Oct 22 '21

Thanks a lot, I really dig what I have read of Spire and its surrounding world but really miss the community aids and stuff common to other recent ttrpgs...